How to do a Flagpole in 5 steps! 2 super Plant Strong meals!

Okay, you've probably seen someone do this on a street sign somewhere and wished you could do it:)
Well you can:) and here is 5 steps to help you do the Flagpole:
  1. Lock out the arms: wide enough on a pole either vertical (thumbs in) or horizontal (palms in)
  2. Keeping arms locked, walk feet out about 3 feet from bar
  3. Jump Legs out (bent legs first) following one of the two methods:
    1. Either jump bent legs up higher than parallel as i'm doing in the video and then lower as control allows
    2. Or, jump bent legs up to parallel and try to hold them...this is how i learned 
  4. Do reps of kicking up to parallel and slowly lowering down and THEN kicking up to parallel and holding for as many seconds as possible with knees bent.
  5. Progress to straightening your legs: THIS is the Official Flagpole and done properly and 100% parallel to the floor is challenging BUT doing it at any angle and holding the legs/body off the ground is a GREAT START so keep practicing!!:)
This is how i learned and practiced and after a 2 weeks of not being able to hold it at all (and just kicking up and trying to stop for 5 or so reps) i paused and held it for a second!! Boy this made my day, it's a simple thing yes but it was cool for me and made me keep working harder to be able to hold it longer and longer. Now i can hold it pretty long and getting closer and closer to that perfectly parallel hold too! World Record by and adult is 37 seconds i think....pretty wicked!!!:)

MBG 1 restoration - been doing alot of back domes with belt and kb' this! also been doing my shoulder mobility drills daily as well:)
MBG 2 training - 
March 30, 2012 Friday 4 SETS AMAP same rep sets btwn 3-8 at 8 for 4 sets move up in challenge
  1. AMUs 2g feet together: 8,8, 8,7 done
  2. Free boxes hspu + 70; 2,1/,2,1,/3/3, 1,1.  Done
  3. Pushups + 36k x 6,6,6,6 (super strict deep ROM)
  4. Pullups + 20lb D x 3,3,3,3 (with pause over top of bar, holding d-ball btwn feet)

March 31, 2012 Saturday: 
  1. 1 arm kettlebell snatches...yes, thought i'd do this for a warm up since i havent tried this in maybe 18 months:) just wanted to warm up the legs and see how it felt to go heavy so i did 5 reps at each weight up to 44kg and it felt good and form was still pretty good:) me warmed up:)
  2. 1 legged jumps to rim using C-bands: 8 jumps x R7 / R5 / none x 9'5" / 9'10" / 10'1"
  3. Broad Jumps x Power Jumper R6 5 jumps x 2/1/0 x 36'6"/ 39'9" / 43'2"
2 Plant Strong Meals:
MEAL: Kale lightly sauteed with garlic, black beans (canned is fine, just heat up if you like) and sweet potatoes (425 x 65 minutes, let cool in oven for hours and then they're perfect! i like em best when i can put em in the fridge overnight)
SNACK: half cup of almond milk and 2 scoops of life's basics vanilla, mix til thick and smooth, then drop some almonds and cinnamon on top
These are two very simple to make meals that make you feel good and strong!:)
hope you like em!
peace my friends!


  1. Nce flag! I just got mine the other day! Few inches short of parallel but pretty close ha! One cool thing is I hadn't been really working them much but I've been doing power wheel roll outs and working them heavy to the hips and chest when possible like 4-6 times per week for a few weeks and the next time I tried the flag it came right up! I think the power wheel has helped a lot! Nice post, thanks for the tips!

  2. the power wheel no doubt is awesome for helping you i no doubt!! just doing the power wheel like you are will make your core/body tight and strong like a drum. everybody who recently did the mile in a month club noticed incredible changes in just weeks....crazy tight abs:) haha so glad to hear that worked for you too!! doing full rollouts yet from your feet? that is a tough one and you can assist it using the bxt off the wall OR using a power jumper off a door....both work perfect on the hips for helping get those. tell me how it goes okay:)

  3. Oh boy! Haven't started doing them from my feet, Ill have to start working on those! Thanks for the tips!


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