4 steps to creating a EIschens Yoga practice at home!!

Finding a quiet place to practice yoga is important!
1) Place - this is very important to find a place that makes you feel comfortable thru being quiet, is it spacious enough, will this space have no interruptions, do you need walls or not...all points are important! Finding this place is most important to develop a healthy and long term yoga practice.
For example: in fall, winter, spring i like to take or teach our Eischens Yoga classes 3 days a week at Monkey Bar Gym Chicago and then on non class days i do the beginner sequence or a series of back dome enhancing poses in my spare room. During the summer i use my back deck often times but since it has not walls and railings it's limited to some warrior poses and some prone / supine poses as well which is cool:)
2) Time and making time - next in line is finding a time that works for you everyday. That is why taking classes works so well, for many yoga is easier to do when someone else leads you....privates, classes or even dvds all can do just this. With the first 2 times are always set, watching a dvd at home....mmm...this is where you can run into problems....because we'll reschedule that yoga session and next thing we know it's late in the day and 1 day turns to 2 to 1 week etc...you get the picture.
SO SET A TIME and stick to it as best as you can. Classes and privates are best, next is watching a dvd at a set time daily, then once that is known then it's simply doing your practice daily at the same time everyday rain or shine!
For example: again this depends on time of year as i'm not a fan of the first thing out of bed do yoga:) haha, especially in winter. So my time available is mid morning before i go and train OR later in the evening when i take or teach class before dinner.
3) Props - mat, blocks, belt and even the wall all have great value in your yoga practice so i recommend having each. Next are some tools that can be solid substitutions in a fix:
instead of a mat any flooring is fine as long as you can grip the floor well with feet and hands and even better if it's comfortable to lay on.....never tried them but the hand and footwear grippies seem pretty cool as one thing that bugs you is feet or hands sliding when doing back dome!!:)
instead of blocks use some big books, a football or even a foam roller all can work fine!
instead of belt use your own belt you use to hold your pants up! YES this actually works great for most poses:) haha
instead of a wall use a tree, a car or just practice without a wall and develop your handstands, elbow stands, head stands to a higher level. I did this by saying i want to be able to do all 3 without a wall as a crutch and so decided to do each pose for 3 attempts, holding each one as long as possible every single day(....granted i know how to rollout or cartwheel out of poses if losing balance).  IT WORKED GREAT!! Within 2 weeks i was holding each pose until fatigue not loss in balance ended the pose!
4) Knowing the value of your practice; mentally, physically and spiritually your yoga practice will bring much more happiness and peace to your life!
Mentally doing your practice daily develops strength of will and character!
Mentally your practice will develop a calmer more peaceful mind which all need today!
Physically doing your practice daily develops greater stability, mobility throughout your entire body and having greater sta/mobility gives a base to which greater strength & power CAN be developed. Simply put, the more you are out of alignment the weaker you will be, the greater alignment and balance the greater chance of reaching higher levels of performance!!
Spiritually your practice connects you to being in the moment, to be focused in the moment without thinking of past or future to me is connecting with our soul, spirit (whatever you want to call it). To me being spiritual is being in the moment, that is being fully connected to who we are....it happens in sports, yoga, at play with animals, kids and others as well as sitting in temples of all types.
The more we are connected to the moment, our gut, our spirit, our soul, the more i feel we are doing what is most important to us....and thus the world:)

Have fun creating your own Yoga Practice!!
Peace my friends!


  1. Jon, Just wanted to let you know I am loving the new blog format where you give each of the MBG3 it's own separate post. Keep them coming! I've really loved incorporating EY into my warmup, but now I'm starting to incorporate it into my cool down as well and it just feels awesome! Thanks for all the tips :)

  2. CHRIS - thanks alot man:) appreciate it! keep in touch and keep up the good work okay:)


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