Anyone want to dunk with me this summer? Perfect power plant eating!

WHOA!! Okay it was awhile ago when demonstrating how NOT to do a drill...:) and in showing what NOT to do i re-tore my left knee injury back up again:) can you say homer simpson style D'OH! Well since that time i've completely stopped jump training and boy o' boy did that show today:) haha
touched only 9'7" on my straight up vertical...24" vertical, man that is low for me, lowest since before i ever dunked a ball when i was about 18 or 19 years old!!:) haha Oh well it is what it is and so i'm on a mission...i'm dunking this summer!!!!
QUESTION: WHO'S JOINING ME????????? Even if you cant dunk or dont know if you can who is gonna join me on a quest for vert!!! Who's gonna join me in adding 8-10" to your vertical by this summer?? LETS DO THIS MY FRIENDS....I'M DUNKING, I'M VIDEOTAPING IT ON OR AROUND MY 49TH BIRTHDAY ON JUNE 4TH!!!:)
Well got some work to do:) haha
MBG 1 - restoration - this was off the hook today, did 1 hour of very intense Eischens Yoga and felt amazing! All we did the whole class was repeats of partner feedback on only 4 poses and man it worked....felt taller, lighter, stronger!
MBG 2 - training yesterdays and today:
WEDNESDAY: did a simple one as i was a bit tired...13 hours of delayed flights getting back from DR so did;
  • C-band pull ups with pause at top: 6 x 5 with R3 resisting me from front...felt good, strong
  • Free HS push ups to shoulders on boxes: 6 x2 with R7 assistance....worked perfect, no wall, full ROM!
  • these felt great!
  • Power Wheel FULL rollouts from feet: 5 x 5 with R7 assistance on hips, rolled out to chest
  • Power push up feet on 24" box: 5 x 5 strict reps resisted with R8
THURSDAY: did simple vertical and broad jumps
  • 2/1/0 (R6 red resisted) to rim jumps: 8 x to about 9'3" / 8 x to 9'8" / 8 x 10'0" barely with an approach!!
  • 2/1/0 (R6 red resisted) up ramp BJ's: 5 jumps to 30' / 5 jumps to 33' / 5 jumps to 36' (not great distance due to jumping uphill, up a ramp which made it alot harder...and oddly funner!!:) haha
  1. alkaline water
  2. mixed greens, carrots, corn, peas, tomatoes, lentils
  3. dales raw bar
  4. kombucha
  5. kale, onions, tomato, cabbage, farro, seeds
  6. dales raw bar and coconut water
  7. macrobar
  8. cucumber and homemade hummus, spinach and white bean soup, mixed greens, tomato, onions
  9. warrior food and coconut water
slept only 3 hours last night but after starting my day with good eats i felt stronger as the day went on!
SO who's gonna join me??
QUESTION #2: if you're not joining me on the jump training then who's up for finishing the 50s challenge???? 50 foot up lunges in a row each leg, 50 power wheel rollouts to chest from off knees and then 50 push ups all in a row!!!
peace my friends!


  1. You're gonna be 49 in June?! That's amazing, Jon! I would have guessed you in your mid 30s. I'll be 49 on July 9th. Thanks again for the inspiring words a couple weeks ago that you posted on one of my comments. Appreciate you and your advice.

  2. Oh I'm down for dunking this summer! I've been telling myself every summer that this is the one, but I never stick to it haha. But this summer is the one!

  3. I don't share your desire to dunk but I admire the goal and commitment. Tomahawk in '12!!!!

  4. Jon I would love to dunk with you, I'm probably at a 9'7'' right now too! I have the power jumper but only the maroon cables, I think R4? Will those be good enough to get me dunking? I haven't dunked in about 3 years and since then I've had ankle surgeries so I lost a lot of athleticism, I'd kill to get it back!!! If I'm doing the 8 week cycle, what are the best days to add in the 2/1/0 drills? Thanks!!!

  5. Hey JH,

    Lucky escpe in the DR dude, We run, jump, crawl and climb but unfortunately we dont swim ;) maybe we need to start adding a pool to the list of MBG equipment required to set up.

    I am 100% with you on the dunking goal- I have one goal this year for each of the major body movements. Pull=muscle up (at least 1 strict MU), Press- straddle press to handstand (this one may take a while) Lower body= dunking.

    Mate I hope you got some well deserved R&R in the DR. How is it looking as a future MBG hang out?


  6. STEVE - thanks my friend! join us however you can and lets do some amazing things!!!:)
    JOSEPH - then it's this summer...follow with me okay!! keep track and lets do this my friend!!!!
    BRAD - hahaha that's okay, pick something hard core and keep us posted on your progress, pick something maybe that will inspire other to join in okay!!!
    CHRIS - lets do this man, do the jumps before you do the T, R workouts but after the warm ups IF possible okay....for you do alot of 1 leg balance holds daily...1 leg x 60 seconds each leg x 3 sets and it will greatly help your ankles!
    FOGGY!! - Great!! glad you're joining me....i agree 100% on the other goals too....Bar-barian requirements PLUS dunking is my goal!!! THAT IS A BAD BAD MAN!!!!! now who can do that?? specially at 240lbs like you foggy!!! haha:)

  7. Jon, you're the best man! I really appreciate it! I'm gonna be getting after it and hopefully by the end of the summer, I'll put up a video on your facebook with me dunking. Your feedback is always spot on and you're a huge inspiration. Keep doing what you're doing!

  8. thanks chris:) lets do this now!!!:) haha

  9. Hey Jon,

    I will set a big goal to work towards very soon. Probably something involving getting outside like a climb, fastpack or long run. I'll keep you posted. :)

  10. Hey Jon,

    I been following your 8 week cycles and loving them. I want to add on some weight to my frame, what should i be eating to add weight? I'm following a plant-based diet(no meat or dairy). I notice your eating listed here, but what's the size of these meals? Do you sell a meal plan? I know you have some guide for your gym members any way to get it? thanks Dan


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