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Up'd this weeks workout numbers! VLOG on wicked Power Wheel workout!!

Here's a great Power Wheel finisher i've been doing lately; 10-2 of power wheel rollouts to chest (off knees), then lifting the knees off the floor and doing push ups chest to power wheel...did it without pausing tonight too which was challenging but man it feels great! Try it you'll like it:) haha

Here's my training and NOTES/TIPS for YOU! on each workout for the WEEK:)

MONDAY April 9,16, 23 2012
4 x amap,  2g  + vest AMUs x
Week 1:    5,5,4,4,4
Week 2:  5,4(-1),4,4,4,3
Week 3:  5,5,6**=16
NOTES/TIPS for YOU! - this assisted or un-assisted muscle up is a very technical exercise and it's easy to cheat it, here i do my best to keep form and not swing away from the bar...if cheating happens a little bit, okay, that's acceptable to a degree, alot, well then my simple rule is slow it down and get it this case either go to less reps but proper form...OR use more assistance to get that proper form!
Pullups to bottom of chest + 140bxt better
Week 2: +14…

Eischens Yoga: my story, my kitty giving feedback:)

Here's Boobie giving feedback on my low back as i do wide leg forward flexion:) He's been doing this since he was a baby...loves jumping on my leg, crawling up my leg, then up my back and onto my neck:) haha 
As mentioned i'm splitting up my blog into 3 sections a week. So tonight is Eischens Yoga and restoration / balance / alignment... and like on tuesday night with my start into plant based nutriton, we'll do the same tonight with Eischens Yoga. Way back in about 1990 was my first intro to yoga, my client actor Woody Harrelson tried to get me to do some....of course being young and dumb i didnt listen and just thought it was weird:) little did i know:) Looking back it's so funny how when you're young you think you know everything....oh if i only knew then what i know now:) haha
SO i continued doing what i thought was the only way to train, eat, that age/time i had no restoration plan beyond working out....the result was extremely tight ankles, h…

Jon Hinds: How i became a Plant Strong Athlete!

One of my favorite meals:) Greens, Beans, Sweet Potato:) Simple & Strong!!

The time was August 2000, I had just won a Gold Medal in two of
the biggest Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) tournaments in the world and
opened my first Monkey Bar Gymnasium (MBG); needless to say
I was feeling pretty darn good! Move forward three years and
things changed dramatically. Although my gym was doing great, I
could barely train BJJ anymore or workout, why......? Arthritis in
my hands and feet, plus severe knee and back pain! Never
before had I had a problem and why should i? I ate the perfect
athlete diet….oatmeal, raw nuts, whey protein and a banana for
breakfast; whey protein bar for a snack; chicken breast sandwich
on whole wheat bun with veggies for lunch; smoothie with whey
protein for an after workout recovery drink and salmon, broccoli
and potato for dinner……

April 14-21 week of training, question of the day:)

Here's an attempt at a 88k (44k on each side) back dome....did not make it but i tried:) haha! I'm gonna get it again, been about 2 years since last doing this and it's a serious challenge that makes you feel great! Key here is doing alot of Eischens Yoga to get my base back dome solid then working my way up on a regular's coming.
THIS WEEKS BLOG IS ON MY TRAINING ONLY. i'm thinking of splitting the blog up into a few different blogs each week...basically MBG3: training, eating, restoring.
QUESTION FOR YOU: WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN EACH OF THE 3 PARTS OF MY BLOG? Please tell me if you'd like me to explain anything else here as well as i'm always happy to share:)

MONDAY TRAINING: April 16, 2012,  4 x amap
2g  + vest AMUs (is assisted muscle ups, 2g = 2 green bands, vest is 17lbs)
WEEK 2: 5,5,4,4,4  2 sets of 5, 3 sets of 4
WEEK 3: 5,4(-1),4,4,4,3 1 set of 5, 4 sets of 4 (-1)
Pullups to bottom of chest + 140bxt better - ADDED SOME HELP AS…

how to modify jump training, 15/15 of j rock?:) another question of the day:)

here's a vlog i did on last saturday while riding all around chicago for about 4 hours....this spot is amazing! and what's even more amazing it's minutes from my home, right off the lakefront, it's downtown and hardly anyone was there on a beautiful sunny saturday!!! now for me that is perfect on all points cause i just love getting away from it all and being in nature and this hit the spot!
notice the wild grass too.....this little video doesnt do it justice, but if you're in chicago or near by you need to get over here and check it out....awesome!

April 9, 2012, Monday 4 x amap
2g  + vest AMUs x LAST WEEK: 4,4,4,4,4 THIS WEEK: 5,5,4,4,4 (+2) Rest Pullups to nips x LAST WEEK 1,1,1,1,1,1,1=7 THIS WEEK: 2,2,2,2,2,2,2=14 (+7) HSPUs off 6"boxes x LAST WEEK 1,1,1,1,1,1,1=7 THIS WEEK: 2,2,2,2=8 (+1) forth set of 2 i was struggling alot so called it on that one...still UP!!:) 15/15 x amap minutes up to 5, stop when fatiguing..if completed go up next week in reps or …

Inverted Traveling rings feat!! This weeks results! Tip of the week & HOW TO MBG!!!!

Here's the last half of an amazing feat! Rohan (member at MBG Chicago) does the traveling rings...INVERTED!!! this is crazy hard and the fact that he's 6'8" doesnt make it alot easier either!!:)
Wednesday thru Fridays workouts.....all improved upon from last week!! Feeling good, eating is on point, sleeping is getting better too:)
April 4,2012 WEDNESDAY- J Rock
Free box HSPUs Asst 70,110,150 x t3,2,2 / 1, 1, 3 (got this hooked up so feet dont touch wall and it's super hard but i'm getting better each week! I'll note if i did not touch the wall at all if i put ALL w/NO WALL (ANW) Assist MUs 160 (2 greens) -17 vest, 160, 200  x  4,3,6 / 2, 2, 8 Next two: 15/15 x 5 each....this was awesome!!! Love my 15/15:) Pushups x 10 = 100 (all sets of 10) PW rollouts x 7 = 70 (all sets of 7)
Thursday  April 5, 2012 - Legs and core (strict no strain)
18" stepups L/R x 12s+60, 11s+80, 6s+140, 6s+160,  4s+220 GREAT! (used the Power Jumper here and simply started with 1 …

2 Super Green Breakfasts: a Smoothie & Meal, Strong workouts, Fun & Eischens Yoga:)

The last 2 days breakfasts have been on point!!  MY SUPER GREEN SMOOTHIE: Alkaline water, baby spinach, vibrant greens powder, banana, frozen strawberries, life's this will get you going right in the AM my friends!!!
MY POWER GREEN MEAL: Slightly blanched baby spinach, steamed peas, corn, carrots, walnuts and white beans....put a little seasoning on it and man this is an amazing meal and like the smoothie will start your day out with a bang!!
Super Simple & Strong workouts:
APRIL 2, 2012, MONDAY:
Assisted Muscle Ups assisted with 2 green bxt's + 17lb vest, feet together, no kip, strict form: 5 sets of 5 repsrested, then alternated:Pullups to bottom of chest (now you got to understand this is big for me as i just began being able to touch the bar to the top of my chest this last summer....and that was strict pullups to bottom of my chest is a big improvement for me on my way to getting strict muscle ups on the bar:)Handstand push ups off 6" bo…

How to do a Flagpole in 5 steps! 2 super Plant Strong meals!

Okay, you've probably seen someone do this on a street sign somewhere and wished you could do it:)
Well you can:) and here is 5 steps to help you do the Flagpole:
Lock out the arms: wide enough on a pole either vertical (thumbs in) or horizontal (palms in)Keeping arms locked, walk feet out about 3 feet from barJump Legs out (bent legs first) following one of the two methods:Either jump bent legs up higher than parallel as i'm doing in the video and then lower as control allowsOr, jump bent legs up to parallel and try to hold them...this is how i learned Do reps of kicking up to parallel and slowly lowering down and THEN kicking up to parallel and holding for as many seconds as possible with knees bent.Progress to straightening your legs: THIS is the Official Flagpole and done properly and 100% parallel to the floor is challenging BUT doing it at any angle and holding the legs/body off the ground is a GREAT START so keep practicing!!:)This is how i learned and practiced and afte…