Why Push ups Trump Bench Press! Training for my birthday workout!

Using the Original Power Push up...Love it, simple & strong!:)
Why push ups trump bench press: Most folks have always say what'dya bench as if the bench press is the be all exercise of fitness. In terms of function i argue this point 100%. You see resistance is resistance...the body doesnt know the difference....so if all resistance can be made equal then the next point is what forces the body to respond in a way that develops more function and overall strength in the long run? Which one causes more stabilization throughout the whole body?
In comparing the two obviously people think the bench press can lift far more weight....but over the years i've learn ways to load up a push up to match any challenge you can give with a bench press via my power push up (cables), the use of kettlebells or other dead weight on the back of a push up.
SO you can match loads, so then lets just go to function:)
Here is where the two differ:
The Push up: gravity resists the weight of the body, the Bench:  gravity resists the external weight. The push up uses approximately 60-65% of the weight of the body...e.g. if you're a man and weigh 200lbs then your doing a push up with 130lbs. The bench uses whatever weight is in the hands and on the bar of which the body, torso, arms must balance while laying flat on a bench or floor with feet flat on floor as well.
A 300 pound push up vs. 300 lb bench press:
200lb man is pressing 130lbs, must add 170lbs via cable or dead weight to equal 300lbs
if on the road he can do this heavy push up anywhere via the power push up by adding 1 green + 1 blue cables (170lbs) to the inside of the power push up 3. 130 + 170 = 300lb push up
If adding external weight via kettlebells, sandbag, vests or person sitting on your back? Then simply add weight to the back in the form of 170lbs....now obviously you can't travel with this weight unless your traveling with your 170lb friend:) THEN your friend sits on your shoulders with legs crossed on your low back and whalla you have a 300lb push up again.
WHAT HAPPENING with both types of push ups? Massive amounts of core stabilization, full body engagement from hands to feet! Without this the low back, neck and shoulders all collapse....with it and you develop incredible full body power that transfers to all sports performances!! The thing i love about the push up is that it forces positive postural engagement which equates to better posture and alignment!
The bench press...anywhere???:) ... doesnt really happen:) unless you find a bench press at a gym? The bench press does engage the torso and arms but not as much as a push up being that your supported by a bench which lowers the amount of stabilization the body is doing dramatically.
  • WEIGHT - both can load 300lbs which is great for building the upper body
  • BALANCE - clearly the push up engages the whole body more being that it's NOT supported by the bench, thus must stabilize much more from hands to feet.
  • ANYWHERE - no comparison:) push ups + power push up for sure can go anywhere, anytime and do a 300lb press....the bench cannot....although by dragging that bench and weight around man you'd get in crazy shape...OR go crazy:) hahaha
  • POSTURAL BENEFIT - no comparison again...especially when hearing about the massive amounts of injuries caused by the bench press, the resistance of the spine, the low back in an un-supported manner greatly enhances posture over a bench supported press.
  • WALK AWAY....the push up benefits more for multiple reasons shown above....mostly in my eyes is the anywhere anytime is huge as i love training outside:) SO weight being equal....no question the push up rules!! Or Trumps!!!:)
My training this last week in preparation for my Big Birthday Training!!

MONDAY - weighted pullups and press ups - prepping for muscle ups by increasing my pull up strength and also developing my parallel bar L seat to press ups:) Then finished with my favorite invention ever a power wheel crawl!!:) This is a big part of my birthday!!:) 490 yards!!! Feeling really good on the Power Wheel crawls...did 100 yards straight feeling pretty good this day:)

TUESDAY - still working on my jump training here and it's coming along great!! Since working in easier and doing more simple power training as a warm up...slowly adding load and doing work ups with kb cleans, then doing some resisted jumps has been working great! No knee pain!! That and then continuing to do my back dome work has been really making my shoulders and hips feel great!!

WEDNESDAY - here i'm working on pullups with load on the hips which helps with the knees to elbows action of muscle ups, this along with dips in various loads help my preparation for the bar-barian requirements that i'm still working to complete:)

THURSDAY - rest and eischens yoga...did alot while teaching class today, as we focused on inversions like handstands, elbow stands, headstands...all of which i love:)

FRIDAY - did simple kb stuff to prep for jump drills and again it worked great as my left knee has still been getting stronger! AND i'm jumping further each time:)
Dead 1 arm snatch: 32k for 5 sets of 8s, this week 44k for 3 sets of 3s....felt good!
Broad Jump: Last week with Power Jumper 160lbs did 5 sets of 5 jumps over 6'5" (best of 6'11")
This week did Power Jumper 80lbs for 3 sets of 5 jumps over 7'2" (best of 7'5") this was good, i'm using resistance as it shortens my jumps and actually puts less stress on my knee then upon landing which is what i want so i'll continue doing this for the next few weeks.
Foot up lunges: last week: 2 sets of 8s + 32k's, this week 3 sets of 2s + 44k's...felt good and strong!!
Finished both weeks with hanging leg raises alternated with walking back domes....felt really good!!:)

SATURDAY - started with the "Farmers Walk" in class, alternating holding 12k's overhead with holding htem in the racked position while walking around the block...man that got hard!!:) haha, then repeated last weeks saturday 15/15 x 10 minutes each exercise workout, increased the numbers on both parts. BEFORE THE WORKOUT: Practiced resisted muscle ups for form and then alternated those with parallel bar handstand holds dropping down to planche holds.
15/15x10 each exer
Pullups w/little kips 130 last week, this week got 137 reps....challenging, keeping kips to a minimum Pushups + 40kg = 52 last week, this week got 62 reps...very good! felt good and strong!  Great!!!!

QUESTION: If you have any thoughts or comments you like to ask pertaining to todays blog what would they be? I love discussion on points like this and welcome yours:)
Lots of info today my friends:) Hope you LIKE IT, SHARE IT, COMMENT ON IT AND THINK ABOUT IT:)
Peace and Honor,


  1. Re: Push Ups vs Bench Press and function. Push ups great for getting off the ground as a transition into a sprint. The bench press: Useful if ever a heavy wardrobe fell on you while lying on your back? :)

  2. or if you're on the bottom of a pile and want to push folks off of you:) haha

  3. Push-ups and bench presses differ in various ways, but both have benefits. Push-ups are safer because you carry a weight that is proportional to your body weight, and you don’t need equipment to do this exercise. Bench presses, on the other hand, benefit your upper body, and you can choose the weight if you want to intensify the strength training. For those who want to do both, I recommend you start with push-ups to fortify your arms before heading for the bench press.

    Mathias Michelakis


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