Week of Workouts, TIP OF THE DAY!

1997 picture of when i first invented the Power Jumper:)
The above picture is from maybe august / sept of 1997, right after moving back to madison from LA. Soon after getting back and having Roger fix my left knee i said i'm dunking again and i'm gonna make a tool and program that makes the best vertical jump increases out there....and i did!!!:) This first model used a wall bracket that the cable ran thru up to the belt around my waist. Actually made the wall mounted version first, then the portable version which is the one i stuck with and is still the best out there today:)
Funny thing is in looking at the picture it's after i had completely said i'm done with the fitness industry and how fake it was....so in doing so i also said i'm just gonna chill completely on training for awhile and just do yoga....lost a bit of weight but that's cool:) haha
TRAINING TIP OF THE WEEK: Aside from taking some time off, practicing more yoga, eating cleaner and sleeping more.....i have one big tip for everyone......ENJOY every single workout!
How the heck do you do this? By training movements/exercises you love, training with friends, having clear goals that you are working towards every day, every workout.
  • Planning your workouts does this alot of the time! 
  • Setting goals for each workout and attaining them every workout does this alot of the time!
  • Challenging yourself and your friends in each workout does this alot of the time!
  • Feeling great when your resting and sleeping!
These all sound simple enough, it just takes a bit of planning.....
Find out where you stand first, then set your goals, then MAP it, then DO it!!!....that is what i do my best to do on a regular basis....yeah sure it gets challenging traveling sometimes but i still do my best to have fun wherever i go and do my training. That's the beauty of bodyweight training...can do it anywhere!!:) hahaha
This whole week i've notched down my training alot..the week was easy, focusing on two moves each day, focusing on simple and strong, still doing my jump training too. But this week put a big focus on technique and having fun:) My goal each day was to leave the gym happy:) and i did that:) haha
So whatever you thing is: bodyweight, kettlebells, sandbags, olympic lifts, mountain biking, breakdancing, capoeira, bjj, whatever....PLAY, FUN are keys i feel...those give us love for the movements, but having some goals....THAT notches things up and gives you that extra drive....AND GIVES YOU that extra happiness when goals are achieved!
So keep it real, keep it fun, stay challenged, set goals and smile!!:)
Making it fun makes you successful and vice versa as long as it's stuff you love:)
Peace my friends!


  1. Excellent post mate.

    Training is really that simple- challenge yourself and your friends and have fun doing it. Its only been in recent times that I have understood this properly,not taken things too seriously, and had the best workouts of my life.

    Your recent posts have all contained some profound wisdom mate, I hope that book of yours is still on the cards??

  2. thanks mate:) now that NATO is over i'm planning my trips and one is to nyc to meet with a book ghost writer...so hope he likes it enough to work on it with me:) glad you like the posts, doing my best to make a better blog all the time:) see you soon my friend!


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