Creating your own Restoration / Eischens Yoga practice

Today's Blog is ALL about creating your own practice of re-balancing yourself. This can come in the form of doing our Eischens Yoga, doing indian clubs, range of motion swinging of the body in different planes, doing the brazilian jiu-jitsu warm up....really anything that makes you feel good, loose, opened up and balanced.
The above video is one i took while Jessie and i were driving to colorado to stay a bit in the mountains, do some hiking and biking and re-connecting to nature. So on the way we'd stop on the hour every hour to do something to re-awaken our bodies and minds....basically to re-invigorate! We called it the "Road Warrior workouts" and it was a blast! But during this time it's not all just doing hard exercises, sometimes we'd mix it up and do a restoration type of movement like the down dog / up dog movement that i'm doing here at a gas station somewhere between wisconsin and colorado:) This is a perfect example of a re-balancing movement that opens up the hips and shoulders and engages the entire body and really gets the blood flowing as'll feel great after doing just 20 of these!
       So how do you go about finding your own practice? By listening to what makes you feel good and what you like doing too. SO begin by trying many different types of restoration types of movements. Do the Eischens Yoga beginner sequence and maybe that will be the whole answer for you as it hits the whole body, it's short, you feel great afterwards and are re-freshed...and that's the goal right! Or maybe you're feeling 1 or 2 poses you get or really like right now but not getting the rest of the beginner sequence....well just take those two and put them into YOUR practice. Next try some other tools or movements that make you feel good:
  1. The Tibetan 5 rituals - google these, they're very cool....maybe start at 8 reps of each of the 5!
  2. Indian Clubs - get a dvd, learn the basics, find 4 moves you like then repeat them for about 30 seconds of each drill and that's it each day!!
  3. Chest Expander - get this on our mbg doing straight arm circles around body x 10s and slowly adding a rep or two each week. Once you get to 20s each way your shoulders feel great and then you're ready to move up in challenge (heavier cable or go to 2 or 3 cables!)
  4. Foam roller - another simple tool, do about 10 reps on those super tight points on the hips, IT bands, thighs, low back:) keeping it simple here is important too.
  5. Rolling on the floor (bjj style) - simply roll forward/backwards and all over...feels amazing and requires little to no effort actually!
  6. The MBG class warm ups done at 50% - if you've never been to the MBG then you might not understand this but our warm ups include all basic movement skills; running, carioca, lunging, crawling, rolling, cartwheels x about 8-15 minutes.
  7. Meditation and breath work - at the end of every Eischens Yoga class we do 5 minutes of breath work....simply lay down, completely relax and focus on breath in and out. In thru the nose, out thru the mouth and just work to make slower and smoother working your way up to 10:5 counts (10 in and out : 5 holds between in/out breaths)
MY SUGGESTION: Do the Eischens Yoga sequence, try all of the above, see what you like and what you dont, see what makes you feel great and keep all of those and then make them into a simple routine you do daily. Maybe you do it first thing out of bed or sometime before going to work, maybe you do it before your workout. In either case keep it simple and i suggest NOT making it last more than 10-15 minutes max, as sometimes when we get going too long on these then they become our workout and that is not the case here:) Bruce Lee actually has a wonderful 3 minute routine that makes you feel great! Check it out in his book the Warrior Within (
These are all great examples of simple things we can all do to bring peace and balance to our bodies and minds....and the great thing about it is you can make it fit your needs.
THE KEY TO SUCCESS is doing it on a regular basis! Daily, rain or shine, 10-15 minutes thats it!!:)
Tell me how you like todays blog and do me this favor....if my blog helps you or you think it can help another please share it with them. My goal in life is to help bring health and happiness to millions of people around the world and make the fitness world one of true health...and that means happiness too!
Peace my friends!


  1. Great information Jon! I appreciate the tip on the Tibetan 5 Rituals too. Gonna get much more regular about doing this, even when I'm short on time. The benefits are too good. Busted out my Indian clubs this morning for the first time in awhile. Really opens-up the shoulders, releases tension in the arms, wrists, etc. Good stuff!

  2. Hey Jon! Always a great post! I bought your Eischens Yoga DVD three weeks ago. First I did the beginner seq. before my workout. Since monday i entered the 30 day EY challenge. It feels so great that the backdome gets better and better. I did my last backodome in pe class. After a lot of sitting at work, it really opens-up my body.
    I hope to see in Germany. Greetings Kevin


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