My Birthday Bash 490 n 49 minutes workout!! WICKED!!!! results

WHOA!!!!!! What an amazing workout!!! 
Thought going in no problem...but soon realized strict handstand push ups and pullups would make it tight....PLUS i did each exercise til done before moving on to the next which makes this workout WAY HARDER!!:) So how did it go: 47:54!! One minute and 6 seconds to spare!!

as you can see SWEATING ALOT!!!:) haha the real crusher was the HANDSTAND PUSH UPS HSPU's...hit a wall by the 3rd set and basically was doing sets of 2 most of the rest of the way which slowed me down alot:) Then the joke!!:) haha DIPS pretty good!  JGXT muscle ups...much harder than i thought it would be...barely getting 10 reps each set!!:) PUSH UPS harder than expected, but after doing so much already it's actually pretty good...JGXT body rows...hard but do-able....then the hard part...TIGER PUSH UPS this one was very hard and caused alot of praying to the floor gods!:) POWER WHEEL ROLLOUTS - much harder than i thought again....JUMP ROPE DOUBLES hard but easiest of all and only exercise i did in 1 set of 49...then the POWER WHEEL CRAWL i thought no problem...wrong was hurting big time and had to break it up into 3 sets!!!:) haha
OVERALL - Love this workout!! VERY HARD, VERY CHALLENGING IN ALL WAYS!! Makes me want to do it again soon to crush my time!
SO do you have a birthday coming up? YES? OR NO? Go for it on this one! Cant do some of the exercises and need to ratchet it down a it...BUT i gotta penalize you each level you drop down 200 reps jumping rope + still doing that exercise!!!:) haha
so instead of HSPU's...your maybe doing box down dog push ups for 49 reps + 200 reps jumping rope
Thats fair huh??:)
SO DO THIS tape the aftermath and post it on my facebook page so i can see it okay!!!:) haha
Also you light guys under gotta vest up to no 150lb guys coasting thru this workout!!
PEACE my friends!!


  1. Hell yeah! Well done brother! You never cease to amaze me man:-)

  2. Well done!! great job!! I wanna see the video!! hehhee...happy Birthday !!

  3. thanks my friends!! loved this workout! you guys gotta do it!!!!

  4. Fantastic Jon, and a belated happy birthday....jeezzzz can you even imagine how hard your workouts are gonna be when you are 70!!! I was cramping up just reading it :-))))

  5. Happy birthday Jon! Hope it was a good one! Nice job on the workout, ill have to give it a shot!

  6. Nice one Jon! My 45th is in mid-Sept. need to start planning :)

  7. thanks my friends:) AND YES!!! YOU ALL GOTTA DO THIS WORKOUT!!!!
    hahaha then tell me how it went:) haha


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