Max bodyweight sets, MBG3 in NYC, Training with my Bar-barian brothers & Q of the day:)

At TSP park....doing a simple Heavy Bodyweight do you do almost max sets bodyweight? Just keep warming up with harder and harder execises for pullups and pushes til you eventually get to your 1-3 rep max. For me this was doing a "work up warm up' to 1 arm assisted chin ups and 1 arm, 1 leg push ups.....once i found this level i just continued to do alternating sets of 1 for about 10 sets each exercise....then i tried some other fun movements for max sets of 1 which were 1 arm arm handstand holds & flagpoles and mixed in some 1 arm (assisted) dips too....all worked great, all challenging, all FUN!!:) Did this type of training so that when Zef & Jude and i meet up today to do some Bar-barian workout or MBG workout that i have some gas in the tank:)
Walking MBG 3 in NYC:
NYC has alot of plant strong places to eat...a ton so eating here is only hard due to the many choices
  • 24 oz coconut water + my green powder to start the day (these really fill you up nutrient wise!)
  • himalayan snack mix 
  • coconut water
  • huge kale salad, raw cashews, cranberries, peppers, onions, black beans (awesome almost as good as jessie's!!)
  • coconut water + green powder
  • macrobar
  • huge kale salad, avocado, onions, roasted peppers, black beans
  • dehydrated kale, raw cashews
  • coconut water
Walking NYC for about 10 miles too:) i love this place was all over brooklyn, then the LES and Soho and plan on doing it again today:) Everywhere you go here theres places to see which are unique....its an adventure at every turn!!:)
ALSO got to hang out with my good friend Steve Guttenberg! Man that was great, on June 4th my birthday he always texts me happy birthday and did again this year but at the exact time i get his text i recieved a box from my mom with a book inside of it....."The Steve Guttenberg Bible"!!!! Got them both at the same time!! Isnt that crazy?!! So i called Steven, he was doing a book signing in SOHO so i went on down and met him there and he and 4 others each talked about their books...with steve last. HE KILLED IT!!! He was so funny and natural on stage it was a joke! You know it's really great to see your friends, even greater to see them doing something they are great at! This was one of those moments:) 
Besides that been hanging with my good friends Gavin Van Vleek and Larry Betz, two expert trainers here in NYC who are always fun to hang, train and then eat with while we talk more shop:) haha
Today i hope to visit MBG NYC and Maybe even MBG Staten Island later!!:)
TODAY TRAINING - whew that might be anything...i'll for sure keep you posted on that...but i'm guessing partner push ups, building houses pullups...then a buyout of 10 muscle ups and 50 diamond push ups:) Anyway we do it, it's always fun just training, hanging and then eating with my friends!

QUESTION OF THE DAY:  Most influential person in your life?
  1. Friend (non parents:) haha that would be too easy!
  2. Actor
  3. Political Person or activist
Mine are Many:) haha But the 3 that have influenced me greatest are Roger Eischens no doubt, because of him my life and the lives of thousands of others have been changed for the better BIG TiME!!
Woody Harrelson for leading by example and being staunch in his way....Love what he stands for and his example stands before me as a constant goal that i can do more!
Malcolm X for being an amazing person and leader! He realized 2 times in his life his mis-guided ways and then made the choice for the better....once when a drug dealer named "Dirty Red" to becoming a Muslim and second from becoming a Black Muslim to a Muslim of all nations and races...he saw the big picture and changed because it was the right thing!


  1. It was great meeting you yesterday Jon seems like your having a blast in NYC as always. It was great to listen you masters like Yourself Gavin Van Vlack and Larry Betz Talking shop. Stay Blessed

    Dennis M.

  2. Hey Jonny, what kind of green powder do use when you drink your coconut water? I'm always looking for ways to get more greens into the diet.

    Glad to hear you're having fun out in NYC! Have a great trip!

  3. DENNIS - good to meet you while in nyc! look forward to having you at the upcoming course too if you're coming to that!keep up the good work my friend as your story is impressive!
    CHRIS - i'm in testing phase of a new green powder...folks give them to me all the time and not crazy about any of them this one though but i want to continue testing it out for another month. THEN i'll tell everyone what it is and how much to use, far so good though:)
    YES had a great time in nyc too....planning on having a MBG CNT 5 day course the in Brooklyn in october now too!! so maybe see you there?:)


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