Aussie course went great, tough workouts, eating green on the road!

CNT course in Darwin was another big success!!
Just finished the course yesterday so today was my first time to get a moment of free time to write:)
The course went great!! Each day we had a clear make great MBG CNT's! Each day we focused on an aspect of our training, how to progress it from very basic to extremely high levels of performance all the while teaching HOW to keep integrity throughout the entire body on each movement and throughout each movement. So no matter if it was sprinting, jumping, handstand walking, muscle ups, power wheel full body rollouts or a 15/15 workout the goal was the same: get the movement right, then enhance it, challenge it to higher levels while maintaining form. After this, we talked MBG program design...the hows and what's of what we do:) And ended the intensive with a talk on plant based nutrition. IT WENT GREAT! We had a good time, taught alot of great stuff and left feeling like we did a really great job:) For sure feel the MBG is strong here in Australia and that makes me really happy!! The "walk away" was everyone can leave knowing how to train MBG style, how to fix alot of common aches and pains with Eischens Yoga and how to heal and strengthen the body with Plant Based nutrition:)
BIG THANKS too as all the students got together and presented me and jess with a Real Footie ball! This was very very cool as they all signed it!! What a great way to remember this course huh:) Footie is Aussie Rules's fast and furious:) and alot of fun to watch!!
TRAINING: During the week of the course i usually take it easy on my training but when Foggy and i get together that goes out the window:) SO:) every single day but one i think Foggy and i trained! Sometimes crushing workouts as jetlag is just beginning to diminish for me....we're flying back tonight too!! haha
  1. ONE day we might do 2-20-2 weight push ups in IGOUGO format, followed by 10 sets of 5 pullups
  2. ANOTHER DAY we did 5 x 5 of pistol lunges alternated with full GHD's with a slight plyo push up
  3. TODAY we had alot of fun....after doing about 40 pistol lunges, GHD's and some other fun leg stuff we played this great game we call best of 7.....done with handstands, 1 arm handstands, flagpoles, levers and back levers.....GREAT for developing our skills!!!
EATING: this was a bit challenging but we worked it out and ended up feeling pretty good most every day! Had a fresh juice with some green powder and some plant protein daily to start and that worked great!! Then it was lots of organic food bars, more juices and tons of water all day!!! VERY HOT here:) usually ended the day with a nice Thai or Indian greens, veggies and dahl soup and maybe some rice:)
HOW DO WE EAT RIGHT ON THE ROAD? Thai, Indian and some others always have veg options, so look for those...also search too as they tell you every veg place in the world:) IF THOSE OPTIONS ARE NOT AVAILABLE then look to find some good appetizers...usually will find sauteed spinach or broccoli for sure, maybe a baked potato and for sure some beans and you're good!!:) ONE NOTE: always look for the first two AND also pay attention to the amount of oil and salt they use....cause man they'll dump it on your food if you dont ask to go light....WHY? cause that type of stuff comes out to hit you at night while sleeping in the form of dry mouth or oily skin.
Well flying back soon so hope you're all doing great and hope to talk to you all soon!!:)
Cheers mates'


  1. It's hard work to stay motivated, healthy, and active.


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