Birthday Bash:) Power's still your vote!!

Okay, 49 years i've been playing on this planet and every year i like to challenge myself (DO YOU?:) something that puts it on the line....this year i was sort of mmmmm not sure what to do. You see in talking online we thought 490 yards power wheel crawl and 490 pullups (with a kip:)...after thinking about it i had to say see typical bar kipping destroys bar muscle up technique and i dont want to take steps backwards in that department as i feel my technique is coming along nicely right now!:) SO what to do....did 480 last year on a very rough surface...took 20 minutes, then in madison did 1000 in 20 minutes on a very nice astro turf field....very nice:) So doing 490....not such a big deal....but still a cool one with something what else.
HERE ARE WHAT I'M FEELING ARE SOME GOOD CHOICES...i'm gonna do one this week:
  1. Go for the over 200 lbs World Record Power Wheel far as i know it's 100 yards...goal over 120 yards to be safe!
  2. Do the 490 yard power wheel crawl + 490 jungle gym body rows in 49 minutes....BIG CHALLENGE!
  3. Do 49 handstand push ups, 49 strict pullups, 49 dips, 49 body rows, 49 push ups, 49 power wheel rollouts, 49 jungle gym xt muscle ups, 49 tiger push ups, 49 jump rope doubles, 49 yard power wheel crawl = 490 total IN 49 MINUTES!!
I'm leaning towards the world record one:) quickest and least painful:) haha....well temporary pain at least....SO
WHAT'S YOUR CHOICE? i'll tally them up and do it either thursday or friday
voting ends wednesday at noon!!!!!:)
Thanks for voting kindly my friends:) haha


  1. Oh man those all sound sweet! I would say the third one, all 490 reps in 49 minutes sounds like a killer! I might have to try that one myself this week!

  2. :) yeah that is sounding like the one:) unless something changes alot by noon that's the one:) thanks chris!

  3. Agree with Chris...490 reps!! super challenge, i like the idea to do different things.

  4. Yeah the fact that it's all the different exercises is whats so appealing and in the 49 minute time limit! That'll make you have to push yourself cause some of those I know I would need to take a few breaks haha. Not at your level yet Jonny but hopefully someday!

  5. :) okay 490 in 49 it is!! thanks my friends!!

  6. holy cow!!!!! That was a BEAST!!!!
    made it with a minute and 6 seconds to spare!!!:)
    dang!! very hard!

  7. You're a machine Jonny, that is unreal! Happy Birthday though!!! Just curious, did you finish each exercise before heading to the next on the list or just alternate through them all until you finished with 49 reps of each?

  8. Outstanding effort Dude. 49 is clearly the new 25.


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