50s workout....simple, crazy hard...can you do it??:)..and D.R. thriller!

This is a cool video from El Choco national park and the guide was really cool and was showing us all over the place, showing us almond trees, avocado trees, mango, banana, papaya, even a pineapple plant and a whole bunch of mint and lemon plants too that smelled awesome:) it was really great! he even was saying they got beans, cocoa and coffee beans too all over the place too:) it was very cool:)
first was the 50s workout i did....this was a very simple one like i've been doing daily since i got here. this one is just more traditional push ups in it too which i havent done in 2 weeks:) SO HERE IS THE 50s CHALLENGE FOR YOU ALL TO TRY OUT:) 
50 in a row without breaking any of the sets up at all;
  • 50 foot up lunges left (no pausing, no breaks)
  • 50 foot up lunges right (no pausing, no breaks)
(back foot on 12" bench, touching fists and back knee to floor & then extending to straight leg at the top on each rep)
50 Power Wheel rollouts on knees to touching chest (not hips!) on each rep!
50 Push ups in a row touching chest on all reps!

All 3 were very very hard to do, the FUL's just completely tortures your mind after the first 25 reps and then the PW rollout is no better as you're getting waxed on it and at 30 your hurting big time....then you re-focus and just finish....man my abs were screaming!!:) haha THEN doing 50 push ups after that was no joke! Usually easy, 50 was hard as heck!....BUT i did it!!:)
  • 50 hindu squats (touching fingers to floor on each rep and no pausing or stopping...50 straight!!)
  • 50 1 foot power wheel rollouts
  • 50 knee push ups
been eating great while here;
  • kiwi, banana, almond milk, dales raw protein powder smoothie (amazing!!)
  • almonds, plums
  • mixed veggies and pinto beans
  • beans, veggies
  • huge mixed greens salad, blended potato soup and black beans
  • mixed nuts and raisins

Today jessie and i planned on going on a little adventure walk slash water hike...yes water hike!
Well are plan was to hike the 4 miles to Sosua from our place.....did not quite workout like we'd thought....in fact it turned out to be one of the scariest moments in our lives! We first thought it would not be that hard to walk along the beach all the way there...maybe a few times we'd have to swim around rocky outcrops but nothing too deep as jessie cannot swim...but the water when we left was only chest height 20-30 yards off shore...so when we come to the first outcropping we walk out to chest high water and wade past the rocks to the other side and continue walking down the beach. Let me tell you this though...the rocks by the way are sharp as razors, very sharp corral so we did not want to get near them. So after walking 20 minutes further we come to another outcrop...so i go out first and see...this aint happening...it's about 100 meters long before hitting more beach and these rocks jut way out....so it for sure wasnt happening. So we decide to just go back home the way we came....now almost an hour later....well the tide has risen and now our rocky outcropping looks way more challenging...but we did not notice it until we're chest high in water the under toe is pulling on us and the waves begin pushing into us...towards the big sharp rocks...i'm holding jessies hand, water is now going over our heads, we are barely able to get any traction on the sandy floor of the ocean and we're taking in water literally! we're about 5 minutes into this washing machine that it hits us....we could die right here!!....i'm holding on tight, she's yelling i dont like this, i'm yelling keep paddling with your free hand, keep paddling, then i look back at her and she's scared, we're 10 feet from the rocks, the waves are crashing on us from the rocky side and the open ocean side....we're getting pummelled!! Man i was scared big time...thinking is this it? are we gonna catch one big wave into the rocks and get thrashed? 5 minutes in this and about 30 seconds of shear scared out of our minds, swallowing aqua like crazy, just moving inch by inch and then suddenly....we're out!! the water is back to chest height, we have footing and we see the beach again! WHEW!!! man o man we both looked at each other and said that was stupid and hugged each other as we had made it!!
man "wake up call!!" love those around you, appreciate what we have!
We did not realize how quickly things could turn ugly...they did...we did keep out minds focused, we kept moving forward and did not freak out:)
adrenaline jump...YES, but very very happy we made it:)
Peace and love my friends!


  1. Man brother that's crazy. Happy you both are safe!!!

  2. Glad you guys are okay. Shoreline hikes are tricky for sure when you don't know the tides.

  3. Wow glad you guys are OK! Looks like an awesome trip anyways, and now you have a cool story to tell haha!

  4. hey my friends! yep we're fine, just shaken:) haha no doubt a story to tell!!! havent been that scared in a while BUT we stayed focused and made it:)
    hope you're all doing great! man i hope you can all go check out the DR sometime as it's an amazing place for sure!!!


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