Inverted Traveling rings feat!! This weeks results! Tip of the week & HOW TO MBG!!!!

Here's the last half of an amazing feat! Rohan (member at MBG Chicago) does the traveling rings...INVERTED!!! this is crazy hard and the fact that he's 6'8" doesnt make it alot easier either!!:)
Wednesday thru Fridays workouts.....all improved upon from last week!! Feeling good, eating is on point, sleeping is getting better too:)
April 4,2012 WEDNESDAY - J Rock
  1. Free box HSPUs Asst 70,110,150 x t3,2,2 / 1, 1, 3 (got this hooked up so feet dont touch wall and it's super hard but i'm getting better each week! I'll note if i did not touch the wall at all if i put ALL w/NO WALL (ANW)
  2. Assist MUs 160 (2 greens) -17 vest, 160, 200  x  4,3,6 / 2, 2, 8
    1. Next two: 15/15 x 5 each....this was awesome!!! Love my 15/15:)
  3. Pushups x 10 = 100 (all sets of 10)
  4. PW rollouts x 7 = 70 (all sets of 7)

Thursday  April 5, 2012 - Legs and core (strict no strain)
  1. 18" stepups L/R x 12s+60, 11s+80, 6s+140, 6s+160,  4s+220 GREAT! (used the Power Jumper here and simply started with 1 green, then 1 green + 1 red, then 2 gr + 1 red)
  2. Back domes x 30 sec:+16s, 24s, 36s, 44s missed 2 times (i'm gonna get this in the next 2 weeks!)
  3. KB levers with hip lift: 16s x 12, 24s x 8,  10 sec lever hold x 36s x.  sets, 44s x 2 count hold
  4. 44s DL x amap x 30 (this actually felt very easy so i'll add more next week)
Good workout 3.6*

April 06, 2012 Friday amap same rep sets btwn 3-8 at 8 for 4 sets move up in challenge
  1. Assited Muscle Ups 2 green power jumper cables with feet together:
    1. Last weeks numbers - 8,8, 8,7
    2. Today 9, 9, 8, 8 almost!!:) good improvement! (+3)
  2. Free boxes hspu + 70;
    1. Last weeks numbers - 2,1/,2,1,/3/3, 1,1.
      Today 3anw, 3anw, 3anw, 3 nw!! (all straight sets of 3 and barely any wall touches!!)
  3. Pushups + 36k x
    Last w 36 x 6,6,6,6
    Today  w 40 x 6,6,6,6 (good improvement up 4kg's and same reps!)
  4. Pullups + 20lb D x
    Last 3,3,3,3
    Today 5, 5, 5, 5 (good improvement up 8 reps!!)
    Plant Strong Eating is still on point...basically eating the same with only some variances and feeling really good!
    Eischens Yoga is doing really well....taught 3 hour classes this week so did alot more than usual and it really paid off as my body feels alot better despite training alot more this week due to now training BJJ 3 x this last week.
     TIP OF THE WEEK:  when doing all standing poses, this week place your hands into fists and put them on your lower back. Next while doing any pose make sure the lower back doesnt move away from your fists but into your fists. IF the low back moves away you know your low back is collapsing....if your low back stays engaged into your fists you know you're not collapsed and you have integrity in that least for your back:) Try this on standing mountain, front warriors, lunge, side warriors, side lunge and even warrior 3....i promise it will enhance your EY practice to another level!

    NOW lay out your new levels of training for this week, set new marks and then go out and achieve them.
    NEXT help another to do the same in each class! Before their set, know what they did last week and coach, inspire and cheer them on to beating last weeks numbers!


  1. That looks crazy-hard!!! Good to see a fellow "man of size" getting it done too. :) Not sure I really understand the EY tips though. Hard to visualize how exactly to do this. Do you place your fists into your back once you are in the pose, during transitions as well...? Any clarification would be much appreciated. Loving the recipes you've been posting lately. Keep 'em coming please :)

  2. hey brad, get into the pose, then place back of your fists in your lower back and resist low back into the fists during pose and during transition to next pose too...that's what works so well!
    glad you like the recipes too....jessie's a much better cook but too many ingredients to write down:) haha so i keep it simple so i can master them:) haha


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