5 Ways to Living Simple & Strong for yourself, people & planet!

Hanging with Bar-Barians Zef and Keith after training ALL day!!:)
5 Ways to Living Simple & Strong for yourself, people & planet!
You might notice in reading my blog that simple & strong come up alot....it's intentional for sure.
Since i was little i've always preferred doing that which is closest to our nature....nature does things 100% by instinct, what feels right, what works, dont overthink things....simple & strong.
SO TODAY....i'm going to layout my 5 rules....these rules are not ones purely for being a good person, but for doing right for yourself, all people and the planet. The 5 Ways are also for being strong and vibrant as well.
  1. Do no harm to yourself, people or planet - for yourself this means listening to your gut, resting when tired, saying no when you truly do not feel like doing something, doing what truly makes you happy.... e.g. often times on a sunny day i prefer biking everywhere, if asked to go somewhere with someone i might get hot and uncomfortable sitting in a car and know i'm happier biking instead! This might seem odd to not just ride it out, but it makes me happier and the person i would of rode with too!!:) haha cause i can meet them anywhere and we're both doing our thing....you feel me on that??:)
  2. Eat Plant Strong - this could easily be part of the 1st one as well as because by eating plant strong, plant based, nutrient rich, nutrient dense, vegan, vegetarian, etc we're doing less harm to ourselves, other people (due to less production of animal products which are the number 1 reason for global warming.....READ Brendan Braziers new Thrive foods book to understand more on this point....it's on point). By eating 90% or more of your nutrition from plants we increase are health, energy, decrease animal factories and thus global warming, decrease the killing of innocent animals, decrease the killing of thousands and thousands of acres of forest land for livestock grazing. The take away - we're more connected to what we eat, the planet and all people by eating in a way that is healthier for ALL. By killing animals to feed ourselves and our egos (all of those that eat tons of animal products to look more muscular!!) a person is looking at the short term, not connecting to the harm that they do to themselves, all other people and the planet...and obviously all animals.
  3. Move, Train, Play, Exercise in a manner that is natural, instinctive & challenging to us all - what is natural to us? Look at any playground and see kids running, jumping, crawling, climbing....look at any young animals and see the exact same! We all....well maybe not giant tortoises:) but mostly all play!! Why is this so important? Because by doing so we re-connect with our nature, our gut, our instincts and we connect to all others in doing so. And by doing this and constantly challenging ourselves we continually heighten our levels of those skills and that connection. IF we do this in a manner that is connecting ourselves to movement....we're more conscious (this is good!), if we play in a way that we're connected to ourselves and all others (this is great!!) as it raises the vibes, energy of each and all.
  4. Un-plug from the matrix!!! - What is this? This is looking at all aspects of our lives and seeing the reality of what we do and then taking a break from it. We are not our laptops, our iphones, our jobs, we are not meant to be programmed and plugged into un-natural ways of living. We are meant to live by following our nature, our heart, our gut, our instincts....when we watch tv all day long, when we are plugged into our laptops or phones or cubicle all day long we lose sight of our nature. Question is...WHO DO YOU CONNECT WITH? The Matrix (phones, walls, laptops, reports) or People, Nature, the Planet? No matter what we do are we just going thru the motions or are we connected to the people we work with, actually listening to them, actually interested in them....do we connect with nature the same way? Do we get outside and go for walks and listen to the wind in the trees, watch the animals and literally pay attention to what they are doing.....do we connect to that?
  5. Be Happy - We have choices all day long to be happy or not....to choose to hold onto difficulties or to choose to look at the bright side of things. To choose to un-plug, to choose to do good, to choose to move, to choose to challenge ourselves and enjoy the process and accomplishment of achieving, to choose to connect to people, to animals, to ourselves, to the planet....literally to be:) Sit with that....it's simple.

WHAT ARE WE HERE FOR? To make ourselves feel better in the short term, satisfy our ego's, to dis-connect from people and planet and only think about ourselves? OR To do our best to help and connect to all people, all animals, the planet and all future generations to be healthier and happier for now and for always?
It's simple and it's strong...Connecting, Helping, Evolving is our nature....IT is what makes us as individuals happier, as a people happier and no doubt as a planet happier AND healthier for now and for always!

This is a quick list but i'd love to hear your thoughts....QUESTION: what points would you add to this list??

Hope you dig where i'm coming from and that maybe this helps you out, perhaps it might help you and some others around you and thus help more around them as well....and in doing so help people and planet:)
PEACE my friends!


  1. Great post Jonny; a manifesto for living in 2012 and beyond for sure. We all have to take our lifestyles - the way we eat, think and live, and achieve our goals - to a whole new level these days, all of it; for if we get "caught up" in the system (what you are calling the matrix) it consumes us, takes away the grace of living, and causes untold health, energy and fitness problems, let alone environmental problems, that prevents us from living well and passing on wellness to the next generations.

    We've got to:

    1: Steer clear of personal energy debt (exhaustion and fatigue) and regenerate our energy more and more frequently.

    2: We have to build supports in our lives, because all can't be dependent on us alone.

    3: We have to live in balance, and remember that this is about balancing energy expenditure with recuperation. Once your energy goes all other aspects of lifestyle tend to go down with it.

    4: We have make sure our thinking is real, but optimistic and focused on what we really want, not the problems but the solutions to the problems.

    5: We need to know what's driving us, and motivating us to move forward; are we just trying to avoid negative outcomes or are we actually focused on positive outcomes?

    6: We need to be clear on our situation and circumstances and intend to improve those circumstances rather than coping all day long with food, drink, drugs, obsessive lifestyle and extreme work ethic etc.

    7: As you say, we need to streamline and simplify our lives, so that we are not suffering from overwhelm and unmanageable life circumstances. No amount of healthy living can solve for ambition outpacing your ability to recover.

    8: We need to own our schedules and periodize our lives, not just our training, else we won't be able to stay active and train with consistency as we try to perform at peak 7 days a weak and wear ourselves down. That doesn't work.

    9: We need to recharge our life force always, and consistently. Sleep, rest, recovery, relaxation and rejuvenation need to be at the very core of our day, week, month, and year, to balance activity levels.

    10: We need to eat "90% or More Plant Based Nutrient Rich", in a way where we optimize our food intake for nutrient density, volume, and great-taste without addicting substances, so that we can eat just the right amount of calories we need, more or less and lose the need to lose weight and deal with health complications that distracts us.

    11: We need to activate and strengthen our bodies regularly, and train when we're ready, with the lifestyle to support consistency. We can't be overwhelmed, burning out, eating nutrient poor..., and expect to recover and train again with great results, for long. We also need a natural training style that promotes alignment, stability, strength and power.

    Fitness as you know better than anyone, it's not about weight loss. it's about fitness.

    12: We need to be clear on our goals, in life, business and or sport and not make goals out of any aspect of our lifestyle's, like recuperating, eating healthy and exercising, which are (like breathing)constant, hourly, daily and weekly objectives, and enable us to achieve our real goals in a balanced and healthy way.

    When we take full responsibility for our lifestyles, we can really step up and get on top of our game, play better and eventually bigger in a world, that will also be much healthier too.

    When we get our lifestyle's working better, everything starts working better.

    Great Post Jonny.

  2. One of you best posts Jon! Great additions from JAM too. This could be an ebook in the making :) Great stuff my friend!!

  3. hey guys...BRAD thanks for the support as always
    JOHN...no doubt i prefer the second one:) Hahaha
    it's in line with mine...simple and strong:) haha

  4. I'd add 2 specific things:
    Give back-- give 2 hours of volunteer service a month. Spend time tutoring a kid or giving public comment at a city meeting or volunteering to clean up a waterway. It connects us.
    Learn something new every year. Challenge yourself to do something that makes you uncomfortable or that challenges you. We gotta keep growing. When we sit too long in a walled up mental space, we run out of nutrients.

  5. GREAT POINTS FD! giving back and constantly challenging oneself to grow and evolve!!:) thank you my friend!


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