Training, Eating, Eischens so far this week and going to NYC tomorrow!!

First Grade picture....D-Wade is biting my style from back in the day!!:) haha
I remember how excited i was to take this picture and wear this bow tie:) haha it was a big deal to me! My mom laughs and says you were dead set on wearing that tie!:) haha It's funny how things come back in circles...50's and 60's (which this picture was:) bow ties were the way to go....very cool:) at least i thought so at the time. Nowadays they're back again and lots of the NBA players and some NBA announcers too are sporting them big time....what do i think? Love it! Very cool! Anythings better than the sagging the pants look, dang! What is up with that style?? Dont know how many of my high school athletes i've trained i had to tell them to pull their pants up higher cause i wasnt having that in my gym! hahaha They'd was all cool:)
Me today? Bow tie? Whew, not sure if i can go that route as that's too much for me:) maybe someday...still think they're dope!

On to the last few days of training, eating and yoga!
Monday - simple and know i love that!!
  1. 24k pullups x 10 sets = 31 reps!! Doubled my numbers from a few weeks back!! Great!!
  2. Wall press ups x 10 sets = 65 reps! Again up'd my numbers from 2 weeks ago! Great!
  3. Back dome and Power wheel work man i've been on those two big time and feeling great!!
  • Taught Eischens Yoga class - after initial sequence of 30 minutes we focused on back dome work with a simple combination of poses that dramatically increase ROM of your backdome! If you do not know what they are you gotta come to a course so we can show you....makes your hips, back and shoulders feel amazing!
Tuesday - did some kettlebell work....yes i still do them once in a while:) haha
  1. dead power cleans to front squats for 5 sets of 2 + 36k's
  2. box jumps: 6 sets of 6 strict jumps onto 36" box no steps
  3. 28k's kb levers: 3 sets of 6 reps
  4. 28k's kb back dome press ups: 3 x 6 reps
  • Teaching EY tonight - reviewing basics of 1st sequence, then working on inversions tonight like handstands, headstands and elbow stands with lots of various challenges this night as it's very challenging and i love seeing all the students improve each night on these poses....these ones you can see great change each week that transfers over to our training too!
NUTRITION - jessica and i have been killing it!!
  • Green Powder and coconut water in the am
  • kale, onions, edemame, bell peppers, squash and some raw nuts
  • Spinach smoothie, frozen mangos, coconut water or rice milk, some green powder maybe
  • sprouted ezekial bread, raw cashew butter, honey
  • acorn squash,  spices, white beans, bulger, apricots, onions.....THIS WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!
  • home made blueberries and raw nuts vegan ice cream!!

Going to NYC tomorrow for a few days and plan on doing some training with my Bar-barian brothers, riding my bike all over nyc and just having alot of fun hanging out with my friends!!!:)

Peace my friends!


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