So how do you progress to eating, drinking, being stronger?

SIMPLE & STRONG: greens, sweet potato, avocado and some seeds on top:)
When people want to LOSE FAT, GAIN MUSCLE AND BECOME PLANT BASED it brings up one common question more than any others...what do i eat? You see there's alot of levels and results people may get when changing to plant based. Instead of going back in time and talking about the hippies or frail looking veggie look....i want people to talk about the strong looking plant based look!
So what i want to do for you guys today is to go thru some sample meals and choices you can have that can help you make stronger and stronger food choices....choices that make you LEANER AND STRONGER!
The Monkey Bar Gym Greener & Leaner approach:) SIMPLE & STRONG!
So here's what seems pretty common approach for 3 levels of nutrition that result in;

coffee, milk, sugar               coffee, soy milk, sugar                  cold pressed coffee, rice milk, stevia
oats, milk, fruit, whey         cereal, soy milk                             spinach, mixed veggies, beans, seeds
whey protein bar                 chips, soda                                    raw bar (dales, vega, organic food bar)
chicken sandwich, salad     pasta, bread, salad maybe:)           kale, banana, rice milk, vega smoothie
whey bar, fruit                     donut                                            strawberries
rice, steak, broccoli             rice, tofu, broccoli                         kale, sweet potato, avocado, seeds
whey bar                             rice dream ice cream                     vega protein, rice milk
 RESULTS:                          RESULTS:                                  RESULTS:  
tons of protein                     low in protein                                perfect amount of protein
high acid intake                  acidic as well (processed foods)    high alkaline intake = healthier person
medium nutrients                low nutrient intake                        high nutrient intake = healthier person
adds muscle                        loses muscle                                  maintains or gains muscle
maintains or loses fat         gains fat                                         loses fat
increases toxics alot!          increases toxins                             eliminates toxins from body/mind
SHORT: Looks Strong       SHORT: looks weak, fat                SHORT: Looks Strong & healthy
LONG: Pain, Sickness       LONG: Pain, Sickness                   LONG: Strong, Healthy, Vibrant

SIMPLE & STRONG daily choices make the difference!
The way we look and feel is about 90% what we eat!
You might ask how do i know the JOE FITNESS results are true? Because i was Joe Fitness, i lived in that world for nearly 22 years as a fitness trainer, i saw every gimic and hyped nutrition plan and supplement and know the results of it's all attempts to make a buck! It's all crap. Their is no hidden agenda here my friends, the plant based nutrition plan above is free! It's simply to help you and or your friends and family to become healthier and happier!
MY QUESTION FOR YOU TODAY: Do you know someone that can benefit from eating plant based? NEXT QUESTION: so what are you gonna do about it?
You may not think you can make a difference my friends but you do! You may think it's like throwing a pebble in the ocean...BUT WE'RE ALL THROWING PEBBLES IN THE OCEAN NOW MY FRIEND AND WE ALL ARE MAKING A HUGE DIFFERENCE....TOGETHER WE MAKE A BOULDER AND A BIG SPLASH....SOON A TSUNAMI!!!:) 
So do it, change the world!!:)
hope so my friends,



  1. Jon,
    This is so true. As a fitness professional for over 20+ years I have seen every possible fad diet come and go at least once. I have often told my clients that they did not fail the diets FAILED them, because they were not designed correctly nor based upon what we can sustain as a lifestyle. That is why they are called DIE-IT's. What is great about your lifestyle is A. You actually LIVE it B. it is sustainable for Body and for Planet.
    Keep speaking the truth brother.

  2. Nice! I was vegan about 10 years ago, was doing triathlon and felt strong and energetic, but then became blinded and conditioned by certain media and their non-health related agendas (Body for Life, Mercola being two), and started eating tuna/turkey etc again. No connection as to why I was starting to get joint pain in my hands, or why I didn't have as much energy as before.

    Since doing MBG CNT in 2010 (was it really that long ago?), I've changed things around once more - now meat free, and once again feeling really strong and energetic (eg. earlier this year, at 47, did 209 KB snatches in 10 mins - been waiting a long while to break that 200 mark!).

    Still trying to get away from just having porridge (US trans: oatmeal!)for breakie - it's just a habit..

    Any chance of a MBG Plant Strong book (or even a pdf download) coming out soon? Would love to have a set of meals/recipes to follow with preperation/quantity details etc included.

    Cheers, Jon. Your messages are always an inspiration.

    Colin (South Oz)

  3. I was vegan for over 8 months and my entire life changed. Then the holidays hit last year and I fell of the wagon. Gained weight and became increasingly sick. I am back now and have seen great results.

    I do have an open question. How do you or anyone you know feel about Blood-type diets? I am A Positive and that blood-type recommends a vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian diet. I knew something was wrong when I went another route!

    Thank you for your time!

    Jeff Thacker

  4. :) hey jeff, plant based is best....but YOU know best when you're feeling cant lie to yourself:)

  5. COLIN - hey colin, very good to hear! as far as a book:) man we've been wanting to do that for a bit now....been organizing a great team though now and so feel you WILL see a mbg plant based or plant strong nutrition plan e-book soon okay!!:)
    great to hear from you mate' keep strong and hopefully we'll see you soon...coming to the darwin course in july?

  6. Thank you for the response and encouragement! I'll let you know how pairing a blood-type diet with being vegan goes in the coming months. This should be interesting...

    I now have several friends and family (that was tough) becoming acclimated to a PBD. The challenge for them is meal plans / recipes. I will let them know of your blog.

    Thanks again and keep plant-strong!

  7. I'm scared to death of not getting enough proteins. Starting to look and feel frail. I am planning on keeping up with the vegan thing but adding eggs for the essential acids until I can figure out how to squeeze them out of a completely plant based diet. Currently eating raw broccoli, radishes, cauliflower, corn, and sun flower sprouts with almonds, beans, avocados, and whole grains, and of course fruit. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!


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