June 28th Happy B-day Juli!!:) Her Wisdom and my 2012 MBG 3 Results,

Jil, Jef squeezing Juli's head, ma and i:)...dang look at that dome!!!:) haha
Today is my big sister Juli's birthday so i wanna give a big shout out to how great she is:) she's a great older sister, crazy yes, smart as heck, driven like all us hinds's yes and most of all she's almost always happy or laughing:)
The other day i was about to post a LONG rant....a rant on all things people do that dont make sense to me...like not saying excuse me, not thinking of others or the planet...like littering, all things that show how dis-connected they are from BE-IN in the moment and happy in that moment.
After writing for 20 minutes i realized this list is very long! Am i trippin', being negative, both? Maybe i was....so i read it, laughed and then deleted the entire post. This is a good lesson to do sometimes when things bother you alot....lesson learned from reading about guys like Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and other wise folks who did something like it....they'd be upset at what was, maybe write a mean letter and then rip up the letter or just never send it at all....Why? They needed to get it off their chest, but realized putting it on someone else's chest might not make things better between them and most likely will build up anger towards them! So they chose to let go of the anger thru a letter, then rip it up, then do something that brings agreement or happiness to another.....by writing a letter of understanding and seeing things from their point of view:)
This is something my big sister Juli does just great! She doesnt like to be negative, she looks to the positive and gives positive encouragement and cheer! She's done this since we were little kids, always encouraging me to do things, challenging my mind to see things from both points of view...to look at all points as equal minded as possible. THANK YOU GOOGOO!! (her nickname:) haha
Good lessons for sure and she now teaches them to her students at the college she teaches at and her two beautiful little girls jojo and jackie:) Lucky kids!!:) Juli i hope you have a great day today, have a fun weekend and that you continue to do what you do....make life happier for all around you!:)

Those are good lessons for all of us MBGers as well....to make all around us happier and healthier....people, planet and animals!!!:)

Now to this weeks MBG 3!!
3 rounds of igougo with jessie
  1. jump muscle up 1,1,1,1,1 holding at top
  2. push ups 1-5 (i did 3 reps to each 1....wicked!) rest at top of push up
  3. pullups 1-5 hang while waiting....made it to 5 with jessie 
  4. dips 1-5 (i did 3 reps to each 1...great!!) rest at top of dip
2 more rounds of igougougougo with jess, jeremy and same!
  1. walk up muscle ups 1,1,1,1,1 holding at top
  2. push ups 1-5 (i did 2 to each 1...great!)
  3. pullups 1-5 (made it to 4 before dropping both times!)
  4. dips 1-5 (did 2 reps to each 1....awesome....holding at top for  4 guys was crushing!! but great!)
WEDNESDAY!!: probably one of my funnest and hardest workouts i've done in a while!!
Used 10lbs of ankle weight + 17lb weight vest for parts of it!
Basically did the Bar-barian requirements loaded In 3 variations....it was amazing! 4**!!
FIRST round timed for as best as possible in 6 minute, doing amap for each one before dropping
SECOND round do ALL REPS required no matter how many times dropping for total time 
THIRD round did 1 all out set, no pausing, no resting at all, no resting between exercises even...doing amap without pause, then immediately go to next exercise and repeat!
EXERCISES           AMAP + WT              ALL REPS + WT           1 SET AMAP + WT, NO REST
muscle ups +10lb              3                           5* in a row + 10lb                        1* + 27lbs
dips + 27lbs                     25                                25+12+8=45                            12 + 27lbs
pullups + 10lbs                11*                         6+5+4+4+4+2=25                         2 + 27lbs....ahhhh
push ups + 27lbs              35                          30+10+10+5=55                            8 + 27lbs....man!!:)
muscle ups + 10lb             1                           2+3=5 good!                                  0 + 27lbs
                        75/135 reps + wt in 6 min    135/135 in 12:54 + wt                23 in 1:20 + 27lbs
4 star workout....one of my favorites ever....cannot remember the last 4 stars i wrote:) great!

PLANT STRONG - been still crushing the greens and coconut water first thing in am and then eating lots of greens all day long, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds! Recovery from these very hard workouts has been great too!!
EISCHENS YOGA - last week tweaked my back a bit doing 44kg dead snatches...heard it crunch...not good...so been on the EY and obviously i'm doing good!!:) haha EY is just awesome! Remember when i'd tweak it back in the day and be laid up for 2 weeks in pure pain, now get on the EY asap and feel better immediately!
Hope you all dig the lesson for today...either from my cool sista or something from my training:)
from my sister - be positive, be happy and make others feel good:)
from my training, eating and eischens yoga - you can do anything at any age!!!
Peace my friends!
Share happiness,


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