Up'd this weeks workout numbers! VLOG on wicked Power Wheel workout!!

Here's a great Power Wheel finisher i've been doing lately; 10-2 of power wheel rollouts to chest (off knees), then lifting the knees off the floor and doing push ups chest to power wheel...did it without pausing tonight too which was challenging but man it feels great! Try it you'll like it:) haha

Here's my training and NOTES/TIPS for YOU! on each workout for the WEEK:)

MONDAY April 9,16, 23 2012
4 x amap,  2g  + vest AMUs x
Week 1:    5,5,4,4,4
Week 2:  5,4(-1),4,4,4,3
Week 3:  5,5,6**=16
NOTES/TIPS for YOU! - this assisted or un-assisted muscle up is a very technical exercise and it's easy to cheat it, here i do my best to keep form and not swing away from the bar...if cheating happens a little bit, okay, that's acceptable to a degree, alot, well then my simple rule is slow it down and get it right...in this case either go to less reps but proper form...OR use more assistance to get that proper form!
Pullups to bottom of chest + 140bxt better
Week 2: +140bxt x 8,8,8=24
Week 3: +80bxt x 6,6,5=17** better
NOTES/TIPS for YOU! again same points as above...instead of cheating keep that nice long vertical line and do the best you can not to kip or swing back!
HSPUs off 6"box + 70bxt better
Week 2: 6,6,6=18
Week 3: 7,7,7=21**
NOTES/TIPS for YOU! Here's a perfect example of when to use the bxt to assist you, HSPU's off boxes are challenging and i want to hit more reps to GTG a bit better so use just a bit....BUT by going off 6" boxes it challenges me just right...that way me, you, everybody can be challenge properly!
15/15 x amap minutes up to 5, stop when fatiguing..if completed go up next week in reps or weight
Dips.    x10s x 3.5/4 min = 70,80
B rows x 10s x 3.5/4min=70,80
NOTES/TIPS for YOU! Here is the challenge for the EGO, not your muscles so much...well yes but IF your ego really steps in here you'll cheat and then mess up your numbers...so i always keep rules on these...dont kip the hips and must touch hands to ribs...if not i'm done:)
Great finish!!

TUESDAY April 24, 2012
Dead Sn x 5 x 12s,16s,20s,
3 Sets of 5 x 24s good
VJ red 2/1/0 x 9"6"/9'10"/10'2"
18" box step up + PJ
4 x 8s + 120  GREAT!
Back domes press up 4 x 3 x 28s+10 sec hold at end
KB levers with hip lift:  4 x 3+5 sec hold low as poss x 24s
60s DL x amap x 12 70%
NOTES/TIPS for YOU! on this workout you might notice i'm not doing as much jumping, well that's because i want to slowly get back into it as my left knee gets a little touchy if i do too much too soon it seems SO i'm listening, slowing it down...doing dead snatches and this seems to work great to prep me for actual jumping. FINISHERS: back dome and levers...love these for many reasons....it's always important to keep the fun in the training so make sure you do some fun skill training each workout! The deadlift....just 1 set....this is also sort of a buyout for me and since it's one set and one strong exercise...it's easy:) haha

WEDNESDAY April 18, 25,2012
15/15 x 10 minutes                 AMUs       &   single bar dips to chest
Week 1:               140 x 4, then 9x2 =22   /   Single bar dips x 4s = 40
Week 2:                         4/3/2/2,3/2/=25            /    6/6/5/4/4/=50
Week 3:                         5*/3/3/2/2/=30           /     6/6/6/5/4/=54

Next two: 30" - paralletyes Pushups + vest    /      Pullups + vest
Week 1:                        10 x 6 = 60               /        10 x 3 = 30
Week 2:                   8/7/6/6/6/ =66              /       4/4/3/3/3 = 34
Week 3:                    9/8/7/6/6/=72            /          5/4/4/3/3/=38
NOTES/TIPS for YOU! probably still my favorite workout i've ever made..the MBG 15/15 x 10 minutes!! Low or high reps can do strength, power, or mix em with endurance too...it does it all. IF YOU WANT TO GET IN SHAPE quickly...this is your workouts!!!:)

THURSDAY April 27, 2012
1A) Dead Cl x 5 x 6 reps x 32s
2A) BJ x PJ120: 3 x 8 past 6'6"
3A) Back domes press up 2 x 4 x 28s
3B) KB levers with hip lift:  2 x 5+5 sec
Backdome crawl 1 x 10y lifting h/f
HLR 1 x 10 feet to bar no momentum
68s DL 1 x 8,  85% (300 lbs)
NOTES/TIPS for YOU! Same notes as tuesday...this is great prep and lead in to dunking and it's alot of simple strong training:)

FRIDAY April 13, 20 2012
AMUs 2g 160lbs feet together:
Week 1:  9, 9, 8, 8 almost!!:)
Week 2: 120lbs x 3,3, 3, 2/1
Week 3: 2g x 9,9,9** almost 10!!
Week 4: 2g 4x4 perfect w/block
Free boxes hspu + 70lb bxt, tried not assisted and not close 
Week 1: 3,3,3,anw
Week 2:  3,1 / 2,2 /3,1 /*4anw
Week 3: 4,4,4**
Week 4: 4+70, 1 +0t!,0,0,1=2:)
Pushups Last 
Week 1: 40k x 6,6,6,6
Week 2:  44k x 6,6,6,6! (215x.65bw =140+97=237lb pushup
Week 3: x 8,8,8**
Week 4: x 9, 9
Pullups + resistance
Week 1: 20 D x  Last 5, 5, 5, 5 (235lb pullup)
Week 2: 30 D x 3,3,3,3!!  (215+30=245lb pullup)
Week 3: 30 D x 4,4,4**
Week 4: 24k x 1, 1, 1,(215+53=268lbs)
10-2 pw rollout>pw pushup great!!! with no pauses...next go to weight vest:)
NOTES/TIPS for YOU! a simple and strong workout, improving each week....great thing about this workout is you can go up or down in weight/challenge alot and get a totally different feel while keeping the same exact exercises! another fun point is seeing how much bodyweight wise you're lifting!:) i love that:) So if you're a guy doing push ups...you use 65% of your weight, women you're about 60%. 200lb man = 130lb pressing weight, women 120lbs about. On the pullups it's 100% unless you're using the bxt and power jumper cables...then it's varied quite a bit. but generally if you're using a 80lb R8 lifeline cable set up as i suggested 18" from top of bar and side bars are 5' apart, then at the bottom you're getting about 60lbs of assistance...dropping to less and less as you pull. 
Hope you guys like the NOTES/HELP!!

Whew tough week of training:)
time for bed:)


  1. Wow, awesome pw combo! I'm going to do that for my workout tomorrow! Dig the notes!

  2. hey joseph! glad you like the notes! i'm planning on keeping them:) yeah tell me how you like that one too okay! peace!


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