August 2000, the 1st MBG and the story:) Plus GREAT week of training!!

This is the very floor started me going Plant Strong!!:)
Right after this picture was taken i had to bust it all out with a sledge hammer before the next mornings plumbers came in the lay the new piping....THIS was the straw that literally broke the camels back as it pertains to my hand pain. By doing 6 hours straight of sledgehammer work i strained my already hurting hands and they did not return to normal until 3 years later when i went 100% plant strong!!:) This picture brings back lots of memories:) ALOT of hard work went into MBG Madison those 12 years ago:) When we opened i taught all classes and privates for almost 2 years:) haha it was crazy! Something like 33 classes a week PLUS privates, plus smoothie maker and manager of my staff:) Funny thing was i loved it! Excited to go everyday:)
Monday - after getting back from NYC i was a bit tired and thought maybe not such a hard it was hard as hell and awesome!!!:)
Started with practice of free handstand holds to planche holds and muscle up practice for about 6 sets
Then the fun began with:
Partner push ups in a group of 4 (jessie, jeremy, sam and i) 10-2 for 4 rounds = 120 push ups total
Bar muscle ups in between each push up set...for 10/8/6/4/2 = 30 total muscle ups
LOVED this workout!!
Tuesday  - did IGOUGOUGOUGO:) with dead cleans to front squat.
we each did btwn 2-5 reps each set and ended up doing 5 sets was only as long as it took for other 3 people to it was short and sweet. Jess crushed it and used 20s for easy sets of 4! Jeremy did great too using 28s for 3's, mark 24s for 3s and i used 32s for 4s.
THEN we did the same with foot up lunges for 5 rounds again: Jess 20s, jeremy 28s, mark 24s, me 40s
THEN finished with deadlifts for same 5 rounds: jess 36k's x 5, jer 44s 1/2 rom for 6s, mark 24s 1/2 rom for 4s and i did 60k's for 5s....great finish to a great workout!!
TIP - here i want to point out something cool we did...actually two was constant partner feedback with each other...coaching on form and challenge! The form on the deadlift is something all people need to pay attention too...i'd say over 50% of people who deadlift bend at the waist...dangerous! purely bending from the hips is key here and so to perform safely shorten the ROM and do it right!!:)
Wednesday - Trained on my own and did an amazing workout based off the bar-barian requirements.
Since i did bar muscle ups on monday i added load today and did everything with a weight vest on:
  1. Muscle ups + weight - 10 sets for 13 reps:) This made me pretty happy....not zef like MU's but i did em:) haha
  2. Dips + weight - 33, then rested 2 minutes then hit doubt i got this one....37 was my record before without a vest so getting 34 with weight is awesome!!
  3. Pullups + weight - wide 3 x 5, shoulder width 3 x 5, hands together 3 x 5 = 45 total reps felt great!!
  4. Pushups + weight vest - 35, then rested 2 minutes then hit 37....this one for 55 i've done many times so i'm good here and doing it right after dips (cause i alternated pullups and dips) makes me feel really good about this.
EISCHENS YOGA - doing it on my own daily and also teaching EY classes 2 times a week at least.
PLANT STRONG - been eating simple and strong still, except for today ate a pint of rice dream with sunflower seeds on top!! hahaha awesome!
  • Green powder and coconut water
  • spinach, peas, corn, carrots, lentils
  • macrobar
  • spinach smoothie with vega, coconut water, banana, mangos
  • cherries
  • huge salad, tomatoes, onions, lentils
  • popcorn with flax oil and fortisalt (good stuff!)

Again my friends it my mission to help people and planet:) my wish is that this helps you and thus helps others as well:)


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