Eischens Yoga: my story, my kitty giving feedback:)

Here's Boobie giving feedback on my low back as i do wide leg forward flexion:) He's been doing this since he was a baby...loves jumping on my leg, crawling up my leg, then up my back and onto my neck:) haha 
As mentioned i'm splitting up my blog into 3 sections a week. So tonight is Eischens Yoga and restoration / balance / alignment... and like on tuesday night with my start into plant based nutriton, we'll do the same tonight with Eischens Yoga. Way back in about 1990 was my first intro to yoga, my client actor Woody Harrelson tried to get me to do some....of course being young and dumb i didnt listen and just thought it was weird:) little did i know:) Looking back it's so funny how when you're young you think you know everything....oh if i only knew then what i know now:) haha
SO i continued doing what i thought was the only way to train, eat, restore...at that age/time i had no restoration plan beyond working out....the result was extremely tight ankles, hips (and knees), back, shoulders....a mess!!:) So as time went by my range of motion got more and more limited...i was thinking this was just natural with muscle...wrong! NOT being able to squat fully butt to heels is un-natural, NOT being able to do a back dome is un-natural...these two simple but powerful positions show a great deal...and i was no where near either one.
SO THE RESULT OF NOT DOING ANY EISCHENS YOGA BACK THEN....well it happened sort of quickly during my 20s....first dunking and jumping off my left leg all the time developed and incredibly tight left knee and hip. Patella Tendinitis was the result...not listening to that i continued doing the same stuff...hopping on my right leg playing basketball! can you believe that:) Then eventually when jumping and landing on my left leg it popped...tearing my left patella 80% thru, tearing my acl and meniscus as well....bad day...i thought....looking back it was a good day. Because without this day, my life would not be the same as i'd never had found Eischens Yoga and if i hadnt found that i would not have opened my first Monkey Bar Gym! After the injury there was NO choice, no walking properly, no jogging, no leg workouts....hard time doing almost anything. So was forced to go to a doctor...giving me the choice surgery which he thought might not do alot cause i'll still have massive scar tissue OR do alot of therapy, chiropractic, applied kinesiology, physical therapy...i tried it all....but spent most of my time and money on sports massage therapy...hours and hours of very intense DEEP tissue massage therapy....to the point of screaming it was so intense. The result was not good NOTHING WORKED!!!!....the pain in my knee had continued and grew to incredible back pain now as well...sleeping was hard, standing maybe for 1 minute was okay otherwise i had to kneel down to take the pain off my back....it was a very hard time physically and mentally for me.
By this time i was getting very frustrated with the entire fitness world, as i felt the isolated training was fake and pointless but everybody still did it? Then the way fitness folk or athletes were healed....man that was a joke too i was injured and felt why is it that nothing can fix me up? In need of a break from LA i moved back to madison wisconsin (my hometown) to develop an invention idea of mine...the Power Wheel:) So in doing so i had come to accept i will never run or jump again as now the knee and back pain had been crushing me for almost 4 years!!!
IT ALL CHANGED soon after arriving back home as my friend Steve Myrland introduced me to Roger Eischens in july of 1997...my life changed that day:) Within 5 minutes my back and knee felt better than they had in any time during the last 4 years!! I met with Roger 2-3 times a week, he'd teach me his Eischens Yoga (back then Roger called his yoga High Energy Yoga, which was later changed to Eischens Yoga in 2004 by all of us followers and instructors as a way to honor him) He told me within one month i'll be back playing basketball full out again and even dunking again no problem....and he was right!! I was playing full out with no knee or back pain! Since this time Eischens Yoga is the only method of restoration i've done and because of it i feel amazing!
WHEW that's alot for tonight:) This is my story, EY changed my life, i know it can help you as well if you do it...but you got to do it! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing our Eischens Yoga beginner sequence on our DVD daily for 30 days straight....i guarantee it will blow your mind!!
So from now on i'll be explaining Eischens Yoga poses and giving tips every thursday night blog. Again if you have any questions on it i'm happy to help you out like others have done for me!
So do it...30 days in a row of the EY beginner sequence!!:)
Peace my friends,


  1. EY has been the cornerstone of my daily routine for about 4 years now. Absolutely essential for grounding, centering, alignment and healing. Just finished a post mountain bike ride Warrior Sequence. Feeling great!

  2. :) right on my friend!:)
    good to hear!


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