Getting back at it after aussie trip:) keys to handstand stair walks

Handstand walking down stairs keys below!
        Wow, just got back from Australia 2 days ago and still feeling the effects of jet lag. I've heard that for each time zone you go thru equals 1 day of recovery:) SO by the 9th day there Jess and I were just beginning to feel okay:) haha....then we come back, 40 hours to get home (omg is right:) 8 more time zones and whew....let me just put it's not great to keep training hard:) haha Today was the first day of actually working out....Felt good, tired yes, but good to train again:)
       Today's fun!!
Restoration lately has been sleeping as much as possible:) haha just seems its not at night yet which is bad so todays plan (which is going good so far!) is to NOT sleep until after 9:) Anyways taught the Eischens Yoga class today, simple sequence with 7 minutes of breath work at the end.
Training was fun too as Jeremy Liban (head of MBG Chicago) joined me today and it was a blast:) We rode all over chicago doing sets in different places we found.
First found a great pull up bar and did my buddy Zef's Pullup and hang set which i love; 1 rep, 5 count hold, up to 6 and 30 count hold, then continued up to 11 pull ups but the time reduces down from the 30 sec hold at 6 reps to only 5 seconds at the 11 rep set. Jeremy did it really great finishing 6 and hold before breaking, i got up to almost finishing 5 which is my best. VERY happy about doing this as the way i feel (tired) did not expect much today and am just cruising:)
Second we rode to millenium park, found a good set of stairs and practiced handstand walking down the stairs...made the 17 steps for a few steps which again made me pretty happy,
Third we rode over to the north side and found a playground with some cool bars perfect to do dips we did an igougo set 1-10-1...wicked man:) Felt really good!
Eating: After our Good Simple Strong workout:) Perfect for my first day back at it:) we rode further north up to the Veggie Grill on Belmont for the Chim Chop salad and African Peanut Soup...good stuff:)
TIP FOR TODAY: How do you handstand walk down stairs without falling? Got to get really comfortable simply walking on your hands first, then get comfortable cartwheeling out to your left and right sides when you feel you're falling as you cannot fall here unless you like killing your back during a hard fall on stairs:) So HS walk well, know how to cartwheel out L/R well....THEN begin walking down 1 step, then 2, etc, only moving to more and more steps as you feel comfortable. IF you progress this way you'll get it in no time:)
Good Luck my friends!


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