1 arm dip, training at MBG Chicago...diggin' it!! Q of Day!

Here's a tough exercise! A 1 arm dip, slightly assisted with the other arm straight! Really like this one alot...be careful doing it though as it's really challenging and is an intense contraction on the muscles of the shoulder, chest area. Jeremy and i were just playing around on saturday...doing the ride around chicago and do a set here or there type thing which is a blast....thought this would be a fun one to try and it was! ended up doing a bunch of reps and really feeling an insane amount of work from this!!!:) LOVE IT:)
Since coming back to chicago Jessie and i have begun to embrace this place alot more....by riding my bike everywhere i'm a happier camper for sure, by eating slightly less and more dark green!! i'm feeling alot healthier too so my training is up, my bodyfat is down....good things huh:)
Also while riding...about an hour a day i like to listen to jerry and ester hicks...if you never have you might like to give em a go! their message is very positive, reminds me daily to go with the flow, not to resist, do what makes me happy (biking, eating healthy, training, hanging with jessie and friends!)! To envision what you want, believe in it, constantly, daily....it will come true:)
The training has been great as Matt, Jeremy, Sam and now other MBG Trainers Jessica, Cheyla and Vanessa joined us at 1pm for some great workouts! For me as you might of known muscle ups were an achilles heal....well this last few days i'm getting them! close grip, medium, wide, split grip even the wicked hard chin up grip i got!! Hey Hey Hey!! haha....still working on improving my form but getting them with no walk up was a big step!
Why so much fun? Cause we're doing alot of Monkey Time (soul training) before the actual workouts, challenging each other with various handstands, muscle ups, parallel bar tricks and more!
THEN we're doing our MBG workouts...partner pain, bar-baric workout, 15/15...challenging each other to higher levels each day on each exercise!
THIS IS WHAT THE MBG IS ALL ABOUT AND WHAT THE LOGO STANDS FOR!! People Helping People....challenging, inspiring, encouraging!

Question for you ALL:  Who saw the Adrian Foster video about being a NFL running back who has become a vegan? Well after watching it the follow up YT videos showed the ignorance of the analyst on ESPN. Not only do they not know what they are speaking of by saying his body is going to waste away, get dehydrated (give me a break), but WHY do you say something you know nothing of!!!? Both are completely 100% speaking without any knowledge....i've done it for 12 years, look at mike mahler, robert cheeks and many more as very very strong examples of full on STRONG MEN that are 100% vegan!
Q: What would YOU say to Hugh Douglass and Skip Bayless?
If you havent seen it here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXPv2QrZToc

A: My answer? Educate yourself before you speak for you are only showing your ignorance the more you speak. Please Hugh and Skip, read my blog, mike mahlers or roberts books, blogs, websites....get some knowledge before speaking what you no nothing of...and secondly understand YOU are telling millions this mis-information as well!! DANG!!:)
WHATS YOUR message to them?

Peace all!!:)


  1. my message is that if I would have known a plant based diet would have improved my performance I would have made the switch a long time ago

  2. Hey Jon, glad to see you're breaking through some barriers my friend. The vegan-bashing thing is nuts but the fierce expression of ignorance in the form of attacks, belittlement or just negativity seems to be the lifeblood of internet/tv commentary.

    It's cool that you're getting something positive from Abraham-Hicks. I have some pretty strong feelings on them but I think it's great to expose yourself to a variety of points of view and keep what works and feels true for you.



  3. Hi Jon. Wouldn't say anything. The only thing any of us can do is lead by example and be living proof of what works and what's best. Words say it, but results convince.

  4. SAM - :) agreed!!:) haha
    BRAD - true that, just wish guys in the public eye would educate before speaking on something..
    but COLIN is right on too and that is what we all are doing!! LEADING BY EXAMPLE!!!:)
    also brad - can learn from everyone, they say alot of cool things that i do learn from...have heard some i disagree with...which is okay too huh:) thanks!
    COLIN - right on my friend! lead by example, then they too will see the truth of what can be:)
    thanks everybody!

  5. Exactly Jon. Take it all in and keep what works. You never know where the true wisdom will come from. ;) I love and respect that you're a searcher my friend.

  6. Hi john I am gym going guy but I want to know more about exercise and diet plan can you tell me. barre workout

  7. JOHN - in a nutshell here's my advice
    follow our free online monkey bar gym workouts
    want to build strength - just do the m,w,f ones
    want to build stamina - just do t,r,sat ones
    want a mix do 2 of each
    eating - follow my advice from my blog and read joel furhman, china study and thrive and you're good
    tell me how it goes okay!


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