Birthday Bash PART 2!!!!! Yes Jessica, Jeremy and i did it!

Part 2 was wicked hard....almost BUT NOT QUITE:) as hard as the 490 in 49:)
This ended up being 3 rounds thru of 8 exercises
  1. Handstand push ups x 5 > 
  2. muscle ups (walk ups count!!! got very hard:) x 5 > 
  3. dips x 20 > 
  4. pullups x 10 > 
  5. Tiger push ups x 15 > 
  6. around the worlds x 5 (these got crazy hard!) > 
  7. push ups x 30 > 
  8. body rows x 25
.....took 32 minutes on the dot!
We actually finished at the exact same time and ALL LAID OUT!!!!:) 
after that we finished with 3 x 10 power wheel rollouts to tired this was hard:) haha
then wrapped it up with a 60 yard power wheel crawl....hard too cause upper was so trashed
but no doubt my PW crawling is getting stronger!
Tonight all the staff at MBG Chicago is all going out to Native Foods to celebrate a great job on the 30 day fitness challenge:) I'm so proud of the solid job they all did, how many folks they got to sign up for the challenge!....and how the new members are all so happy with the monkey bar gym:)
A job well done deserves a party right?:)
So now you all have a second workout to do:) haha
If not you could do the Aussie, Heavy Metal....or the list goes one!!
Pick any, have fun, tell us how it went:)
PEACE OUT my friends!!


  1. Your teeth look very healthy and white, any plant strong tips for dental health?:)
    You rule;)


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