April 14-21 week of training, question of the day:)

Here's an attempt at a 88k (44k on each side) back dome....did not make it but i tried:) haha! I'm gonna get it again, been about 2 years since last doing this and it's a serious challenge that makes you feel great! Key here is doing alot of Eischens Yoga to get my base back dome solid then working my way up on a regular basis...it's coming.
THIS WEEKS BLOG IS ON MY TRAINING ONLY. i'm thinking of splitting the blog up into a few different blogs each week...basically MBG3: training, eating, restoring.
QUESTION FOR YOU: WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN EACH OF THE 3 PARTS OF MY BLOG? Please tell me if you'd like me to explain anything else here as well as i'm always happy to share:)

MONDAY TRAINING: April 16, 2012,  4 x amap
2g  + vest AMUs (is assisted muscle ups, 2g = 2 green bands, vest is 17lbs)
WEEK 2: 5,5,4,4,4  2 sets of 5, 3 sets of 4
WEEK 3: 5,4(-1),4,4,4,3 1 set of 5, 4 sets of 4 (-1)
Pullups to bottom of chest + 140bxt better - ADDED SOME HELP AS WANT MORE REPS
WEEK 3: 8,8,8=24
HSPUs off 6"box + 70bxt better - ADDED SOME HELP AS WANT MORE REPS
WEEK 3: 6,6,6=18
15/15 x amap minutes up to 5, stop when fatiguing..if completed go up next week in reps or weight
Dips.            x10s x 3.5 min = 70 WK1 /
Body rows   x 10s x 3.5 min=70  WK1 /
Great finish!!

WEDNESDAY TRAINING: April 11, 18, 2012
15/15 x 10 minutes each pair (so 10 sets each exercise)
AMUs + 140lb BXT assistance (1 green, 1 red) 
WEEK 2: x 4, then 9x2 =22
WEEK 3: x 4/3/2/2,3/2/=25 (+3)
Single bar dips to touching chest
WEEK 2: x 4s = 40
WEEK 3: x 6/6/5/4/4/=50 (+10)
Next two:
30" - paralletyes Pushups + vest 
WEEK 2: x 10 x 6 = 60
WEEK 3: x 8/7/6/6/6/ =66 (+6)
Pullups + vest x 
WEEK 2: x 3s = 30
WEEK 3: x 4/4/3/3/3/ 34 (+4)

FRIDAY TRAINING: April 7, 13, 20, 2012        3-4 sets of amap repeats of same reps
AMUs 2g 160lbs feet together:
WEEK 1:  9, 9, 8, 8 almost!!:)
WEEK 2: 120lbs x 3,3, 3, 2/1 gonna mix this one up each week 160 or 120 assistance
WEEK 3:  2g x 9,9,9** almost 10!!
Free boxes handstand push ups + yellow power jumper assistance
WEEK 1: x 3,3,3,anw (took a week of side practice just to get to where i could do 2!!:)
WEEK 2: x 3,1 / 2,2 /3,1 /*4anw
WEEK 3: x 4,4,4**
Deep Pushups off 3 high boxes with kb thru belt around waist, deep is chest past hands:
WEEK 1: x 6,6,6,6 (with 40kg = 228lb deep push ups)
WEEK 2: x 6,6,6,6 (with 44kg = 215x.65=140+97=237lb deep pushups)
WEEK 3: x 8,8,8** (with 44kg= same 237lb deep push ups...but for more reps:)
Pullups plus D-ball held between feet and chin above bar
WEEK 1: 20D x  Last 5, 5, 5, 5 (215+30=235lb pullup)
WEEK 2: 30D x 3,3,3,3!! (215+30=245lb pullup)
WEEK 3: 30D x 4,4,4** (215+30=245lb pullup)




  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! That feels better :) Nice try on the 88k, looked close.

    Good idea on splitting the blog. I'd vote for:
    1. PB Nutrition (w/recipes!! :) )
    2. Training (inside tips, break down a single movement, technique, etc.)
    3. Restoration (EY!!!!!, tips, mods like the fists in the low back, new poses, etc.)

    Thanks as always Jon!


  2. that's exactly what i'm planning! thanks brad, wanted to hear that!
    one day PB meal with notes
    second day training, tips, like the breaking down one more idea too!!
    3rd day is restoration, for sure some inside tips on EY is good thinking my friend!
    thanks my friend for the feedback!

  3. Yeah, some inside tips on the ey would be great! I have some clients that I just can't get into a back dome. Any help on that would be great! Maybe they just need to practice more!

  4. Always Jon! Glad to help. Getting back on the bandwagon... eating strong plants... :)

  5. hey hey hey my brother!!!:) good to hear!!


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