NATO, restoration and MY TIP OF THE WEEK!!!!

In the Cradle of Justice OR in-justice?
This has been a crazy week for us here at MBG Chicago, the NATO summit is happening 1/2 block away, we're literally at ground zero of a place that is to have world dignitaries AND world revolutionist coming into ONE ARENA....McCormick Place. The process has been eye opening....our landlord refuses to help us board up the's getting down to crunch time too. They're closing the city down big time....250,000 people expected to be protesting! I understand why people are upset with the higher ups coming into town to meet and discuss various topics...i get it. What i do not understand and have never understood is why the need to break windows and businesses that have nothing to do with the event! I was in LA during the Rodney King riots...insane....completely! I saw Seattle...also insane....but why? Why the need to hurt others that have nothing to do with what you are upset about? You have an issue come and talk to me, puff up, whatever, get it off your chest! Just dont be a punk and go around messing up others businesses, homes or lifes work just because you're mad at someone else. IF so who's the one being full of IN-JUSTICE?? Protest, be strong and do what you can to make change for the better...but do not attempt to use an opportunity like this as your way to vent and eventually make others pay for your a man, speak the truth, do your best and support people and planet in a positive manner....THAT IS MY PEACE!!
    On this note i will do my best to keep folks up to date with videos and or pictures of this event. I'll be watching my gym amap as well:)
On recovery week and restoration...this week has been great! We're training daily still, using each day to practice simple skills ranging from running, jumping, climbing, crawling techniques all mixed together in a light manner to not over-do our bodies and minds and allow for recovery....AND IT'S WORKING!! If you're following us, training with us, at the end of the week we're then BEGINNING MONDAY starting up a brand new MBG training cycle with all new workouts, combinations and exercises....and by chilling and playing this week we'll all be ready to charge full steam ahead on monday!! So a fun manner for 30-60 minutes each day and then get ready to start strong on monday with us okay!!!
ME? Well been really focusing on the simple and strong skill training daily....the light R&R stuff and then the strong Eischens Yoga it! Even during this week if you're 1 pose for 1 minute and you'll feel better my friend!! I promise:)
OR try this for your TIP OF THE WEEK: 
Intentionally do the beginner sequence one breath in and one breath out for each pose....the sequence will take about 3-4 minutes....and you know what? You'll feel great!
Be well my brothers and sisters:)


  1. Hey Jon, good luck! Maybe you should post a lot of LCCT banners, pics etc., along with other badass shots. Might deter the bad seeds from messing with ya! ;)



  2. Jonny I would love to feature you and interview you about plant strong nutrition training and athletics as part of a upcoming blog and vegan fitness project

  3. BRAD - thanks brah:) i'll be here!!:)
    RAW Z - for sure my friend, e-mail me at and lets talk for sure!

  4. Jonny good luck out there, and good luck to the MBG. I really hope no one does anything stupid. What a great post though! Everything you said was spot on. Hopefully everyone can stay civil and respect one another no matter how heated things get!

    On an unrelated note, one of my favorite things to do was to go through the old workout pages on your MBG website and watch videos on the old workouts and then go workout, but now those videos are all private. Are you guys going to bring them back? As weird as it sounds, I miss watching them! Haha

  5. CHRIS - so far so good here:) thanks for your support too! on the videos we're making a brand new site that will have all our videos available for our online members so look to have it up soon! glad you like em and yes they're fun to go back and watch and do occasionally!
    stay strong my friend!

  6. Will do and thanks for getting back to me, glad to hear everythings okay so far! I'm really looking forward to the new site, when is it going to go up?!

    1. very soon! working hard on it now and it's looking very sharp:) so i'll just say soon for now:)


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