MBG Intensive, how it went and what it is:) Questions & Short MBG3

About 15 years old here:) haha Look at the GUNS!!!:) haha
Just finished another!!!! Monkey Bar Gym intensive! It was another really great group of students, eager to learn and be challenged which always makes teaching alot of fun! Over the years i've taught ALOT of courses....from 1990 to 1997 was a head instructor for NASM and beginning in 2002 with my own Monkey Bar Gym Certified Natural Training course. Why i made it? Because there was no course like it:) Still i feel it's one of a kind....the only course that teaches the students how to train, eat and restore in the simplest, most functional, most instinctive and most positive for people and planet!
Since beginning the course 10 years ago it's evolved quite a bit....tighter on all MBG 3 points! But what is the actual course like? Well i'll give you a little explanation right here and hope this helps some of you who've never taken the course to understand it a bit better....maybe it can help you and yours someday:)
The 6 day MBG CNT Intensive is...
Basically a course that teaches ALL students how to walk the MBG walk. How to train in a way that is instinctive to us all. By teaching our 3 levels (stability, strength and power) of each base movement skill (running, jumping, crawling and climbing).
We teach each training skill in a way that gives each student a clear understanding of how to apply each skill but also how to ramp up or tone down that exercise so that anyone can participate and THAT is what it is really about. People helping People!!
QUESTION: no animal trains in isolated movements, ALL train and refine their movement skills daily (like we do at MBG) so why do most humans?

We teach Plant Strong nutrition, the most instinctive and natural way for us to eat as primates AND the healthiest way to eat for ALL beings on the planet. We do this in a way that gives each student a clear understanding of why we need to eat plant based and how to apply it in YOUR OWN WAY into your life and the lives of others around you as well so we make the biggest positive impact on people and planet!
QUESTION: no healthy animal drinks another animals milk or eats outside of it's natural way (like we do at MBG), so why do most humans?

We teach restoration and balance in the most instinctive and natural way possible that results in the fastest and most positive way to heal, rehab or pre-hab and balance the body that's possible. With Eischens Yoga, mobility training and specific MBG warm ups that are all taken from nature and re-learned by our students every single day!
QUESTION: no animal does static stretching, ALL do active alignment work like we do at the MBG, so why do most humans?

Each day we discuss and teach each of these points, we challenge the current way of doing all 3 elements of health and fitness and we challenge YOU as the student as well! You will be challenged greatly at this course! Mentally with MUCH learning, Physically with much exercise and Silverback Challenges and Spiritually by having to be tough for the intense 6 days:)!!!

During this intensive i usually do not train extremely hard as teaching for 9 hours PLUS a day for the 6 days is very tiring BUT FUN too!!!:) haha So i did train this last week, i ate really well and did Eischens Yoga each day as well:) How?
Training each day was simple for me...i'd do 15/15 x 20 minutes with variations of push ups and pull ups of all types including dips, handstands, levers, muscle ups, body rows, power wheel rollouts and planches. On opposite days i'd do the same with legs and core stuff....box jumps, pistols, back domes, headstands to full extensions, GHD's from all angles and JGXT leg curls....then some hanging leg raises or KB levers
Restoration was Eischens Yoga beginner sequence almost every day, then various mobility drills like the wrist 60s, shoulder open ups with the chest expander, ring drills with JGXT, up/down dogs, squat drills, rolling and more
Nutrition was great! Green drinks, soaked oats, nuts, seeds and life's basics for most mornings. Live near the Willy street co-op and ate almost every lunch there...great salad bar, then each night we'd all go out for dinner...usually something healthy, then a fun snack after:) haha

Should be back on the map now my friends! Hope this blog helps you out in your QUESTS in life and that you are happy and healthy!!


  1. The CNT course was amazing and I've learned so much! I'm already changing people's lives and it's all cause of you :)

  2. hey cheyla! that's great to hear! i know you're gonna help alot of people! we're so happy you are becoming a part of the MBG family too! you and sam are awesome people!!!:) see you soon!


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