Today i was talking to one of the best MBG guys in the world, Jimmy Lopez. Jimmy runs Monkey Bar Gym Staton Island and just finished doing a Forks over Knives immersion. He loved it, learned alot and came away with an even greater understanding of how, what and why to eat plant based. Some of the topics were oils, nuts (fats:), juicing and calories versus nutrients. But one thing he said that really caught his attention was a statement made "we basically eat the same amount of food in weight every day" it only makes sense to get as many nutrients within that X amount of food that you take in every day.
Like the old saying which weighs more a pound of feathers or a pound of lead? :)
You could easily say that with our food....if you eat 2 pounds of food a you want it filled with 2 lbs of fluff or 2lbs of strong solid foods?
  1. One way that might 2 lbs might be 4,000 calories...
    1. But these poor choice meals most likely hit only 10% of the nutrients you need for a your bodies seeks to hit 100% fill of nutrients each day....not calories as we always you keep eating more of this stuff....this leads to overeating!
    2. This is a high calorie, typical western diet plan, it gives low nutrient types of foods that are generally cheap (little to almost nothing to make em'), highly processed, high fat, salt, sugar foods with little to no nutritional power to them!! 
    3. On man made foods: "if man made it', dont eat it" - Jack Lalanne
    4. If you're not putting nutrients into your body your filling yourself with empty foods that are usually made with cheap, filler ingredients that often have lots of toxins in them as well.
  2. Another way 2 lbs might be only 2,500 calories... 
    1. BUT these great choice foods net you 100% of your nutrients you need for the day!! 
    2. This is because these foods are from the earth, un-processed so they're high in nutrients, low in fat, salt and sugar, high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and so give us everything we need to feel great, healthy and happy!
    3. As Hippocrates said "Let your food be yoru medicine and your medicine be your food!"
HOW TO GO PLANT STRONG: So hopefully as you see it simply comes down to a choice....fluff, fat and/or fatique OR strength, muscle and energy! One fills with fat/fatique the other muscle/energy!!:) Easy choice!!
Here's a great way to eat PLANT STRONG (nutrient dense) to give muscles and energy!!:)
  1. Psuedo grains like kamut or quinoa, some berries (good carbs, fiber, protein, high nutrietns!)
  2. Living Greens powder and some coconut water (really high nutrients + natures gatorade!)
  3. Kale, mushrooms, corn, carrots, black beans (really high nutrients, high protein, lots of fiber)
  4. Strawberries (simple, tasty, great vitamins!)
  5. Mixed greens, broccoli, tomato, mushroom, cup of lentils, sweet potato (strong, nutrient dense meal)
This is a highly nutritious and tasty day of eating.

Been working on technique, recovery from courses and catching up on work.
Monday - practiced 1 arm handstands, muscle up technique drills then did 5 x 5 of
  • HSPU's and Muscle ups on bar...after that did 
  • Full Power Wheel rollouts and Partner push ups for 10-1 each.......great workout! 3.75*
Wednesday - practiced hand balancing, muscle up technique, then did 5x6 of
  • Press ups and MU's on bar (MU's today consisted of wrists to knees x 6, jump muscle ups to 7' bar x 6, bar dips x 8 for each set of MU's)....then did 
  • HLR's (feet to bar) and dips for 3 x 10....then did
  • PW alternate pauses for 5 x 5 and prone mountain pose x 5 x 30 seconds

Friday - felt a bit fatiqued as i did a hard leg workout thursday, lots of biking, foot up lunges, JGXT leg light rowing and push up warm up
  • strict pullups 5 x 6
  • high box down dogs chest to bar (feet up high, hands on 12" paralette) 5 x 6 great!
  • afterwards did 2 x 30 push ups
  • alternated with 2 x 30 assisted pullups

hope you guys are digging the FB pics and videos alot more coming!!


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