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NEVER SEEN BEFORE: How to improve 1 leg vertical jumps on my Program AND balancing the hips AND SUPER PLANT STRONG!

THIS VIDEO SHOWS HOW TO SET UP THE C-BANDS TO DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE VERTICAL JUMP:)  If you're gonna watch this please support and dont bite my style okay:)
It feels good to be jumping again as it's been too long:)
A key to success for any athlete or person wanting to perform at a high level or simply jump high is to keep the hips in balance as when they become out of balance due to sitting, working on the computer, driving alot, wearing heeled shoes, biking, typical weight routines that are not balanced, lack of confidence, poor sleep the list goes on and on why we might have tight hips and the key is still the same....doing dynamic stuff like jumping can be hard on the body and it's essential to get and keep the hips in balance...that is why i recommend in between sets of jump training to do a set of supine bridge or if possible do it using the jungle gym: do a leg curl, keep feet in and lift the hips as high as possible without lifting the chest past neutra…

Anyone want to dunk with me this summer? Perfect power plant eating!

WHOA!! Okay it was awhile ago when demonstrating how NOT to do a drill...:) and in showing what NOT to do i re-tore my left knee injury back up again:) can you say homer simpson style D'OH! Well since that time i've completely stopped jump training and boy o' boy did that show today:) haha
touched only 9'7" on my straight up vertical...24" vertical, man that is low for me, lowest since before i ever dunked a ball when i was about 18 or 19 years old!!:) haha Oh well it is what it is and so i'm on a mission...i'm dunking this summer!!!!
QUESTION: WHO'S JOINING ME????????? Even if you cant dunk or dont know if you can who is gonna join me on a quest for vert!!! Who's gonna join me in adding 8-10" to your vertical by this summer?? LETS DO THIS MY FRIENDS....I'M DUNKING, I'M VIDEOTAPING IT ON OR AROUND MY 49TH BIRTHDAY ON JUNE 4TH!!!:)
Well got some work to do:) haha
MBG 1 - restoration - this was off the hook today, did 1 hour of very i…

50s workout....simple, crazy hard...can you do it??:)..and D.R. thriller!

This is a cool video from El Choco national park and the guide was really cool and was showing us all over the place, showing us almond trees, avocado trees, mango, banana, papaya, even a pineapple plant and a whole bunch of mint and lemon plants too that smelled awesome:) it was really great! he even was saying they got beans, cocoa and coffee beans too all over the place too:) it was very cool:)
first was the 50s workout i did....this was a very simple one like i've been doing daily since i got here. this one is just more traditional push ups in it too which i havent done in 2 weeks:) SO HERE IS THE 50s CHALLENGE FOR YOU ALL TO TRY OUT:) 
50 in a row without breaking any of the sets up at all;
50 foot up lunges left (no pausing, no breaks)50 foot up lunges right (no pausing, no breaks)(back foot on 12" bench, touching fists and back knee to floor & then extending to straight leg at the top on each rep)
50 Power …

Chillin' like a Gorilla! Simple Strength & Stability workout for travel too!

Quick video of where we're at and what we're planning:)
We're chillin' down here and it's beautiful! about 75 degrees:) man that sun feels great!
QUESTION OF THE DAY: If you had all the money you ever needed to make you feel 'okay' what would you do today?? Something completely different than what you are doing or the same thing? If different what would you do??:)
Well as you know it's R&R week for all MBGers so in keeping with that mindset while i'm here
on top of doing my Eischens Yoga everyday yesterday i had just an amazing simple workout using the chest expander and power wheel and then the pool here at the villa we're staying at and it went a little something like this:
REST & RECOVERY TRAINING: simple strength, stability & mobility training!!
chest expander shoulder circles for 8 strict each way....slow
power wheel rollouts to chest, not hips, chest:)....slow for 8 reps
did this for 5 x thru
THEN i jumped in the pool and did lap…

Next week R&R training!! Week 2 of CHILLIN' and eating Plant Powerful!!:)

Hey my friends, for those of you that follow our MBG training cycles you might of noticed that next week is Rest & Recovery week! We do this R&R at the end of each training cycle to help re-energize the body and mind and to get us feeling lose and mobile and ready to take on the next cycle which begins the following monday after 1 week of R&R training. SO WHAT IS R&R training? It is all mobility drills, Eischens Yoga poses and partner feedback and some skill training mixed into one fun workout after another and it goes a little something like this:

DAY ONE & FOUR (Monday & Thursday): runners warm up > crawling > rolling > wrist 60s / chest expander drills / ring or jgxt sh drills / very light turkish get ups / dowel squats > back dome sequence.....THEN FUN MONKEY PLAY TIME...practice whatever skills they want from flagpoles to handstands to muscle ups to box jumps....just practice

DAY TWO & FIVE (Tuesday &…

Power Wheel tip of the Day, week 1 of 3 of no workouts:) oh yes!!:)

Yes my friends, for awhile i've been meaning to take a break, to get some rest, to take a vacation, well i'm doing both!! Haha:) After the LA 6 day intensive Jessie and i decided to finally take a vacation and during the intensive i decided to finally let my body rest and NO WORKOUTS for 3 weeks...walking the dogs, eischens yoga and playing around with some super easy skill training (fun easy reps only) is it!! And so far it's been about 1 week of this and my goal is to listen to when i'm tired and sleep when my body says to, to rest when tired and move lightly when i feel like it. I'm guessing going to XX for 9 days wont hurt either!!:) hahaha Have to guess on that one:)
So what is my day like?
MBG 1 - alot or a little here each day, depends on how i feel, but i've been doing good and getting at least 1 x thru of the Eischens Yoga beginner sequence...sometimes quick, sometimes slow like tonight took my time and it lasted 45 minutes and then did a …

Back from LA Intensive, what a trip!!:) Question for the day too!!

This is where we taught the recent 6 day MBG intensive, what a awesome place to teach and train:)
The intensive went great! Each day was 9 hours of teaching followed by an hour of plant based nutrition talk each evening. The result was great! All passed with flying colors:)
BIG SHOUT OUT to all the amazing crew at MBG's Moorpark and Thousand Oaks!! They were all wonderful to jess and i and we really felt at home the whole time:) the friends feel like family there for sure! Every night lots of laughter, good food and stories!!:)  THANK YOU MBG LA!!! Over the course i generally do not workout too much and listen to my body and just do simple training and do my best to recover for each day.....over the years this has worked fine as i get quite a bit of training over the course of each day. But that's not to say i didnt train:)
Lots of fun skill drills:
Around the worlds: sets of 5 with super slow this one for assisting muscle up form.
Handstand walking: sets of about…