Whats the choice? Be or Not? Live and embrace!!

At whatever age we are the choice has always been the same...LIVE, BE or not....to me it's clear:) embrace what life offers! We are given gifts in life from all in our circle...the "Gifts" are opportunities we either accept or decline. WE have the choice...if we embrace these gifts we can challenge ourselves and grow and experience all that life has to offer, the ups and downs, the highs and lows...BUT by accepting and embracing ALL we live, grow and take ourselves and all around us to higher heights!
What is it that is holding you back? Fear of embarrassment? Not achieving some level you think you should be at? What if you realized that NO ONE CARES:) hahaha would that make you do some things that are holding YOU back?
SO think on that and CHOOSE TO LIVE, so do that which scares you, take on challenges...for me i like the challenge of all types and always have....breakdancing back in the day...can you say bad when i started:) hahaha when i started there was no internet, no one to show how to do any of it. My brother greg and i spent hours trying to figure out back spins and windmills only to eventually get it in 2 minutes when explained to us:) hahaha.....embarrassment yes:) but i did not care, having bigger goals of GETTING those movements....you see i was motivated personally to get those moves....people who laughed at me...i did not care about as they laughed because they were too scared to put themselves out there on the field of risk, challenge, LIFE.
Eventually those same people had to pay to see me breakdance:) hahaha as i traveled alot getting paid to do something i loved!
TODAY it hasnt changed much, i keep reaching to achieve things out of my past reach and it's fun...the road is the gift, dealing with the highs and lows the lessons.
Tell me here and now and then dream of achieving it! Write your story from the end (achieving it) backwards to today! And then you have your story! That story is powerful as it is always with you!! It inspires others as well as now the road has one more deeper groove for them to follow!!:)
Mine? Bar-barian requirements:) hahaha if you've been following me over the last few years you know i've had obstacles on this path...so what:) i'm having fun trying to figure out how to achieve it!
Dunking again too!!:) These are just two for me, i have lots more on other points in my life:)
THIS WEEKS TRAINING LOG: was a good week, feeling pretty strong and got some insight into some movements i've been working on for awhile too....good thing:)
MONDAY April 30 2012
switched up some things this week to re-focus on form and i feel it helped alot. my numbers went down because of it but that's cool as the form went up:)
1) AMU w/2g holding yoga block between feet x 5,5,4=14 then put two walls up to keep vertical 12" from front/back of bar 4x4 high pulls=16 THIS WAS WAY HARDER!!
2) jump MUs 5 (BTWN WALLS) sets x 3 with vest on (think loaded spring at bottom!!)=15
3) pullups to release x 5,5,5,5,5,5=30 LOVE THIS EXERCISE! preps the turnover on top of bar
4) L seat to handstand on parallel bars: +70 bxt x 1,1/1,2/2,1/2,1/2,1=14
this is a perfect simulation of this exercise!!!! GREAT!
Finisher: 50/50 of dips / body row: 35/30, 10/10, 5/10 little to no rest btwn each set
                                          Great! 3.7* 
Tuesday May 1, 2012
1A Dead Snatch 3 x 5s x 40k felt good:)
Broad jumps x PJ120 x 10 x 6'6" x 3 sets...liked this alot..had to clear distance on all reps, ea set!
Back domes press up 6 x 28s, 4 x 32s, 2 x 36s!! i'm back!!
KB levers with hip lift:  5 x 3 reps x 28s
Backdome crawl x 10y lifting h/f great!
HLR x  10 feet to bar no momentum
68s DL x 8,  85% (300 lbs)

WEDNESDAY April 18, 25,2012
15/15 x 10 minutes x pullups/pushups
First 5 minutes:     5,12  / 5,12 /5,12 /5,12 / 4,12
Second 5 minutes: 4,13  / 4,13 /4,13 /4,13 / 4,13
= 125/44
Dips.     x11,11,11,11,11,/ 11,11,10,10,10
Body R x11,11,11,11,11/ 11,11,10,10,10
= 107/107
TOTALS: 169+114=383 in 20 min
FINISHER: power wheel rollouts to power wheel push ups 12-2 with pauses...challenging:) haha
Great! 3.7*

Thursday April 27, 2012
ON The beach workout:
10 x 24k's double swing, rest 10 breaths, 10 lunges, rest 10 breaths
repeat for 10 rounds!! GREAT!!
100 yard power wheel crawl dragging weight x 60 yards, 20, 20...loved this!!:)
3.7* workout!

Another strong workout this week! Feeling very good and strong!

Friday April 13, 20 2012
Practice all types of handstands, jumping bar to bar, various grip muscle ups and various fun skills:)
did this for about one hour with jessie and jeremy:)
this was a ton of fun!! SOUL TRAINING:)
Then did the following for 50 reps each in as few sets as possible:
Power Push up 3 with 120lbs load: 8,8,8,6,5,5,5,5 = 50 I love my Power Push up...with 120lb load which felt the exact same as using 44kg last week for 8 reps.....it's awesome:)
Release Pull ups: 7,7,6,5,5,5,5,5,5 = 50

Very good week of training as i feel very good and strong!
hope this helps my friends!!
"Walk the Walk"


  1. Great post as always my Soul Training brother! Funny how we were just talking about this a couple of hours ago at the gym.
    People look at us like we've done something extraordinary, like we did the unthinkable. And the only thing we've done is follow what's in our hearts and live our dreams.
    Of course we understand why people look at us like outlaws in a way, because we've gone against what they're used to. People usually don't follow their dreams. They are fed daily with "rules", insecurities, negative thoughts from people too scared to listen to their hearts, that the very thought of getting the courage to take control and follow their dreams is out of the question.
    As we tell people to listen to their bodies and follow what it wants to do when we train, we gotta remind them to do the same with their hearts in their everyday life. Listen to your heart and follow what it wants to do...you'll live a richer, happier, fuller life.

    Hope to meet up soon my brother...

    Blessings and stay Plant Strong!


  2. well put my brother:) well that is why we do what we do:) so we can be that light for them to follow perhaps??:) someones got to lead the way...correct:)
    yes, hope to see you soon my friend and i'm staying plant strong! hope you're doing great too my friend!!


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