Week 8 of my training, 36k's lever and TIPS!!!!!:)

Doing 36k's Kettlebell Lever holds....
Want to do this? YOU CAN:) if you've never tried this it's a kettlebell lever.
Many ways to get your body ready for this movement so HERE'S MY TIPS FOR YOU!!: 
  • Laying on your back with your hands overhead.
  • Then bring your hands and legs together directly over the shoulders.
  • Then take both back out til both touch the ground at the same time.
  • Get use to this move, then add in some kettlebells, start light:)
  • When you can work your way up to half your bodyweight then it's time to try the hold! 
  • Then as you're lowering towards the floor you counter balance the kb's opposite the legs, as you also work to get the body into a straight line. 
  • You continue to lower straight body and kb's (straight arms) to the floor until both lightly touch the floor then pull them back up touching kb's to straight legs/knees and repeat for reps OR hold in the lever position as seen above for 5-10 counts as low as possible.
  • It takes time, do the above routine for 3-4 sets of 10 two to three times a week.
  • WHY DO THIS? It's a great way to strengthen the upper body AND core at the same time! This movement helps with pullups, holding a bar lever and lots more!!
What is your favorite Martial Artist and why....Old and New?
Mine has got to be a Bruce Lee....his effect still today is incredible. What i learned from him was discipline, focus, to think and live outside the box, to use only what works for you! All points he was amazing! His philosophy on life applied to everything as well! I actually watched enter the dragon on the University of Wisconsin campus when i was about 9 years old right before he died. From that time til now i read everything i can on him and still love to re-read all of his books...his statement of "Be like Water" is still so simple and so strong:) Love those two words simple and strong!!:)
New Martial Artist....Real Life it's Rickson Gracie! I got to train with him for 2 years and he was big time like water!! Sometimes flowing sometimes crashing:) never resisting but always flowing! Another new one but on the silver screen is Tony Jaa (Ong Bak)....his Muay Thai was incredible! The old style was very fun to watch mixed in with Parkour! Amazing!!:)

TRAINING FOR THIS WEEK: May 7, 2012, Monday
  • Resisted Pullups with c-bands: R3s/3/0 x for 50 total, 25 with 2 pinks, 15 with 1, 5 with 0
  • THEN DID: mix pull grip to release 8 sets x 6
  • L seat to handstand press up on parallel bars + 70 for 5 sets of 2, THEN DID 40lb x 2, 2, missed barely +0
  • Buyout with Jeremy 1-10-1 THIS WAS OFF THE HOOK!!!!
  • Dips and Body rows DID BOTH IN STRAIGHT SETS BUT HAD TO DROP TO FLOOR AFTER REPS 6 on dips and 5 on rows. 
Tuesday May 8, 2012
Double cleans: 4 x 8 x 44s
Did some vertical jumps to the rim afterward and knee was feeling okay so i'm gonna keep doing the lighter versions of jumping for a few more weeks with the cleans or snatches along with EY of course!:)
Back domes press up: 28s x 6, 32x4, 36x2
KB levers with hip lift:  4 x 3+5 sec hold low as poss x 24s x5, 3x28s, 3 x 32s, hold 36s x 5 count
Simple and strong workout!

WEDNESDAY May 9, 2012
Tired so i rested

Thursday April 27, 2012
  Did a whole bunch of variety of push ups and chin ups, handstand holds, flagpoles and more fun!

Friday April 13, 20 2012
Rested and just did fun skill stuff:)
Saturday, May 12, 2012
Week 8; building houses:)
20 sets of 6 strict deep Dips + v
20 sets of 5 pullups + v
Simple & Strong and felt great!!! 3.9*

This week actually kicked my butt, the first few days i was ready to train and had a little too much fun i think and whew it hit me come wednesday...so i realized it and backed off and chilled a bit and came back pretty good today with a simple and strong workout. LOVE doing workouts like this, hard, challenging and strict:) THEN i was happy that i listened to my body after i was done with these two as instead of doing anything else....i thought, i feel great right now...i'm done! And as the day's gone on i've felt really good and plan on doing more good training and leave feeling great!!:)
THAT IS A GREAT TIP AS WELL FOR EVERYONE....LEAVE YOUR WORKOUT FEELING GREAT! Now sometimes that might be a WHEW that workout kicked my ass type of feeling and that's cool too BUT it should never be to the point where you can barely get up or feel you're barely able to stand a hour later:) haha

Hope you're all doing great! Have a great weekend and have lots of laughs and smiles:)

The MBG creed: Evolve play skills, do Eischens Yoga, eat strong plants...smile & laugh:)


  1. Are you still after the BarBarian Requierements? Whats the goal of the actual training?

  2. hey kikola, yes i'm still working towards them...they are 5 exercises done in straight sets with proper form in under 6 minutes: 5 muscle ups (without big kip:), 45 push ups, 25 pullups, 35 dips, 5 muscle ups. the pullups / muscle ups have been my biggest challenge but i feel i'm improving enough to still get this achievement this summer:) I HOPE:) haha the pushing part i've got down...so we'll see. you going to go for it?

    1. What shoes do you recommend? I saw u once with sopme kinda slippers? I mean, I dont dig those VFF -Look for everyday life

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. hey kikolu, if you follow our mbg site we've been training barefoot for the last 12+ years...that's my favorite...after that the least amount of shoe possible....usually racing flats work great! VFF's are cool, but i like barefoot more:)


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