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MBG3 so far this week: strong training, balance work and eating!

Having fun on the bars:)...this is good to do my, try new combo's...have fun!! Hey my friends! Feeling good, training, eating and restoring all good!:) MBG 1 - Training:  Monday did a 15/15 x 10 minutes of muscle ups AND handstand press up (touch chest) (10 sets ea) Muscle ups = 22 repsPress ups = 22 repsrested 5 minutes, then did 30/30 x 10 minutes of dips and pullups (5 sets each)Dips = 53 repsPullups = 35 repsrest 5 minutesPower Wheel full assisted with 70lb bxt (partner style 4 of us) 1-5 reps holding incline plane btwn each person, then a 30 second hold when all done with this felt amazing!!!MBG 2 - Eischens Yoga and Mobility drills daily did 1-4 poses minimum for 60 seconds plus each for 2-3 sets of EYdaily did shoulder mobility drills with chest expander for 5s to 8sMBG 3 - Plant Strong Nutrition Bulgar, warrior food, banana, blueberries and almond milkcoconut water + warrior elite greens (favorite after workout quick drink!!)baby spinach, frozen mang…

MBG Guidelines for a Succesful 60 Day Fitness Challenge!

How does losing 17 pounds of fat and gaining 5.4 pounds of muscle sound? Pretty good right?! Well that is attainable for all if you just look know what you want, believe you can get it and then go and make it happen each day. The key is know you are going to do it, having a plan that you CAN follow...NOT for 60 days but for plan or path that is livable! THIS IS THE KEY!! Do not crush yourself working out super hard, eating 100% plant based super clean and doing Eischens yoga for 60 days only to stop after...that's a waste of time for you and your MBG Trainers and other members that are helping you to achieve your dreams.
THE KEY is to have a SIMPLE & STRONG PLAN that is lifetime sustainable!
This depends on your goals....heavy, overweight, then it's simple;
Find a class schedule you can live with....not over the top, crush yourself, but one you can live with for months!! Remember 60 days is the warm up to getting lean and strong for the re…

Challenges for you!:) and my super slow muscle up!

Super Slow Muscle Up on our  NEW Adjustable Gymnastic Rings!
Hey my friends! Hope you're all doing great! Been having alot of fun training back in chicago as i mentioned lately and starting to see improvements from not having to travel all the time:) haha Above getting a super slow muscle up which i havent done in many years so it feels great to get this again at 49, over 200lbs and 100% plant based!!:) This has been a challenge i've missed hitting over the last probably 6 years or so!  SO What are your challenges? Now mind you i do not mean purely physical here....a big challenge for most might be doing that which is balancing for you Eischens Yoga, OR eating 85% plant based instead of 50%:)....challenges...BUT good for you, they CHANGE YOU FOR THE BETTER!! Here are some of mine and maybe they'll help you with yours? Bar-barian requirements....getting closer...breaking up a few into is 9:40 so far too with broken setsL seat to handstandon parallel bars…

Todays topic: Form & our Ego's! Soul Training with Kettlebells!!:) THOUGHT

Form and our Egos: Since coming back to Chicago from Madison a few weeks back i've been training with the MBG Chicago trainers, having great workouts, teaching, sharing ideas and having alot of fun. One constant has been improving form and i'm not just meaning me to them!!:) haha It's great to get feedback on my own form too and that goes for everything from yoga to bodyweight to kettlebell training.
One thing i noticed and you might notice this yourself is how quickly we will all sacrifice our form for the sake of hitting X amount of reps on a set or workout. When we sacrifice our form in order to hit those reps or finish the workout in a faster time we do this purely for stroking of our egos. What else can it be...we are sacrificing our form in order to achieve a goal.....or not to feel un-easy due to not finishing a workout with the rest of the 'high level' people in class. In both cases it's ego.
I see this in classes when people mis-count on the jump rope…

1 arm dip, training at MBG Chicago...diggin' it!! Q of Day!

Here's a tough exercise! A 1 arm dip, slightly assisted with the other arm straight! Really like this one careful doing it though as it's really challenging and is an intense contraction on the muscles of the shoulder, chest area. Jeremy and i were just playing around on saturday...doing the ride around chicago and do a set here or there type thing which is a blast....thought this would be a fun one to try and it was! ended up doing a bunch of reps and really feeling an insane amount of work from this!!!:) LOVE IT:)
Since coming back to chicago Jessie and i have begun to embrace this place alot riding my bike everywhere i'm a happier camper for sure, by eating slightly less and more dark green!! i'm feeling alot healthier too so my training is up, my bodyfat is down....good things huh:)
Also while riding...about an hour a day i like to listen to jerry and ester hicks...if you never have you might like to give em a go! their message is very positiv…

Having fun, yet improving daily...easy or hard?

The Tough "Double Power Wheel Pike ups":) having FUN!
Think back to a time when something came really easy to you....perhaps you were little playing
on the playground, or you starting dancing, playing rugby or drawing. When you really got 'into' it
everything just began to flow, you became engrossed in it. It's what you think about all the time, you cant wait to do it again, talk about it or dream about it.
SO why is it any different when pertaining to fitness, eating, re-balancing the body and mind?
I'm not saying we must do each and all one way, but if you find YOUR WAY that YOU DIG i just think you'll be happy and healthy:)
So far since getting back here to Chicago and training again with my head trainers here we are having a BLAST! Every workout is a session of joy, laughter, serious challenge. It's Soul Training for sure! That is what all high level people do in whatever they brother greg and i when we were breakdancing back in the early…

The Best 6 Pack Exercises and Why! Plus more!

FACT: In about 1990 the University of California at Berkeley did a study to find the best core exercise.
GOAL: To find the best core training tool or exercise out. This tool or exercise had to elicit the strongest contraction from upper, lower abs as well as obliques (the sides:). In this study they tested all the old school exercises like sit ups, leg raises, crunches and then also tons of weighted movements like machine sit ups, weighted knees to elbows, machine rotations and any other "core" tool they could think of....well when they asked to put the Power Wheel into the test i said sure...and by the way the Power Wheel is gonna win!:) They laughed and said how can you be so sure....i simply told them that NO other tool or exercise puts the body in a lengthened position that is also un-stable like the power wheel.
As you can see from the picture above; Full Power Wheel Rollout...the mid section or core of the body is in the most challenged position...
FIRST: because the cor…