What a DAY!!! 30 Day Challenge! Brendan Brazier! Great Meals!!

What a great day!
First off the end of the MBG Chicago 30 Day Summer Challenge happened and so Jeremy Liban and his mbg chi crew got everybody together for a big celebration, award ceremony and potluck! Everybody loved it and the results were great!! Some folks getting a 16lb positive change in just 27 days! They gave away prizes and awards for challenge winners, most improved (Beto!!!), loudest member (Sandra!!:) haha, and lots lots more awards.....it was really great!!!
Second Brendan Brazier and his Vega team came by and he gave a solid talk on plant based nutrition and stress and how doing it right helps performance for all people and planet! Before speaking we all went out on a 5k fun run and a serious sweat in this heat!!:) haha man could not stop sweating after:)
For these we had a full house!!
Jeremy Liban and your MBG Chi team - man great job in organizing, getting folks excited and keeping your cool throughout this entire process of the last few weeks!!:) Everything went great!! The challenge, awards, potluck, then the whole Vega/Brendan event too!! Great job!!!
Brenden Brazier and your Vega Team - great job on relaying your story and showing folks a simple and powerful way to transform their lives thru nutrition!!

Catch up on the rest of this weeks training....
Thursday did Eischens Yoga and trained lots of pistols to russian lunges and alternated that with heavy power jumper hip extensions for about 6 reps of each....yes got the legs good!
Friday did a really great Top of the Minute workout
  1. muscle ups x 5 sets: 4,4,4,5,5 (this is starting to come along a bit....still a slight walk up)
  1. dips + 51lbs/34lbs/17lbs/0lbs x 12/14/14/15 = 55
  2. pullups + 51lbs/34lbs/17lbs/0lbs x 6/6/6/7/ = 25
  1. push ups + 51lbs/34lbs/17lbs/0lbs x 14/10/10/12 = 46
  2. jgxt MU's + 51lbs/34lbs/17lbs/0lbs x 6/6/8/12 = 33
feel like the weighted / resisted loads are beginning to pay off and i'm getting closer to the bar-barian requirements....closer than i've ever felt. The pullups are the one that makes me the most nervous but feel i'm about 2/3rd's the way there right now.....MAYBE:) haha

peace my friends!


  1. Nice vlog Jon. Love night rides as well. Totally different feeling than daytime. Makes familiar streets and trails seem new again. Really would have liked to hear Brendan's talk, I'm sure it was a good one. Any chance you guys shot any video? Maybe just a summary for another blog entry? :) Take care my friend.


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