NEVER SEEN BEFORE: How to improve 1 leg vertical jumps on my Program AND balancing the hips AND SUPER PLANT STRONG!

THIS VIDEO SHOWS HOW TO SET UP THE C-BANDS TO DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE VERTICAL JUMP:)  If you're gonna watch this please support and dont bite my style okay:)
It feels good to be jumping again as it's been too long:)
A key to success for any athlete or person wanting to perform at a high level or simply jump high is to keep the hips in balance as when they become out of balance due to sitting, working on the computer, driving alot, wearing heeled shoes, biking, typical weight routines that are not balanced, lack of confidence, poor sleep the list goes on and on why we might have tight hips and the key is still the same....doing dynamic stuff like jumping can be hard on the body and it's essential to get and keep the hips in balance...that is why i recommend in between sets of jump training to do a set of supine bridge or if possible do it using the jungle gym: do a leg curl, keep feet in and lift the hips as high as possible without lifting the chest past neutral and hold for 30-40 seconds....this is my secret to keeping the athletes i work with healthy in the knees and back and for ball players this is huge!!
Doing this along with doing your Eischens Yoga beginner sequence daily is the best way (so if you arent doing it pick up the EY DVD asap and get started on it!!:)
SO Jungle Gym XT supine bridge holds for 30-40 seconds between sets
AND Eischens Yoga beginner sequence daily for about 12 minutes
MBG 1 - as mentioned above been doing those two each day i've been jump training and doing the EY in various ways daily!
MBG 2 - As mentioned before vertical jump - 24", broad jump 8'2"....not bad:) haha it's a baseline:)
THURSDAY: 2/1/0 verticals and 1 legged jumps both to rim
VJ (red bands) 2/1/0: 8 to 9'3"/ 9'7" / 9'11"
1 leg jumps (yellow / orange / none ): 8 to 9' / 9'5" / 9'10" (first day 1 legged jumping felt good...left knee began to get tight so began doing JGXT supine bridge between sets and it worked great!
24k's kb lever hold 5 x 10 second holds
24k's back dome holds 5 x 20 seconds holds......GOOD TRAINING:)
  1. AMU's (2 greens) with feet/legs together: 8,6,6,6,4,3 (no kips, body is tight) good reps
  2. Free HSPUs off boxes assisted with Yellow band (R7): 2,1,2,*3 no touching the wall!! 2 nw, 2nw...........then did
  3. Dips + 35lb vest: 12,10,8
  4. PW knee rollouts + 35lb vest: 10,10,10....GOOD TRAINING!
MONDAY: Monkey Play time!:) had 2 hours of sleep so just played around doing 1 arm handstands, traveling rings and other fun stuff:)...then did;
  • C-band pullups: 5 x 5 with orange (R5) c-band
  • Free HSPU's off boxes: 3,3,3t,3,3 good improvement!! felt very good!
  • then did
  • PW full rollouts off feet (assisted with R7): 5 x 5
  • Power Push ups feet on 24" box: 5 x 12 (green PPU)
  • then did 
  • 1 set of 50 PW rollouts off knees to chest with no pausing (this was very challenging with no pause:)
TUESDAY: jump training again! VJ to rim and BJ across floor!
  • Power Jumper VJ (reds) to rim (2/1/0): 8 to 9'5" / 6 to  9'9" / 6 to 10'1" this is improvement!!
  • Power Jumper BJ (Red - Broad Jumps) 2/1/0: 5 jumps to - 36'6" / 39'6" / 42'6" this is okay too:)
  • 28k's kb lever holds (rocky style): 3 x 10 second holds
  • 28k's kb back dome holds: 3 x 30 seconds holds
Then did EY class and felt really great:)

  • mixed greens, onions, corn, peas, beans
  • almond milk, warrior food
  • kale, mushrooms, beans, cous cous, sunflower seeds, carrots, cabbage
  • dales raw food bar
  • black bean soup, mixed greens salad
  • almond milk, warrior food

IF you want to know what i mean when i say Plant Strong....THIS is strong eating my friends:) feels strong and feels good:)
hope you're all happy and healthy:)


  1. Jon, that's such an awesome setup! I'm definitely jealous. Is it better to have a c-band resisting you around your waist, than using the Power Jumper around your neck to do 1 foot jumps?

  2. CHRIS - yes, no comparison...when 1 leg jumping it's vertical and horizontal and the c-band resists it better i feel...the PJ on neck and shoulders works well and i just feel off 1 leg the c-band works better clearly. hope this helps....remember R7 and R5s
    if you have a friend holding the c-band then you do not need 2 of each

  3. Jon, thanks for the feedback! I don't have any C-Bands, but I do have the Power Jumper and JGXT so I modified it and it worked awesome. Did 2/1/0 drills with the R4 bands and I went from couldn't touch the rim with 2 bands, to touching backboard with 1, and then barely touching the rim with no bands. Gonna keep working on it though! Here's the setup I made at my school:

    What do you think?


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