My short rant!! and this weeks training!

I've had enough, cant take it anymore....what is it? Segways!!!
Dang i cant stand these dam things! Not sure exactly what it is but every time i see them i wanna go knock them over or pick em up and smash em into the ground:)!!
Why do i hate them....let me count the ways:
A machine that is taking over bike lanes!
A machine that is driven most of the time by non bikers that do not know how to ride bike lanes!
A machine that's driver is wearing all this protective gear...when they're the ones most likely to cause the accidents!!:)
Just the overall look of them, the driver in their safety gear.....the whole thing
i love biking, hate seeing these dam things on the bike paths or in parks
Now onto my training for the week.
Overall my numbers are looking good on everything....what's everything well i've been mixing thigs up a bit still working on muscle ups!!'s been a long road and although i've got some room to grow still it's coming along well practicing technique on all parts....along with this been working pullups in all different ways, weighted, feet resisted with cable.....all improving!! On other parts of my bodyweight training i've been working heavier and still improving....doing dips and push ups with 44k and mixing it between sets of 10's and doing lots of reps on 15/15 x 10 minutes. On other days i'm also been greatly improving my jump training. Still in building mode for legs and hip strength, using some kb's to do some cleans, front squats and snatches sort of as a ways to warm up for my jump training drills and that has been working well....with working up to 36's for dead cleans to front squats feels good and easy and 44k for good reps feels really great too. After this my legs (left knee feel alot better and my jump training has been 100% pain free!)
Because of this my jumps have increased in speed off the ground for box jumps and broad jumps....increasing over 5" on broad jumps in last 3 weeks is great!!
Core training AND my prepping for my 490 yard Power Wheel crawl tomorrow on my birthday i'm feeling great!!... and feel i'll get it in half the time it took me last year to go 480 yards:)
Either way i'll make it a hell of a workout and will share the results with you!!:)


  1. I'm with you on the Segway rant! It's like being in an airport and not being able to walk or run down the moving walkway because people are standing on it and blocking the whole thing. Between those Segways and the people walking 3 to 4 people across so you can't pass on the Lakeshore Path in Chicago, I don't have the patience to ride my bike there on the weekends. I'd rather take on the traffic! In August I turn 39, and this year I'm going to start your birthday Power Wheel crawl tradition! Happy Birthday!


  2. very cool paul!! like that!!! you'll feel amazing!!!thanks for posting my friend and be healthy and happy:)

  3. Jon, here's an interesting fact, the owner of Segway died when he rode a Segway off a cliff. The irony of it!


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