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Today i was talking to one of the best MBG guys in the world, Jimmy Lopez. Jimmy runs Monkey Bar Gym Staton Island and just finished doing a Forks over Knives immersion. He loved it, learned alot and came away with an even greater understanding of how, what and why to eat plant based. Some of the topics were oils, nuts (fats:), juicing and calories versus nutrients. But one thing he said that really caught his attention was a statement made "we basically eat the same amount of food in weight every day" it only makes sense to get as many nutrients within that X amount of food that you take in every day.
Like the old saying which weighs more a pound of feathers or a pound of lead? :)
You could easily say that with our food....if you eat 2 pounds of food a you want it filled with 2 lbs of fluff or 2lbs of strong solid foods?
One way that might 2 lbs might be 4,000 calories...But these poor choice meals most likely hit only 10% of the nutrients you need for a day…

Mount Everest Workout....U Can Do it!! Get Lean Tip of the day!

Fear is something you gotta face in order to become stronger mentally and that which you fear and you will become stronger is a statements we've all heard before...well getting back at some hard workouts after some time off is an example here:) haha SO saturday i decided to see where i'm at, to climb Mount Everest to the top! (4 x thru....but as fast as i could....not 40 minutes as much as i can do)....Doing the entire Mt. Everest workout!.....well must say it was great!! Each phase a challenge, the entire for sure! But as you'll notice on the bottom left....had a clear goal in mind...not of finishing in X time...just finish and feel good! Simple & Strong during and after and that goal was accomplished! Keeping in mind throughout just to do good work, clean reps, to be strong throughout the entire feel good, not beat down. 51:56 was the time it took to finish all 4 rounds and to 'climb' mt. everest....very very wic…

MBG Intensive, how it went and what it is:) Questions & Short MBG3

Just finished another!!!! Monkey Bar Gym intensive! It was another really great group of students, eager to learn and be challenged which always makes teaching alot of fun! Over the years i've taught ALOT of courses....from 1990 to 1997 was a head instructor for NASM and beginning in 2002 with my own Monkey Bar Gym Certified Natural Training course. Why i made it? Because there was no course like it:) Still i feel it's one of a kind....the only course that teaches the students how to train, eat and restore in the simplest, most functional, most instinctive and most positive for people and planet!
Since beginning the course 10 years ago it's evolved quite a bit....tighter on all MBG 3 points! But what is the actual course like? Well i'll give you a little explanation right here and hope this helps some of you who've never taken the course to understand it a bit better....maybe it can help you and yours someday:)
The 6 day MBG CNT Intensive is...
Basically a course …

I"M BACK, my quest, thoughts and living MBG 3!

Well after a few weeks off i'm finally back:) Where was i? In the Sierra Nevada Mountains....
on a Solo Quest....also known as a Vision Quest. It's a test of spirit done by native cultures all over the world for hundreds if not thousands of years. What is it? 4 Days in the mountains by yourself, in a 12' circle at all times, no food, as little distractions as possible, drinking water and dealing with yourself and your mind. One of the hardest things i've ever done as many aspects of it challenged my mind, body and spirit. You can learn alot more about it on the Earth Skills website if you like. All i know is that to challenge oneself you really need to honestly look at yourself and with all the distractions we have in life we really never do that....that is why after talking to my good friend and mbg coo kevin lewis....the solo quest sounded like just the thing to do to take my mind, body and spirit to another level and i feel it did that.
Mentally learned alot about m…