Awesome Home workout, two Q's of the Day and going on a journey!

How do you do a full body workout with little to no equipment?

Today feeling a bit better i decided to do a full body workout at home in this room. Just to see what i could do.....the answer is alot! Mr. Matt has recently moved back to chicago so he joined me in this one. If you look at the room you see a couch, floor, there's a door too:) So what we did was simple cause we just felt like doing a simple workout that got a good sweat too.
  1. Push ups: 10 reps of push ups with 1 hand on floor, other on yoga block, do a rep, slid block to other hand and repeat for 10 reps....nice exercise, develops some core too for sure while 1 arm holding:)
  2. Pullups: 5 slow reps, used an door chin up bar and did feet to ceiling while holding arms at 90 degrees...some sets did pull ups, some did chins, etc....mixed the pulls ups.
  3. Pistols: 5 on each leg, a great way to assist these is to sit to a bench, here the couch is about 12-16" off the floor and works great for that.
  4. GHD's: 5 straight body (knees to head) down then plyo push up back to top position, here we hooked our heels under the edge of the couch and it worked perfect!
Ended up doing about 10 rounds of this workout and it felt great!

QUESTION: Who do you think would win USA Olympic Dream Team from 92' versus this years Olympic team? 
MY ANSWER: Blow out, Mr. Matt and i were talking and at almost every position the 92' team had a Hall of Famer, a legend, the team chemistry was off the charts. Closest pre olympic score was 38 points, closest olympic score was 32 points to croatia in the gold medal game!!!! It's not close i think:) They blew everybody out!!!! Today a Spainish player who plays in the NBA (Marc Gasol) said the same, saying even if they (the 92' team played bad they'd still beat this team by 15-20!!:) 

Going on a journey my friends:) Tomorrow morning i'm taking a trip for about 10 days which might change my life! It will be a tremendous challenge mentally and physically but i look forward to this challenge as this is how i grow to be that which will be! 
QUESTION #2: What is the hardest mental, physical and spiritual thing you've ever done and did you do it willingly or was it by accident?

So you will not hear from me for almost 2 weeks, wish me well, send positive thoughts and strength!!
Peace and Love my friends:)


  1. Strength and love my friend!

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