Handstand Walking the entire Capital Steps! PLUS some Eischens Yoga tips to help handstands!

Handstand walking the entire capital steps at 215lbs:) Walking on your hands is a skill for sure but if you work daily towards aligning yourself properly AND following the basics on technique you will get it in short time...then with continued practice you can try fun stuff like the above video:)
In this weeks Eischens Yoga classes we've focused on partner feedback as always but this weeks been alot different than usual in that we did only 3-4 poses for the entire hour. Tonight after a quick beginner sequence we jumped right into handstands, elbow stands, head stands and then some back domes.
It was great as by progressing tonights class in each all students achieved a perfect handstand via a kick up and a few had never ever done a handstand before!!! That is priceless! Especially when they have had lots of shoulder, neck, back pains previous.
Well first worked over the last few months on just getting them strong and stable in all the basic EY poses with feedback...this accelerated the improvement they made and thus improved their alignment each week. So what i saw is all students have shoulders placed properly down the back and THUS be able to stack their arms much better while in handstand.
Well it's like stacking a bunch of chips...if ones out of alignment then another must be in order to stay upright. So our bodies are the exact same...usually tight hips, shoulders, neck all play a big role in NOT allowing folks to do handstands easily....some guys might do them and arch alot, look at the ground and then oddly have back pain:) haha This is the result of the tight sections of their body and you do not want to do handstands this way.....you want to be stacked properly.
as vertical a line as possible from heel of the hands to the heels of the feet.
Eischens Yoga done regularily does just this...EY sets the body in better and better position each and every time you do it...especially with partner feedback. Since we've been working it the results spoke for themselves tonight and all got handstands PERFECT!!
It was really exciting...SO WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO?
Practice the proper steps on how to get a handstand:) Yes i do have a DVD just for this:)
Go here to pick it up: http://tmbjh.onhru.servertrust.com/pushingdvd-p/9-mbg-1.htm
Next support it on a regular basis by doing Eischens Yoga....and put the handstand (at your level into the mix each day:
Toes to the wall first from dvd >>>> Then do the kick ups from dvd >>> then practice the hold ALL WITH BEING ENGAGED EISCHENS YOGA STYLE!!:)
Am i tripping or are kids alot softer today? And for any of you that have been in a foreign country....why is it that their kids are so much tougher?
We discussed this after class the other night and had some really interesting answers i'll post when i get 10 or more comments from you guys:) I"m betting their similar but lets see:) haha

This is the key my friends! Practice Practice Practice and you'll get it:)
Good Luck my friends!


  1. Yeh Baby!! Thats the exact video that set me on the MBG path and turned my life around.

    You need to archive this clip forever JH!

    Kids today ....pfft, too many rights, not enough respect for their peers, no work ethic and never have to do the hard yards to get what they want! (generally)

    The scary thing is these are our next generation of leaders!!!

  2. :) true that big time! it's funny i heard adults say that when i was a kid....they got to be worse though...look at how great we turned out!!:) hahaha
    yeah thats a keeper too on the video:)
    thanks mate'


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