I"M BACK, my quest, thoughts and living MBG 3!

Where was I???:)
Well after a few weeks off i'm finally back:) Where was i? In the Sierra Nevada Mountains....
on a Solo Quest....also known as a Vision Quest. It's a test of spirit done by native cultures all over the world for hundreds if not thousands of years. What is it? 4 Days in the mountains by yourself, in a 12' circle at all times, no food, as little distractions as possible, drinking water and dealing with yourself and your mind. One of the hardest things i've ever done as many aspects of it challenged my mind, body and spirit. You can learn alot more about it on the Earth Skills website if you like. All i know is that to challenge oneself you really need to honestly look at yourself and with all the distractions we have in life we really never do that....that is why after talking to my good friend and mbg coo kevin lewis....the solo quest sounded like just the thing to do to take my mind, body and spirit to another level and i feel it did that.
  • Mentally learned alot about myself, my business, my relationships with everyone
  • Physically really learned alot, where i can go, what i will do, what i am and will be!
  • Spiritually realized strengths, faced fears and made it thru
Together it has made me a better man for myself, my family, the mbg and hopefully the planet:)

Since coming back i'm feeling really good, really relaxed and mellow....happy:)
i have begun training again....keeping it light as i lost about 17lbs while doing the 4 day water only fast....so just doing simple and fun soul training....which i always love.
  1. Restoration - while on the mountain did ALOT of Eischens Yoga and joint mobility drills and ended up feeling really great!! Even while only having water:) haha....that is a testament to being filled with high amounts of nutrients from a high green, high alkaline, high nutrient dense foods:)
  2. Nutrition - since returning i've decided i like feeling lighter and so have cut down my weight and think i'll bring it down to about 195 or so as that will feel good and light yet strong and lean:) SO been eating pretty much the same but just less foods and lots more water. WATER was the key to maintaining while in my site...every time i got hungry i just drank lots of water and that worked great! Now greens, beans, nuts, seeds, avocado, sweet potato, kamut have been my mainstays and feeling good and strong!
  3. Training - keeping to super simple and have done alot of soul training as i mentioned before....mixed in with 15/15 to keep me moving and getting a good sweat. a variation of push ups > a variation of muscle ups > some squat OR a type of dip > some hip extension OR a type of static lever hold all done for 20 minutes. Simple, Strong....just how i like it:)
Overall i'm happy, feeling very good and strong, mellow and looking enjoying the moment and looking forward to the future too!
Love, Peace and Happiness my friends:)


  1. Welcome back Jon! Sounds like a deep and intense experience. I'm familiar with Earth Skills, heard good things about them from others. Interested to hear how new realizations reveal themselves to you over time. Thanks for sharing a bit about your journey my friend.


  2. Jonny, so funny, when U were gone I posted clips from the movie Vision Quest - if U remember the WWe wrestler, Ultimate Warrior he and I chat often, he goes into the mountains of Mexico and does this often.

    I miss ya, bro, hope U r GREAT

    Very busy out here as always

    Preparing for a challenge myself and gotta keep dialing it all IN!

    Be well, brutha, talk soon!



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