Power Wheel tip of the Day, week 1 of 3 of no workouts:) oh yes!!:)

After a Day of Intensive in the Mountains hiking:) That's Dave (MBG T.O.), Jenny & Matt hiking with me here having some fun!!:)
Yes my friends, for awhile i've been meaning to take a break, to get some rest, to take a vacation, well i'm doing both!! Haha:) After the LA 6 day intensive Jessie and i decided to finally take a vacation and during the intensive i decided to finally let my body rest and recover...so NO WORKOUTS for 3 weeks...walking the dogs, eischens yoga and playing around with some super easy skill training (fun easy reps only) is it!! And so far it's been about 1 week of this and my goal is to listen to when i'm tired and sleep when my body says to, to rest when tired and move lightly when i feel like it. I'm guessing going to XX for 9 days wont hurt either!!:) hahaha Have to guess on that one:)
So what is my day like?
MBG 1 - alot or a little here each day, depends on how i feel, but i've been doing good and getting at least 1 x thru of the Eischens Yoga beginner sequence...sometimes quick, sometimes slow like tonight took my time and it lasted 45 minutes and then did a good 6 minute rest pose and it felt great! Walked out feeling balanced and light:)
MBG 2 - might play around with some handstand holds, some light german hangs, 1 arm handstand holds and some around the worlds all real easy....thats it, no reps or sets, just playing super easy:)
MBG 3 - here i've been EATING LIKE A CHAMP!! And feeling great because of it. It's very interesting how when you eat green you get lean and healthy and it shows quickly in your eyes and skin....try it and find out....see if you can eat like below and feel amazing:)
  • Alkalized water throughout the day and some bengal spice too with stevia of course:)
  • mixed greens, mushrooms, squash, broccoli, pinto beans
  • water, some rice milk, plant protein, blackberries
  • spinach, arugula, asparagus, corn, lentils, sunflower seeds and sweet potato
  • almond milk, strawberries, plant protein, almonds
  • steamed greens, mushrooms, corn, peas, carrots, broccoli
That's some good eating my friends....This is my Lean & Green plan:)!!
When doing power wheel rollouts have someone hold your feet down, engage your hammies, keep a straight line from knees to head, arms and wrists straight and you're great!! Working with a partner (or hooking them under the couch helps to keep your hips neutral and keeping your hammies and abs engaged fully:) As long as you follow this tip you can go out as far as you like on a power wheel rollout:) Tell me how it helps you out okay!!:)

Hope my blog helps you out in some way my friends:) I appreciate any questions you have too!
Stay strong, be happy and healthy!


  1. Right on Jon. Way to listen to your body and TAKE A BREAK. It's been way too long. I have read that the body often cannot distinguish between good stress and bad. In other words, workouts and life stress both tax the body and sometimes the best thing is to let go of what you love (working out) for awhile so that you can fully recover. Best of luck my friend.

  2. Sure wish there was a MBG in Santa Clarita, CA. Thousand Oaks is kind of a far drive to go to the gym everyday. Love what you guys are doing! It would be great to be involved in your organization, Jon.

  3. Hey Jon! Hope you have a nice break! I was wondering if you could help me out with some tips here. I imagine anymore when a client works with you they know what to expect. At this point in my career I am still getting clients that aren't really concerned about their overall health and just want to loose some weight. They don't care about fixing misalignments in their bodies or eating to truly be healthy. Its frustrating for me because I know how effective a plant based diet and the eichens yoga is. It has helped me tremendously and I tell them and try to educate them but I still have some that refuse to even try a plant based diet and never do the yoga on their own time. Is there a problem with my approach maybe? Do you ever just give them what they want even though you don't feel its to their best benefit? Do I just need to make sure that I'm marketing myself correctly to ensure I'm getting clients that would be more up for those things? Thanks so much for your time!

  4. BRAD - thanks my friend, so far i'm feeling really good and feeling better every day:) 2 more weeks of this and i'll feel really great! the eischens feels really great too as i'm working that very intensely...well as intense as i feel at that moment:) hahaha
    STEVE - hey steve man it's good to hear you dig what we're doing my friend! well start a mbg training group yourself! if you're following the workouts, then get your friends, follow the cycle, walk the walk in your neck of the woods my friend! then maybe down the road take one of our MBG training courses like we just taught out in MBG T.O.! That's the first steps to joining what we're doing my friend! Now take the first step and get your friends and MBG Train!!:)
    JOSEPH - be who you are my friend..."to thy own self be true" do not compromise who you are or what you do. with that said here is something i do if people are not 'getting' it. i will meet people where they're at and get them started, moving is better than not moving, eating plants at each meal is a start, doing 1 Eischens Yoga pose a day is better than nothing....give them a HUGE goal too, nothing like a 5k, forget that...a marathon (running the whole thing) is a great one...YOU do not let them control the training YOU control it, YOU progress it each week! if they BS and will not work to improve, then YOU need to make a decision (unless your starving:) tell them they are either in or not, because YOU do not want to waste your life on someone who is not taking this seriously! you shake their hand on it, know they want it, sign up for the big goal, MAKE them commit, then you got them!:)
    hope this helps and thanks my friends for your support!

  5. Thanks for the good words, Jon, and thanks for getting me excited. Great advice! It's up to me to take action and make things happen. I'm going to be 49 this summer, and I feel like I'm a little late to the game. It would be great to become a trainer someday. What do you think? Are you ever too old to try to start a on a completely new path?

  6. That's great Jon! I appreciate it, thanks a lot!

  7. STEVE - age is just a number, you have 1 life to live, do what inspires you!!:) one of my BJJ students began with me at 49, worst athlete i've ever seen, he persisted, overweight and slow, but he persisted...6 years later after losing every bjj match he ever entered he wins his first match, 2 more years later he wins the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in RIO!!! He's now a black belt who despite all telling him he's too old he did it....persisted thru all obstacles...and became something he could not of even dreamed of!!! Not only can you do it steve but to whatever level you want...YOU can be that person who changes the world in your neck of the woods, YOU can be that person who changes peoples lives forever my friend. you're never too old to make a positive change...first you, then others, then together you change the world!!:) i believe we have amazing things inside of us all that want to come out....if your gut desires that you must follow it:)
    JOSEPH - anytime my friend!!:)


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