5 Keys & Combo's to a Balanced Core Workout and FUN question of the day:)

5 Keys & Combos to a Balanced Core Workout
Within each workout you begin with a GOAL for that workout....or at least you might want to:) This goal might be a sweat, building strength, feeling more aligned or balanced or simply feeling more at peace. Some of the above goals might be for a strength workout, others might be a yoga class. What i'm talking about here is creating a balanced approach to a core part of your workout so that you leave the workout feeling balanced and aligned. THIS is important for long term success in training i feel as the more aligned you are the better you feel, move and the less likely you are for injury.
With each of the points below understand that alignment is key on each....use your Eischens Yoga knowledge on proper alignment on every exercise and you'll be good to go!

5 Keys & Combinations to creating a Balanced Core Workout:
  1. Always perform an extension type of movement to balance the flexion usually done as the only Core Exercise. 
    1. For simplicity we'll say flexion (frontside of core), extension (backside) BUT PLEASE UNDERSTAND if performing many of these movements both can be done in unison:) as you'll see:)
  2. A perfect example & combo is using the Power Wheel....the PW Crawl is a great core exercise, the best single core exercise you can do....so what's a nice alternate? 
    1. The Power Wheel leg curl! Why is this considered a core exercise? Because the core is the middle of the body, it's what stabilizes the whole in all movements. BUT for some reason .... probably because people always look at their abs...people only work the frontside of the core:) this is funny, well the core is the whole...it's not just the front or the back or the sides...its the whole wrap around the hips, the waist, the spine and shoulders as well as neck. BUT traditionally it's looked at as simply the abs:)
  3. One of my favorite and extremely simple combo is again with the power wheel....it's the power wheel rollout with heels supported to engage the hamstrings...this helps to keep the hips square.
  4. Hanging leg raises and Back Domes....what i love about this exercise is extreme flexion countered with extreme extension....beautiful combination of movements and both can be made harder as well which gives great progression. WHAT I REALLY LOVE ABOUT THIS...is that you are getting maximum full extension with the arms as well so getting full extension from feet to hands!! GREAT!!
  5. Kettlebell levers and kettlebell swings....again same as number 4 but with kb's:) What i like about this is again it gives lots of room for growth as you can always add more weight.
FUN QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Looking back in time, whats the most embarrassing outfit you ever wore? I'll start:) haha In the 80's while break dancing me and my brother greg both wore kung fu pants and tops with kung fu shoes while bboying....along with this i had the 3 lines on each side and a 5" rat tail dyed blond!!!:) hahahaha....worst of all i thought i was the coolest bboy anywhere!!:) haha
Now what's yours??:)
Peace my friends!


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