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June 28th Happy B-day Juli!!:) Her Wisdom and my 2012 MBG 3 Results,

Today is my big sister Juli's birthday so i wanna give a big shout out to how great she is:) she's a great older sister, crazy yes, smart as heck, driven like all us hinds's yes and most of all she's almost always happy or laughing:)
The other day i was about to post a LONG rant....a rant on all things people do that dont make sense to not saying excuse me, not thinking of others or the littering, all things that show how dis-connected they are from BE-IN in the moment and happy in that moment.
After writing for 20 minutes i realized this list is very long! Am i trippin', being negative, both? Maybe i i read it, laughed and then deleted the entire post. This is a good lesson to do sometimes when things bother you alot....lesson learned from reading about guys like Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and other wise folks who did something like it....they'd be upset at what was, maybe write a mean letter and then rip up the letter or …

August 2000, the 1st MBG and the story:) Plus GREAT week of training!!

Right after this picture was taken i had to bust it all out with a sledge hammer before the next mornings plumbers came in the lay the new piping....THIS was the straw that literally broke the camels back as it pertains to my hand pain. By doing 6 hours straight of sledgehammer work i strained my already hurting hands and they did not return to normal until 3 years later when i went 100% plant strong!!:) This picture brings back lots of memories:) ALOT of hard work went into MBG Madison those 12 years ago:) When we opened i taught all classes and privates for almost 2 years:) haha it was crazy! Something like 33 classes a week PLUS privates, plus smoothie maker and manager of my staff:) Funny thing was i loved it! Excited to go everyday:)
Monday - after getting back from NYC i was a bit tired and thought maybe not such a hard it was hard as hell and awesome!!!:)
Started with practice of free handstand holds to planche holds and muscle up practice for about 6 sets
Then t…

5 Ways to Living Simple & Strong for yourself, people & planet!

5 Ways to Living Simple & Strong for yourself, people & planet!
You might notice in reading my blog that simple & strong come up's intentional for sure.
Since i was little i've always preferred doing that which is closest to our nature....nature does things 100% by instinct, what feels right, what works, dont overthink things....simple & strong.
SO TODAY....i'm going to layout my 5 rules....these rules are not ones purely for being a good person, but for doing right for yourself, all people and the planet. The 5 Ways are also for being strong and vibrant as well.
Do no harm to yourself, people or planet - for yourself this means listening to your gut, resting when tired, saying no when you truly do not feel like doing something, doing what truly makes you happy.... e.g. often times on a sunny day i prefer biking everywhere, if asked to go somewhere with someone i might get hot and uncomfortable sitting in a car and know i'm happier biking ins…

Max bodyweight sets, MBG3 in NYC, Training with my Bar-barian brothers & Q of the day:)

At TSP park....doing a simple Heavy Bodyweight do you do almost max sets bodyweight? Just keep warming up with harder and harder execises for pullups and pushes til you eventually get to your 1-3 rep max. For me this was doing a "work up warm up' to 1 arm assisted chin ups and 1 arm, 1 leg push ups.....once i found this level i just continued to do alternating sets of 1 for about 10 sets each exercise....then i tried some other fun movements for max sets of 1 which were 1 arm arm handstand holds & flagpoles and mixed in some 1 arm (assisted) dips too....all worked great, all challenging, all FUN!!:) Did this type of training so that when Zef & Jude and i meet up today to do some Bar-barian workout or MBG workout that i have some gas in the tank:)
Walking MBG 3 in NYC:
NYC has alot of plant strong places to eat...a ton so eating here is only hard due to the many choices
24 oz coconut water + my green powder to start the day (these really fill you up nutrien…

Training, Eating, Eischens so far this week and going to NYC tomorrow!!

I remember how excited i was to take this picture and wear this bow tie:) haha it was a big deal to me! My mom laughs and says you were dead set on wearing that tie!:) haha It's funny how things come back in circles...50's and 60's (which this picture was:) bow ties were the way to go....very cool:) at least i thought so at the time. Nowadays they're back again and lots of the NBA players and some NBA announcers too are sporting them big time....what do i think? Love it! Very cool! Anythings better than the sagging the pants look, dang! What is up with that style?? Dont know how many of my high school athletes i've trained i had to tell them to pull their pants up higher cause i wasnt having that in my gym! hahaha They'd was all cool:)
Me today? Bow tie? Whew, not sure if i can go that route as that's too much for me:) maybe someday...still think they're dope!

On to the last few days of training, eating and yoga!
Monday - simple and strong...y…

Birthday Bash PART 2!!!!! Yes Jessica, Jeremy and i did it!

Part 2 was wicked hard....almost BUT NOT QUITE:) as hard as the 490 in 49:)
This ended up being 3 rounds thru of 8 exercises
Handstand push ups x 5 > muscle ups (walk ups count!!! got very hard:) x 5 > dips x 20 > pullups x 10 > Tiger push ups x 15 > around the worlds x 5 (these got crazy hard!) > push ups x 30 > body rows x 25.....took 32 minutes on the dot!
We actually finished at the exact same time and ALL LAID OUT!!!!:) 
after that we finished with 3 x 10 power wheel rollouts to tired this was hard:) haha
then wrapped it up with a 60 yard power wheel crawl....hard too cause upper was so trashed
but no doubt my PW crawling is getting stronger!
Tonight all the staff at MBG Chicago is all going out to Native Foods to celebrate a great job on the 30 day fitness challenge:) I'm so proud of the solid job they all did, how many folks they got to sign up for the challenge!....and how the new members are all so happy with the monkey bar gym:)
A job well d…

My Birthday Bash 490 n 49 minutes workout!! WICKED!!!! results

WHOA!!!!!! What an amazing workout!!! Thought going in no problem...but soon realized strict handstand push ups and pullups would make it tight....PLUS i did each exercise til done before moving on to the next which makes this workout WAY HARDER!!:) So how did it go: 47:54!! One minute and 6 seconds to spare!!

as you can see SWEATING ALOT!!!:) haha the real crusher was the HANDSTAND PUSH UPS HSPU's...hit a wall by the 3rd set and basically was doing sets of 2 most of the rest of the way which slowed me down alot:) Then the joke!!:) haha DIPS pretty good!  JGXT muscle ups...much harder than i thought it would be...barely getting 10 reps each set!!:) PUSH UPS harder than expected, but after doing so much already it's actually pretty good...JGXT body rows...hard but do-able....then the hard part...TIGER PUSH UPS this one was very hard and caused alot of praying to the floor gods!:) POWER WHEEL ROLLOUTS - much harder than i thought again....JUMP ROPE DOUBLES hard but e…

Birthday Bash:) Power's still your vote!!

Okay, 49 years i've been playing on this planet and every year i like to challenge myself (DO YOU?:) something that puts it on the line....this year i was sort of mmmmm not sure what to do. You see in talking online we thought 490 yards power wheel crawl and 490 pullups (with a kip:)...after thinking about it i had to say see typical bar kipping destroys bar muscle up technique and i dont want to take steps backwards in that department as i feel my technique is coming along nicely right now!:) SO what to do....did 480 last year on a very rough surface...took 20 minutes, then in madison did 1000 in 20 minutes on a very nice astro turf field....very nice:) So doing 490....not such a big deal....but still a cool one with something what else.
HERE ARE WHAT I'M FEELING ARE SOME GOOD CHOICES...i'm gonna do one this week:
Go for the over 200 lbs World Record Power Wheel far as i know it's 100 yards...goal over 120 yards to be safe!Do the …

My short rant!! and this weeks training!

I've had enough, cant take it anymore....what is it? Segways!!!
Dang i cant stand these dam things! Not sure exactly what it is but every time i see them i wanna go knock them over or pick em up and smash em into the ground:)!!
Why do i hate them....let me count the ways:
A machine that is taking over bike lanes!
A machine that is driven most of the time by non bikers that do not know how to ride bike lanes!
A machine that's driver is wearing all this protective gear...when they're the ones most likely to cause the accidents!!:)
Just the overall look of them, the driver in their safety gear.....the whole thing
i love biking, hate seeing these dam things on the bike paths or in parks
Now onto my training for the week.
Overall my numbers are looking good on everything....what's everything well i've been mixing thigs up a bit still working on muscle ups!!'s been a long road and although i've got…