My top 5 Plant Strong meals for a leaner, stronger U!

With just a little prep work this is a Power Plant meal!!:)
Since becoming 100% plant based in 2003 the road to refining what i eat has been one full of constant discovery and challenge. Discovery in what works and what doesnt, Challenge in finding plants that make me feel stronger, leaner and healthier on a daily basis. You see back in 2003 the only book i knew of really was "The China Study", that was the one that kicked it off for me, changed my life! Besides the great amount of overwhelming studies the CS was not a how too that left me to seek and discover on my own...with a little help from my friends:) Since that time i've come across times when i felt like i'm getting it, then sometimes when i felt like a white belt:) TODAY is different, much more dialed into what makes myself and others feel strong, get leaner and more athletic....THIS is the goal for mmmmm almost everyone:) So this is the topic for today...if i'm to funnel my best, strongest, lean making, muscle building, energizing giving meals i've ever had ...
Drink - fresh if possible coconut water and green drink: for this drink get fresh as that's best, if not i like Blue Monkey alot for canned with a new green drink called Rezealiant Living Barley Grass. Tastes amazing with the hook with coconut water!
After workout smoothie - baby spinach, frozen berries or mango, plant protein of choice (i like vega's new sports protein powder...vanilla! Sometimes also use Source of Life Energy Shake:), sunflower seeds or raw almonds!
Breakfast - soaked oats OR cooked bulgar, blueberries, strawberries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, vanilla vega, rice or almond milk
Lunch - collard greens, mung beans (this is awesome....simple and STRONG!!)
Dinner - kale, black beans, onions, corn, tomatoes, sweet potatoes in a bell pepper + salad (above)

Honorable Mention:
  1. kale, tomato, mushrooms, corn, pumpkin seeds, carrots, beets, beans (whole foods lunch)
  2. kale, cous cous, raw nuts, sunflower seeds, beans, mushrooms, corn, peas
  3. sprouted toast, honey, raw cashew or sunflower butter, smashed banana on top
  4. kale, cous cous, almonds, beans, cabbage, corn, peas, sunflower seeds
  5. Spinach salad, sprouts, carrots, sweet potatoes, veggie wrap
  6. sprouted bread, organic peanut butter, honey 
What meals, smoothies or snacks that are plant based make you feel leaner & stronger? Plant based by the way is 90% or more of your food intake is made up of plants....BUT if you do choose animal or processed products in that 10% do your best to make them wisely. Organic, Non factory farmed, humanely as possible conditions, local if possible, no pesticides used.
One or two is great! 5 is awesome!!! So tell me what makes you feel leaner & stronger!!:)
Peace my friends,


  1. My fans coming soon but first, a question on the green drink. Do you mix a store-bought drink with water or CoCo water, or are you using powdered greens? Thanks!

  2. Currently:
    - Vital Greens green drink (powder and water)
    - Oatmeal, rice milk, pea protein powder, honey to sweeten
    - Choc Almond smoothie - cacao, pea protein, flaxseed meal, banana, flaked almonds, dates
    - Rice bread, tahini paste, lentils, greens
    - Spinach smoothie - frozen spinach, blueberries and banana, flaxseed oil, rice millk, water

    Have the same each day, 6 days a week. Keeps the digestion efficient and the energy high!

  3. BRAD - powdered greens and canned coconut water is easiest to make:) not freshest:) but better than not:) haha
    COLIN - on point meals my friend:) .... what you say at the end is the best part....good digestion and high energy!!....that's the best:)
    like the choc almond smoothie! got to try that:)
    thanks guys!

  4. Jon, what kind of powdered greens do you recommend? Is there a particular brand?

    Also, I love seeing the pictures of all the food you make, it looks fantastic! My question is, do you use any seasonings or dressings on your greens and veggies? Thanks!


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