Chillin' like a Gorilla! Simple Strength & Stability workout for travel too!

Quick video of where we're at and what we're planning:)
We're chillin' down here and it's beautiful! about 75 degrees:) man that sun feels great!
QUESTION OF THE DAY: If you had all the money you ever needed to make you feel 'okay' what would you do today?? Something completely different than what you are doing or the same thing? If different what would you do??:)
Well as you know it's R&R week for all MBGers so in keeping with that mindset while i'm here
on top of doing my Eischens Yoga everyday yesterday i had just an amazing simple workout using the chest expander and power wheel and then the pool here at the villa we're staying at and it went a little something like this:
REST & RECOVERY TRAINING: simple strength, stability & mobility training!!
chest expander shoulder circles for 8 strict each way....slow
power wheel rollouts to chest, not hips, chest:)....slow for 8 reps
did this for 5 x thru
THEN i jumped in the pool and did laps of breast stroke and back stroke mixed up
then did muscle ups while in the pool on the side of the pool and man this worked great!! x 8
did these also for about 5 x thru and that was it and wow did i feel great doing that....
it was simple and strong, fun and functional:) haha
doing good while here for sure
quick oats, raw almonds, dales raw plant protein, rice milk
mango smoothie, almond milk, dales raw plant protein
lentils, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers
beans and local potatoes soup
qninoa, bell peppers, egg plant, onions, tomatoes
raw nuts
listen to my body and only do what i feel like doing in my heart.
some R&R training
having fun:)
sharing all above with my friends and family:)
going out in the sun now:)
peace my friends!


  1. Jon-

    I finally made it to MBG in Madison today! I did the EY class with Caitlin. She was awesome and I had a fantastic partner as well! I then worked on the JGXT for a bit and then worked on some KB front squats and got some technique pointers from another instructor (I didn't get his name). It's great to finally be able to get to train there and I hope to get back there the next time I'm in Madison!


  2. :) great to hear james!!! glad you had a great time and hopefully i'll see you at one of the mbg's too someday!!:)
    have a great one!


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