Back from LA Intensive, what a trip!!:) Question for the day too!!

MBG T.O. (thousand oaks) beautiful space!!:)
This is where we taught the recent 6 day MBG intensive, what a awesome place to teach and train:)
The intensive went great! Each day was 9 hours of teaching followed by an hour of plant based nutrition talk each evening. The result was great! All passed with flying colors:)
BIG SHOUT OUT to all the amazing crew at MBG's Moorpark and Thousand Oaks!!
They were all wonderful to jess and i and we really felt at home the whole time:) the friends feel like family there for sure! Every night lots of laughter, good food and stories!!:) 
Over the course i generally do not workout too much and listen to my body and just do simple training and do my best to recover for each day.....over the years this has worked fine as i get quite a bit of training over the course of each day. But that's not to say i didnt train:)
Lots of fun skill drills:
Around the worlds: sets of 5 with super slow this one for assisting muscle up form.
Handstand walking: sets of about 15 yards with good control and practice turning with control
Then did a J Rock x 3 rounds: 
  • Assisted Muscle ups > Typewriters > headbangers > kip ups
  • Handstand push ups > press ups > typewriter push ups > tigers
then did a simple buyout
  • 10 Muscle ups to 50 feet up push ups = great simple workout!!
Eischens Yoga - we did it daily in class....must say doing the beginner sequence and teaching it daily and varying the length of each pose was cool...some days held each for 10 breaths others 1 breath....both still reaped positive results, more with longer holds but both still made me feel relaxed and balanced....THAT IS THE KEY:)
Plant based eating "Eat plant strong, not plant wrong"tm:)
daily had green detox drink with some dales raw plant protein in it daily before teaching = FELT GREAT!!
during the day had some organic food bars 2-3 a day usually
nights were fun:) usually stopped by whole foods for salads, beans and other veggies, then later we'd sit outside and relax and have some popcorn, or something night we got some great vegan pizzas from whole foods for an end of course party at dixon's place and that was a blast:) and tasty too!
Overall had a great time, students did great and we all felt happier and healthier from it:) and aint that the point:) haha
QUESTION FOR YOU ALL: Would you like to attend a 2 day MBG seminar or 2 day MBG camp? The seminar teaches the basics of what the MBG is, the camp puts you thru it all and you do all 3 points all weekend in a very intense (but at your level) MBG 3 Camp.
Which one would you attend?
thanks my friends!


  1. Hey Jon. Sounds like it was a great experience. I really wanted to be there but just started a new job as you know. As for the question, I'd be interested in the MBG3 Camp myself.


  2. I think that the basics are the best way to start... MBG3 camp looks great anyway if you want to have all "big picture" . I prefer the basics. Foundation is the key for everything.
    I started two months ago with a diet totally based in veggies and beans (before I had eggs, cheese, milk things like that) but I been losing a lot of weight!! How many times a day do you eat? I try to clean my diet but I don't want to lose muscle or energy. I do Maca, and seeds. I'm going to copy your diet to see if it works.
    Great information as always.


  3. BRAD - it was a great time and i wish you could of been there:) thanks for your feedback too:)
    JANO - thanks for your feedback too:) yeah check out my diet and perhaps use that as a guide and feel how it works for you:)
    listen and keep what feels good:)

  4. Hey Jon,

    Excellent space at TO. Do you know what they used on the floor.....rubber based astroturf or just green carpet??

    Mate after earlier talks on a simialr subject re seminars I believe the info given out and experience gained at the intensive course is far more valuable than the end result the MBG as a concept receives for it.

    Doing smaller MBG courses -JGXT seminar, BXT/PW/PJ seminar, CNT 1, plant nutrition for athletes etc just for the general trainee/ trainer and leave the CNT Intensive for those that want to put all these little courses togther as the MBG concept.

    In regard to the 2 day course/camp mentioned above, I would love to attend a camp with like minded people. Would you look to do this as a CNT 1 or 2 or both.

    Keep me posted on your ideas, would love to know what you are thinking moving the MBG forward

    Hope you getting some time off on the coast.



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