Important question to ponder, Soul Training and Tip of the Day!

Angeles National Park....burned tree still bringing beauty!!:)
This week has been one of the busiest weeks of the last year for me as we are going thru some growing pains and so my involvement is at a high right now in my MBG businesses. So lots of meetings, travel and you guessed it....stress, less sleep, fatique, less intense workouts....eventually crashing and burning. Acknowledging this point is important, doing something about it even more what do you do to get full energy recovery? That is the question for you's some choices:
  1. Is it eating the perfect diet?
  2. Is it taking lots of recovery and sleep supplements?
  3. Is it doing some meditation?
  4. Is it doing the perfect workouts?
  5. Or none of the above?
The answer might surprise you but my good friend John Allen Mollenhauer (performance and energy expert) made a great point when talking to me the other night....NOTHING can fix you up like listening to your body and getting to the point of full recovery. The perfect diet, the perfect workouts, supplements....none of that stuff can do us any good if we continue living the high stress/performance life that is crushing us. We have to allow our bodies to re-energize, to recover, to feel fresh again.
You might of noticed in my blog my workouts have been sort of light for me lately....this is why...basically 3 x week workouts...about 9 sets a workout and i'm some yoga and try to eat like a champ and then pray to sleep 8-9 hours....might not be praying hard enough:) haha
I'm listening, are you? Are you thinking maybe it's my foods? maybe it's my workouts? Maybe i should try a raw diet, a miami beach diet, whatever diet!!'s NOT that! John Allen is truly a wealth of knowledge and if any of you can ever hear him speak do it...he's part of the MBG CNT intensive courses now and will be in LA if you're coming to the course get ready for a treat, if not you might want to as he can really lay things out for you and change your life!
As fitness trainers, workout folks or whatever....the goal is to enjoy our life, the way we move and to improve ourselves, those around us and the planet! In order to do that we got to light, night time!! mother earth rests too:)
MBG 1 - simple Eischens Yoga sequence, indian clubs, chest expander shoulder mobility routine
MBG 2 - did some "Soul Training" today then played around with the 5pm class and the card deck workout...doing it pretty easy....whew....right!!:) haha
MBG 3 - 
bengal spice, stevia
green drink, source of life, mango, spinach, flax milk
organic green bar
kale, cous cous, sunflower seeds, beans, carrots, mushrooms
edemame, veggie dumplings, brown rice, veggies, tofu, basil

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 My friends, i hope this blog helps you or a friend:)


  1. As they say's not what happens in your life, it's how you handle it....The world will not stop if you have a rest. Sounds like you need a real holiday. Step away from MBG for a couple of weeks...

    I only see what i read and watch on your YouTube videos and you would have to be one of the most focused people I have come across, yet have not met. Really enjoy it all but I thinking time for....YOU...

  2. thanks andrew:) i'm trying to plan a break in the near future:) just things are so busy right now it's keeping me super busy right now that's all:) but its okay, just working hard so i'm modifying my training:) and it's cool:) i appreciate your support my friend!

  3. Glad to hear you are listening to your body and giving yourself the opportunity to rest and recharge. I can definitely relate to what you are going through as I am in a similar situation myself. This post, and others like it are very helpful. Gotta remind yourself about this stuff ALL the time. It is so easy to forget when we are lost in the details of all the stuff we deal with every day. Stay strong and rest hard.


  4. good words my friend:) hope your new job is really great!
    thanks again for your continued support too!!


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