MBG Chicago 1 year Birthday!! Breaking of un-healthy patterns: training, eating, restoration

One year ago Monkey Bar Gym - Chicago opened on probably not the best day to open:) Feb 14th a holiday:) It's crazy looking back over the last year and realizing all the hoops and hurdles we've jumped to get to where we are today. Like life it's a process, learning and growing, making changes for the better, listening to our heart and following it! This is a key to being happy and healthy, the lessons when you do not listen are sometimes hard and challenging but if we look at them in a positive light, they are lessons that make us stronger! That is how i like to look at all lessons learned over the last year....they just made me and the mbg chi better and our vision clearer:). Within this last year despite some incredible obstacles we're a month away from being at the break even point which for a new facility is a big deal! So i'm happy about that!
This makes me think of how we all can get into negative patterns that do not feed our heart, our soul, our spirit. Sometimes when teaching i hear "oh i cant do a chin up" or "i've never done a cartwheel before" types of answers. This is a way out of doing things, of facing fears....of growing. In the MBG though i see this on everything we do on everyday.....in relastionships, in training, in eating, in work, etc. Looking at others do this makes me realize how supported we all can become in being negative and not living strong and full. So how do we do this? how do we live in a way that feeds our hearts and brings us happiness and strength? By recognizing when we or others are beating themselves down and instead giving some encouragement...some feedback to strengthen and support, to let ourselves or others see another more positive way.
Some simple ways to make positive change:
All relationships - listen!!:) support and show belief in others that they can do amazing things!!
Training - daily this is a great one...it's the same, pay attention to others, inspire and encourage them to higher levels....as they get stronger so do you and all around you....as tony robbins told me "power is proximity to power" so train with strong people, inspire others to rise up to your level OR challenge yourself to rise up to others higher levels!!
Eating - listen to how your body feels after each meal, change things up alot, have a huge salad for breakfast instead of oatmeal...does that feel better? maybe a green drink and that's all til lunch or later? Again use others as examples to inspire and follow their lead.....THEN you do the same to others that might be looking to you for inspiration!
Yesterday i trained with Jeremy and Mark...two very strong MBG guys (silverbacks)
we did an oldey but a goodie...the one minute on, one minute off of amap reps during that 60 seconds
  • heavy push ups + 28k x 22 reps off 3 boxes
  • heavy chin ups + 20k x 6 reps 
  • ....................................... then began the 60/60
  • handstand push ups HSPU's x 6 (for sure not feeling very strong today...9am workout, not my friend:)
  • assisted MU's (2 reds) x 6 (this is actually alot less than the 2 greens, so not great, not bad though:)
  • dips x 41 (this is good, did 34 in a row without pausing which is 4 behind my recent best)
  • pullups x 13 (did 12 in a row...not bad, still need alot of work here to hit 25 by june 4th, my goal date!)
  • push ups x 44 (good)
  • assisted MU's (2 reds, 1 magenta) x 10 (not bad as this is equal to 2 greens)
  • top bar dips x 10....this was tough, but we wanted more reps so switched it to 
  • tiger push ups x 24
  • body rows x 45 (okay finished strong:)
189 reps not incl the top of bar dips....last year before moving to chi i did 224 in 45/45 style...whew okay i get it, i need more rest and recovery:) haha oh well...i'm cool with that:) it was fun too!
that is it for this week my friends!


  1. Congratulations! Wow, can't believe it's been a year already. Way to bring MBG to Chicago. So happy it's going so well. Not surprised at all. Good words in the post as well. Thanks as always for doing what you do from your heart and soul.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS MBG CHICAGO!!! You guys have an awesome facility, world class trainers, and fabulous energy all around! Keep up the great work! - Louise

  3. Congratulations on the year MBG Chicago!!!


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