CHECK OUT Tuesdays Monkey Wrench! good job MBG training and eating today!

Hope this video inspires you to challenge yourself to some high levels on tuesdays workout.
Be ready cause it's not just tomorrow for Monkey Wrenches...Tuesday! Wednesday! Thursday and Fryday!!!:) Fun and very challenging modifications:)
Today was first day i actually worked out with some other MBG trainers in awhile! Jeremy and Sam and I trained todays was good:)
  • KB cleans 5-1 with partners holds: used 28s, pretty easy:) haha, just getting feet wet again here so chill:) haha
  • KB presses 5-1 with partner holds: used 28s again for military 5,4, then push presses 3,2,1, made it!!:)
  • Power wheel alligator plyo push ups for 10/8/6/4/2...very hard! made it to finishing 6 before dropping for a second, finished good though:)
  • BXT assisted Muscle ups for 5-1 with 2 reds, 1 magenta bands...perfect assistance as this was perfectly challenging to finish my 1 last rep:)
  • D-ball cleans 5-1 with 100lb d-ball....hard, but not too hard:)
  • D-ball push press 5-1 with 100lb d-ball...again hard, but did it....getting back into the groove on these two like the kb's:)
  • repeated bodyweight two again and completed them again!!
  • OVERALL - 3.7* workout, felt good training with others again as it's been awhile:)
MBG 1 - Did a little EY to recover tonight supine mountain for 1 long set...that's it and it felt great!
MBG 3 - Ate strong clean simple meals all day:
  1. apple and almond butter, bengal tea
  2. kale, spinach, walnuts, beans, carrots, onions, pumpkin seeds
  3. organic almond yogurt and lifes basics and some almonds
  4. spinach, carrots, onions, vegan sausage, sweet potato!! been too long:) missed em big time:)
i'm sleepy, i'm chillin':)
tell me how you like the monkey wrench okay:)
peace my friends:)

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  1. Jon, I have a quick question for you:

    What is your thought process behind the Monkey Wrench workouts? Is it a good thing to switch up the work outs during the 8 week course every once in a while?

    I really like the Monkey Wrenches, just wanted to get your thoughts on how they impact the training. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. thanks chris for your question:) the monkey wrenches are put in to shake things up once in a while, so slightly tweak the workout to put a slight twist on workout and that gives folks a slight break during the middle of the cycle which i feel is cool to do for alot of folks. you do not have to do them if you are hitting your goals each week and want to continue htting that same workout and improving though. thanks for your support my friend and tell me how it's going okay!

  3. Jon that makes a ton of sense! Thanks a ton for clarifying. I really enjoyed the wrenches! This has been my favorite cycle of yours (I started following last June) and they keep getting better. I appreciate everything you do!


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