This weeks Monkey Bar Gym news! Results! Great Plant Strong meals!

Amazing Salad Jessie made....made the tempeh taste amazing!!
This weeks Monkey Bar Gym NEWS: 
  1. We're growing!! Yep it's official:) with new locations popping up all over the place! Currently we have 14 locations and are thinking by years end we'll most likely be over 30!!
  2. Did a walk thru this weekend at a new location and it's gonna be awesome!! Great size, layout, indoor and outdoor training,'s gonna really be great! PLUS we're putting in a Monkey Bar course like no other.....think Ninja Warrior course and Tompkins Square Park:)!!
  3. Planning a NYC CNT for october - in Brooklyn most likely so east coasters get ready!
  4. Leaving for Australia tomorrow - to teach our Monkey Bar Gym CNT course at MBG NT formerly known as MBG Darwin. This is the same location we taught the course in last year except last year we made the mistake of going during their summer.....HOT!!!!! :)
Been traveling lately but have still kept doing my training and had to share some great improvements as of late:
probably one of my funnest and hardest workouts i've done in a while!! IMPROVED BIG TIME!
Used 10lbs of ankle weight + 17lb weight vest for parts of it!
Basically did the Bar-barian requirements loaded In 3 was amazing! 4**!!
FIRST round timed for as best as possible in 6 minute, doing amap for each one before dropping
SECOND round do ALL REPS required no matter how many times dropping for total time 
THIRD round did 1 all out set, no pausing, no resting at all, no resting between exercises even...doing amap without pause, then immediately go to next exercise and repeat USING 27LBS ADDED WT!
EXERCISES           AMAP + WT              ALL REPS + WT           1 SET AMAP + WT, NO REST
WEEK -                      1          2                    1                     2                          1                         2
muscle ups +10lb        3        5t                     5*                  5t                         1*                       3*
dips + 27lbs                25       30*          25,12,8=45     27,10,8=45                12                       15
pullups + 10lbs           11*     12*      6,5,4,4,4,2=25  8,5,5,4,3=25                 2                         3
push ups + 27lbs         35       36*       30,10,10,5=55   31,14,10=55              8                         9
muscle ups + 10lb        1        2           2,3=5 good!          2,3=5                      0                         0
                                75/135  85/135        12:54+wt     *11:52+wt            23 in 1:20          30 in 1:22
4 star of my favorites ever....cannot remember the last 4 stars i wrote:) great!
AGAIN GREAT WORKOUT!! Marked personal records in black with a *, or tying them with a t
Eischens Yoga - traveling gets the back tight some so been doing the beginner sequence each day and that does the trick everytime!:)
Plant Strong nutrition
  1. Green powder and coconut water
  2. quinoa, raw nuts, plant protein, some almond milk and some berries
  3. during training - some purified water and maybe some cranberry juice + L glutamine
  4. after training smoothie - spinach, banana, coconut water, strawberries, plant protein, raw seeds + L glutamine to help recovery
  5. apple
  6. kale, squash, black eyed peas OR the awesome salad above; kale, corn, edemame, sundried tomatoes, sunflower seeds, tempeh
  7. coconut yogurt and some plant protein 

It's hot out folks so make sure you're drinking tons of water all day long!
be happy, be healthy:)


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