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Awesome Home workout, two Q's of the Day and going on a journey!

Today feeling a bit better i decided to do a full body workout at home in this room. Just to see what i could do.....the answer is alot! Mr. Matt has recently moved back to chicago so he joined me in this one. If you look at the room you see a couch, floor, there's a door too:) So what we did was simple cause we just felt like doing a simple workout that got a good sweat too. Push ups: 10 reps of push ups with 1 hand on floor, other on yoga block, do a rep, slid block to other hand and repeat for 10 reps....nice exercise, develops some core too for sure while 1 arm holding:)Pullups: 5 slow reps, used an door chin up bar and did feet to ceiling while holding arms at 90 degrees...some sets did pull ups, some did chins, etc....mixed the pulls ups.Pistols: 5 on each leg, a great way to assist these is to sit to a bench, here the couch is about 12-16" off the floor and works great for that.GHD's: 5 straight body (knees to head) down then plyo push up back to top position, here…

Getting back at it after aussie trip:) keys to handstand stair walks

Wow, just got back from Australia 2 days ago and still feeling the effects of jet lag. I've heard that for each time zone you go thru equals 1 day of recovery:) SO by the 9th day there Jess and I were just beginning to feel okay:) haha....then we come back, 40 hours to get home (omg is right:) 8 more time zones and whew....let me just put it's not great to keep training hard:) haha Today was the first day of actually working out....Felt good, tired yes, but good to train again:)
       Today's fun!!
Restoration lately has been sleeping as much as possible:) haha just seems its not at night yet which is bad so todays plan (which is going good so far!) is to NOT sleep until after 9:) Anyways taught the Eischens Yoga class today, simple sequence with 7 minutes of breath work at the end.
Training was fun too as Jeremy Liban (head of MBG Chicago) joined me today and it was a blast:) We rode all over chicago doing sets in different places we found.
First found a great pull…

Aussie course went great, tough workouts, eating green on the road!

Just finished the course yesterday so today was my first time to get a moment of free time to write:)
The course went great!! Each day we had a clear make great MBG CNT's! Each day we focused on an aspect of our training, how to progress it from very basic to extremely high levels of performance all the while teaching HOW to keep integrity throughout the entire body on each movement and throughout each movement. So no matter if it was sprinting, jumping, handstand walking, muscle ups, power wheel full body rollouts or a 15/15 workout the goal was the same: get the movement right, then enhance it, challenge it to higher levels while maintaining form. After this, we talked MBG program design...the hows and what's of what we do:) And ended the intensive with a talk on plant based nutrition. IT WENT GREAT! We had a good time, taught alot of great stuff and left feeling like we did a really great job:) For sure feel the MBG is strong here in Australia and that makes me…

This weeks Monkey Bar Gym news! Results! Great Plant Strong meals!

This weeks Monkey Bar Gym NEWS: 
We're growing!! Yep it's official:) with new locations popping up all over the place! Currently we have 14 locations and are thinking by years end we'll most likely be over 30!!Did a walk thru this weekend at a new location and it's gonna be awesome!! Great size, layout, indoor and outdoor training,'s gonna really be great! PLUS we're putting in a Monkey Bar course like no other.....think Ninja Warrior course and Tompkins Square Park:)!!Planning a NYC CNT for october - in Brooklyn most likely so east coasters get ready!Leaving for Australia tomorrow - to teach our Monkey Bar Gym CNT course at MBG NT formerly known as MBG Darwin. This is the same location we taught the course in last year except last year we made the mistake of going during their summer.....HOT!!!!! :) Been traveling lately but have still kept doing my training and had to share some great improvements as of late:
WEDNESDAY!!:  probably one of my funne…

What a DAY!!! 30 Day Challenge! Brendan Brazier! Great Meals!!

What a great day!
First off the end of the MBG Chicago 30 Day Summer Challenge happened and so Jeremy Liban and his mbg chi crew got everybody together for a big celebration, award ceremony and potluck! Everybody loved it and the results were great!! Some folks getting a 16lb positive change in just 27 days! They gave away prizes and awards for challenge winners, most improved (Beto!!!), loudest member (Sandra!!:) haha, and lots lots more was really great!!!
Second Brendan Brazier and his Vega team came by and he gave a solid talk on plant based nutrition and stress and how doing it right helps performance for all people and planet! Before speaking we all went out on a 5k fun run and a serious sweat in this heat!!:) haha man could not stop sweating after:)
For these we had a full house!!
Jeremy Libanand your MBG Chi team - man great job in organizing, getting folks excited and keeping your cool throughout this entire process of the last fe…