Mount Everest Workout....U Can Do it!! Get Lean Tip of the day!

Results from Climbing Mount Everest Workout....NOTE THE GOAL on bottom left!:)
Fear is something you gotta face in order to become stronger mentally and that which you fear and you will become stronger is a statements we've all heard before...well getting back at some hard workouts after some time off is an example here:) haha SO saturday i decided to see where i'm at, to climb Mount Everest to the top! (4 x thru....but as fast as i could....not 40 minutes as much as i can do)....Doing the entire Mt. Everest workout!.....well must say it was great!! Each phase a challenge, the entire for sure! But as you'll notice on the bottom left....had a clear goal in mind...not of finishing in X time...just finish and feel good! Simple & Strong during and after and that goal was accomplished! Keeping in mind throughout just to do good work, clean reps, to be strong throughout the entire feel good, not beat down. 51:56 was the time it took to finish all 4 rounds and to 'climb' mt. everest....very very wicked workout:) but left standing strong and not beat down....that's a good goal for all workouts and one all the old time strongmen use to use "leave feeling great! Now that might come from simple strength work, to a great conditioning or metabolic workout that challenged you fully....just leave the workout feeling great! Love that:) I'll do this workout again and am confident my conditioning will improve and i can get that sub 40 minute time someday soon....AND leave feeling great!:) haha
SO do this the next time Mt Everest comes up....Climb it to the top!! No matter how long it takes! Do it at your level, do clean strong reps....finish it strong and feeling great and i guarantee you'll walk out with a serious sense of gratification and a smile on your face for having done something very hard!!:)
Getting Lean TIP OF THE DAY: If you are eating 90% or more plant based as we / MBG suggests then try this on for size and see how you do....i'm guessing your energy will pick up and you're gonna lose body fat and maintain your muscle....not bad results huh:) SO how do you do this? EAT LESS, BY EATING MORE NUTRIENT DENSE FOODS! If you are truly following the MBG hand plan, then eat 3 meals a day....but the key to doing the "hand plan" properly is to literally eat your plant strong meals in bowls the size of your hand! You see eating calories has always been the 'way' but by eating nutrient rich, nutrient dense or plant strong meals you do not really need as many calories as you are getting your fill of nutrients...THAT IS THE KEY HERE! It works! Your energy WILL improve, you will get leaner and you'll maintain your lean muscle mass....SO your LBM rises because your body fat drops! That is the goal to increasing LBM (lean body mass)!!
My examples
  1. Green drink powder, coconut water, fruit blended together + life's basics
  2. kale, carrots, onions, garlic, beans, seeds + sweet potato and almond butter as dessert
  3. romaine lettuce, kale, baby spinach, corn, sesame sticks, black beans
that's a sample of what i've been eating lately since getting back from my works:)
my friends, try this for 30 days and tell me how you feel and're gonna feel great, perform at higher levels AND you'll be LEANER TOO!!:)
Tell me how it's going okay!!


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